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Vaudevisuals interview with Mélissa Smith – “The Magician’s Assistant”

The Magician’s Assistant

Magician’s sick in bed?! Too bad! THE SHOW MUST GO ON! The Magician’s Assistant is a physical comedy about the transformative power of believing in yourself and asking for help. Everything seems under control until the Magician’s lovely Assistant blunders onstage and has to entertain the crowd in the magician’s absence. Clown Mélissa Smith switches characters with expert comedic flare, finding a delicate balance between chaos and control, vulnerability and confidence. Video projections and animation by Ingrid Larson add an extra dose of unexpected folly. The Magician’s Assistant encourages empathy, laughter and eating your veggies! The Magician’s Assistant makes its NYC premiere after playing across the Northeast. Audiences Old and Young have been delighted by this charming and hilarious romp.

Written and Performed by Mélissa Smith

For More Information/Tickets for the Magician’s Assistant go HERE!

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Founded in 2007, FRIGID is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of our Indie Theater Community, 100% of box office proceeds will go directly to the artists whose work is being presented. FRIGID is here to chill out the New York independent theatre scene’s ideas of what a theatre festival can be!

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Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen @ The Frigid Festival – March 2013

Bathtub Jen and The Henchmen

Glen Heroy, Charley Layton and Jennifer Harder performing at The Frigid Festival.

Jennifer Harder sings and plays the trumpet.Jennifer Harder plays the trumpet and sings a few songs in the show.

Glen Heroy tries to find paradise.Glen Heroy tries to find paradise with a tool of the trade and Jen is enjoying every minute.

Charley Layton looks up in disbelief at the bear.Charley Layton looks up at the height of the bear in disbelief.

Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.

Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.

Written by Jennifer Harder, Glen Heroy, Charley Layton, and David Rosen.

Directed by the Ensemble, Fight Choreography by Adam Swiderski

Bathtub Jen is based on Bathtub Jen, a character originally created by Chris Van Strander

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