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Erin Markey at Joe’s Pub – “Rainbow Caverns”


Erin Markey’s show is so much fun! From her stories to her songs to her antics on stage – the audience was enjoying every minute of this “Greatest Hits”.

Luckily I was in the front row leaning on the stage. Here are some shots for this wonderful show.

Erin sang many wonderful songs from her shows.

The other woman in (Girl Group) the show sang a chorus with beautiful voices.

The emotions that she evokes during her songs are so heartfelt.

Becca Blackwell and Erin Markey singing a fight between them.

Notes from the Program:

What we’re trying to say is that Erin Markey and co-composer Emily Bate will present musical excerpts from their critically acclaimed musical A Ride On The Irish Cream (2016)*slow-jam cabaret funeral Boner Killer (2017)and in-development Beach Boys/Spice Girls inspired energy concert Little Surfer (2019). They wouldn’t dare do it by themselves, though. With them are a rock band, a girl group, infamous schmerm/lover Becca Blackwell and many disgusting exceptions to Markey’s no-sequins rule in the costume department. The audience is invited to watch as Erin’s comedic storytelling melts into gorgeous harmony-driven music, but guaranteed: Erin will turn her wild eye on you and give you a slumber party command you don’t dare disobey.

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Vaudevisuals interview with Janek Turkowski – Margarete

I attended the Thursday night performance of “Margarete” at the Public Theater. I was taken to a small room upstairs from the main stages in what seemed like an apartment. Small shaded lamps and circular rugs highlighted the room with a small 8mm projector and a laptop to the right of the main rug area. The seats were all living room chairs and a few small sofas. Maximum attendance was 16 people allowed.

The small movie screen with a clip showing from the 8mm films of Margarete.

I was offered tea, coffee or a glass of water by the young woman that greeted me when I arrived at the door. A very different ‘theater’ experience for sure. Janek Turkowski began the show by lowering the room’s lights with a control board and then began his performance/talk about ‘Margarete‘. This performance was part of Under The Radar Festival and as such, I realized it was unique and a charming theatrical experience.

“I rarely leave theater so much convinced that what I just saw is a touch of the unattainable, yet important and significant.”

For ticket information go here!

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Tammy Faye Starlite – NICO @ Joe’s Pub

Tammy Faye Starlite as NICO at Joe's Pub
I saw Nico perform with the Velvet Underground at Andy Warhol’s  “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” on St. Marks Place back in the last 60’s. Above the Dom and to later become the “Electric Circus“. The Velvet Underground with Nico were the house band for Andy’s club.

Tammy Faye Starlite has brought this memory back to life! What an amazing ‘channeling’ of the solemn voiced Nico. At Joe’s Pub on Sunday December 15th Tammy Faye brought NICO back to the stage.

I had time with Tammy after the show to ask a few questions about Nico’s effect on her growing up and this new show. Also posted is a video excerpt from the show at Joe’s Pub.

The wonderfully talented musicians that performed with Tammy are:

Dave Dunton: Piano

Rich Feridun: Electric Guitar

Keith Hartel: Acoustic Guitar/Bass

Craig Hoek: Saxophone, flute

Ron Metz: Drums

The show was directed by David Schweizer

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