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“Lauffiti” – Matthew Belopavlovich – Tampa, Florida – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

From the 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival Brochure:

“Lauffiti blends clowning, breakdance, and magic to create a theatrical experience unlike any other that will inspire audiences to laugh, dance, and play. Lauffiti tells the story of a clown who has lost all hope and is mysteriously sucked into a graffiti-covered wall while walking the streets of the city. The graffiti comes to life and the clown reemerges from the wall exuberant and full of color. The clown finds joy in spreading laughter throughout the city after his experience.”

Performers: Matthew Belopavlovich, April Vollm, Matt Konop

An audience member is recruited to do some funny stuff.

The audience was invited up on stage to dance at the end of the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Performing Arts Photography The Brick Variety Arts

Clown Cabaret 9/27 – hosted by Billy and Audrey – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

Billy Schultz (Phil) and Audrey Crabtree (Maggie) attend an evening performance in the park.

While attending the performance in the park they host the cabaret.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carol Sirugo and Jonathan Kaplan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw

Will Shaw gets the spinning top moving in space.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maggie and Phil get closer together on their date in the park.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy

Zero Boy performans his magical voice sound effects.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pearl the Mime

Pearl the Mime arrives on stage with a beautiful white costume.

Pearl the Mime performs a lovely mime tale.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dante – The Magician

An amazing talent for magic and close up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal and Buttons

Buttons and Jeff perform some funny comedy.

Jeff Seal and Buttons stir up the audience with laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sampo Kurppa

Sampo Kurppa entertains the audience with his ridiculous coat hang up.

Sampo Kurppa juggles with amazing finesse.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maggie and Phil get crazy when they get a bottle of wine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miguel Suero cleans up the mess as a janitor character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helen Donnelly

Helen Donnelly performs an excerpt from her ‘Foo Musical’.

Helen Donnelly is Foo in this delightful excerpt from ‘Saucisse. A Foo Musical.’

Helen Donnelly’s “Foo” strikes a pose for the photographer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown Juggling Magic NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Performing Arts Photography The Brick Variety Arts

From Los Angeles – “The Dingbat Show” – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival


A surreal roller coaster ride thru comedy and pandemonium. Juggling, acrobatics, singing and burlesque…

Matthew Morgan and Tina Groff in “The Dingbat Show

Matthew Morgan, Guilford Adams, Brandon Breault and Tina Groff dance up a storm.

Guilford Adams and his precious handkerchief.

Tina Groff, Mathew Morgan, Guilford Adams and Brandon look off to the side.

Brandon Breualt and his wonderfully funny Shakespearean actor.

Special Guest for the Dingbat Show was burlesque celebrity Julie Atlas Muz.

Julie Atlas Muz always has something for everyone in her audience.

Tina Groff get a ‘wiff’ of Julie Atlas Muz’s G string and it set her on fire.

Tina Groff begins the process of removing her clothes.

After Tina gets down to her bare essential she finds a silk chain.

Brandon with bell in hand begins the domestic boxing match.

With boxing gloves on the couple decide to hug instead of fight.

Special guest Sweet Soubrette sings a lovely original song for the audience

Brandon gives Guilford a wild horsey ride.

Guilford points out someone in the audience to Matthew and Brandon.

The company juggles, play ping pong, finds a impostor mexican and more.

The floor was a mess after the show. But what great fun it was!

Created & Performed by:

Matthew Morgan, Tina Groff, Brandon Breault & Guilford Adams

Board Operator: Heidi Brucker

Special Guest: Julie AtlasMuz , Sweet Sobrette

Clown Mime NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Photography The Brick

“What If I’m Dead” – Alan Fessenden – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

When Alan Fessenden first walked out on stage with his clod like walk and funny style talk I was wondering ‘where is this going”?

I am glad that I was there for this delightful tour-de-force clown show. It was hysterical, thought provoking and down right wonderful!

His character is Bartholomew!

Bartholomew enters the stage with his bottle ready to receive this ashes.

Bartholomew ponders the why and what of life.

Bartholomew drinks from the urn that will house his ashes.

Bartholomew describes a very small detail.

Bartholomew looking through an imaginary glass.

Bartholomew performing the ‘alligator’ at an imaginary party.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Channel One – Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith – Amuse Bouche

A warm and welcoming duo meet and greet the audience.

Ishah Janssen-Faith acting up in a character like fashion.

Emily James loves to blow bubbles at the audience in the “Bubble Buster’ piece.

Ishah Janssen-Faith as the sexy and delirious game show host ‘Monica’.

Emily James plays her ‘disconnected’ assistant.

When Monica gets going on her show you better watch out!

Emily James performs her wild and crazy accordion wielding Love Songstress.

Emily James performs her ‘mystic’ exorcist medium.

If you need a good laugh you should try and catch these two when they perform near you!


