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The Clown Un_Mask – Jennifer Sargent – Clown – New York

Currently performing in a show at the Red Room, Jenny with partner Maja Bieler in “Under the Skiff”

Here is a photograph of her in that show.

Jennifer Sargent (donning a pregnant costume) in the new clown duo show “Under the Skiff”

Jennifer Sargent gesturing during her performance in “Under the Skiff”.

Jennifer Sargent with a wonderful smile in my hallway for the Clown Un_Mask Series.

For more information on the current show go here!

For tickets go here.

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“Under the Skiff” – A Clown Play with Maja Bieler and Jennifer Sargent – Red Room, NYC

Had a chance to photograph the ‘dress rehearsal’ for “Under the Skiff” at the Red Room at 85 East 4th St. NYC

Created by Maja Bieler, Audrey Lemarque and Jennifer Sargent.

Here is what the brochure says:

“In a barren immigration office, in a strange country, two native applicants wait (and wait..and wait) in hopes that their papers will be approved.

Maja Bieler and Jennifer Sargent first meeting in the immigrations office.

Maja Bieler waits for her number to be called in the line at the immigration office.

Jenny Sargent waits for her turn.

While waiting in line the two immigrants try and catch up on the newspaper.

Scared by the radical sounds in the office they find comfort atop a chair.

Jennifer Sargent is angry while her friends folds a newspaper into a hat.

Maja Bieler holds up her arm in the now very messy immigration office filled with applications and documents.

Jennifer Sargent and Maja Bieler await for the office to open once again.

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“Under The Skiff is another…one of the best shows in the NY Clown Theatre of the festival.”

Stanley Allan Sherman, Mask maker, reviewer

“This is Clown taken to the level of poetry – the clown as poet, sage, and fellow traveler.”

Jane Nichols, Yale School of Drama

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The regular ticket price is $20. For tickets, call Brown Paper Tickets on 1-800-838-3006 or visit For more information, visit

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