Written and performed by Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith

Creative Adviser: Richard Crawford

Writing Adviser: Elena Zucker

Lighting Designer: John Wilder

Seamstress: Elya Yerushalmy

Set Designers: Billy Schultz and Mike Campbell

Jingle Mix: Dewey Caddell

Title Card Artist: Marisa Manso

You can always find them here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask Variety Arts

The Clown Un_Masked – Audrey Crabtree

Audrey Crabtree relaxing in the studio.

Audrey performing at ‘tinydangerousfun‘ cabaret as her character “Graspy”.

Besides being a performer/director Audrey is the co-director of The New York Clown Theatre Festival.


Clown Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ Variety Showcase at the Sycamore Bar – Sept. 28, 2010


In a ‘tiny’ basement at the Sycamore Bar there is a variety showcase that is quite ‘dangerous’ and really ‘fun’.

The show’s hosts are eccentric performer/clown John Leo and multi-talented (musician,juggler,comedian etc) Andy Sapora.

To start the show off they presented a young man who has been in South America studying clown for some time.

BRYCE PANIC (from Argentina)

With audience participatory music and eccentric dancing.


A story teller that reveals some insane details about her babysitting experiences.


A babysitting story gone awry.


Look what the hosts found in the back alley.


Wondering where her daddy is?


A music piece with several complications.


Nice music stand.

Playing music can sure be a twisted thing sometimes!


A few audience members were selected to become the ’13th Act’. They called themselves F*CK YOU GUYS!

They were given a scenario about ‘Btizy’s audition for Cirque du So Lame in Gemany

With wigs and costumes found in the cellar closet they performed their ‘masterpiece’.

Upon completing their performance they were  all given parting gifts.


A regular at the Cabaret steps up to fill in a spot in the lineup with her borrowed uke.


“AND she plays the uke? She’s the Eye of the Tiger.”



Has he got blue balls?


A contest was in store for the evenings festivities and who better to start it up.


Assisted by Bryce and Jonathan. Audience contestants race to identify Sophie Ninmannit.


John Leo and Andy Sapora ‘go fly a kite’.


One of the delightful shows from the NY Clown Theatre Festival was “Legs & All

The show has been extended and one half of the duo performed this physical comedy piece.


‘dangerous with her balloon.’


The hosts of the show reminiscing.

John Leo and Andy Sapora.


The other half of ‘Legs & All’ duet did a piece with another partner.


“When the Doves Cry” by incredibly expressive finger people.



Circus Clown Music NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy

It was a cold and windy night with a thunder storm. The rain came down.

The show had to move from it’s original location to under the BQE.

These photographs were taken as evidence that the show went on despite the weather.

Butt Kapinski heralded the crowd of spectators to gather together and peruse the situation at this new yet unknown territory.

Walking with the crowd checking out the clues.

What is going on here? Let’s find out.

Yeah. It goes like this! You need to ‘want’ to investigate.

This is what I am talking about! Concern and insight.

As the crowd watches on the real ‘threat’ hides behind the column.

This victim is squirming and shaking so much from the knives imbedded in his chest. What to do?

The lineup. The Audience. The students. The action is near!

The Private Eye Academy students watch as Butt Kapinski tells it like it is!

When all is said and done the detective and director walk off into the night!

Great show and a learning experience for all.


Music scored and performed by Snaps Alden and Patrick Farrell

Security by Joe Kolbow, Johnnie Niel, and Ralf Jean-Pierre

Written by Deanna Fleysher, Eric Davis, Sarah ‘Snaps’ Alden, Patrick Farrell, Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel.

Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

How To Give Up On Your Dreams: By Not Really Trying – Zea Barker

The NY Clown Theatre Festival presented a ‘premiere’ performance of Zea Barker’s new clown piece titled “How To Give Up Your Dreams: By Not Really Trying“.

She explores the issues of failure and how the part of the “GOAL’ oriented population never hear about that as a possibility. Charming verbal banter and ideas about personal challenges and hardships.

Signs explaining her position on these issues hanging on stage.

She was making a dream disappear.

“You have to work it like this!”

A moment of agreement.

The curtain call was well deserved.


Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography

Clowns with Gowns – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

This show was a wonderful absurd clown adventure into the human quality of vanity. Two women clowns vie to out ‘beautify’ themselves.Carmen Francesca Maria Frida Ophelia De La Rosa (Adriana Chavez) and her partner is Gertrude (Heidi Rider). Together they play and entertain the audience along the way.

Gertrude (and Carmen) are  delivered to the stage in a roller suitcase and emerge.

Carmen was the throwing the camera a kiss as she was pulled around the stage.

Gertrude was summoned to put Carmen’s shoe back on.

Constant battling on who is most attractive.

Jumping rope holding the ball was a joint effort that was terrific!

A curtain call. The audience loved this duo.