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Vaudevisuals Interview with clown Felipe Ortiz – Bogota, Columbia

Felipe Ortiz, clown from Bogata, Colombia – South America talks about his show, his recent work in Canada and upcoming performances in New York, Europe and South America. He will be performing his one-man show at the NY Clown Theater Festival which starts on Sept 5th and goes until the 28th.

For More information on the NY Clown Theater Festival go here.

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“What If I’m Dead” – Alan Fessenden – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

When Alan Fessenden first walked out on stage with his clod like walk and funny style talk I was wondering ‘where is this going”?

I am glad that I was there for this delightful tour-de-force clown show. It was hysterical, thought provoking and down right wonderful!

His character is Bartholomew!

Bartholomew enters the stage with his bottle ready to receive this ashes.

Bartholomew ponders the why and what of life.

Bartholomew drinks from the urn that will house his ashes.

Bartholomew describes a very small detail.

Bartholomew looking through an imaginary glass.

Bartholomew performing the ‘alligator’ at an imaginary party.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Best of 2010 – New York Clown Theatre Festival

Thinking about the upcoming 2012 Edition of the NY Clown Theatre Festival I remembered doing lots of photographs at the 2010 Festival. Here are some of the highlights from that great, fun Festival. Hope you will come out to this years!

Eric Davis hosting an evening of Clown Cabaret at the Festival.

Peter Musante and Summer Shapiro performing in the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Gabriela Munoz performing at the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Butt Kapinsky performing on location for the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Will Shaw performing at the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

There were lots more clowns at the 2010 Festival and you can see them all here.

Consider attending this year’s shows as they are all new, from all over the world in a very intimate theater. THE BRICK.

For more information on the festival go HERE!

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Dance Mime Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Joel Jeske’s I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE – Amuse Bouche

A Clown Experiment  of High Risk and Humiliation

Joel Jeske greeted the audience from behind his suitcase with title cards.

When the audience didn’t respond to his ‘Title Card” vocally he directed them to do so.

Joel handed out clip boards and pens to the audience members (Mask Maker Stanley Allan Sherman) and proceeded to time them.

An audience member (Triskelion Executive Director Abby Bender) helps Joel Jeske gets his balloons in his suit.

He certainly hasn’t done this before!


With helmut and glasses he is ready to take to the skies.

Singing a uke song with assistance from the audience holding his song book.

Joel Jeske is certainly a very funny man!

Grabbing another audience member by demonstratively pointing them out.

The show ended on a high note with a ‘pillow fight’ between audience members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is Joel performing “I Will Survive” at the Amuse Bouche.

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MANIFESTO – a new show by The New Eccentrics – Comic Book Theatre Festival

Jasper Patterson and Sarah Al-Kassab have created a new show titled


A Dada-Cabaret, Pop-Up book live graphic novel.

Originating in San Francisco, their unique style stitches together surrealist puppetry, high fashion design and the history of vaudeville trickery.

They create  a seamless, magical world that brings the comic strip into the third dimension.

Utilizing old fashioned overhead projection they create a wonderful atmosphere.

Jasper Patterson sings a song while demonically addressing the audience.

Together with Sarah Al-Kassab they tell the stories from Pop-up books and song.

With audience member assisting they create a side by side pop-up story with Jasper in between.

~ ~ ~

June 24th at 11pm, June 25th at 7pm.

Comic Book Theatre Festival


575 Metropolitan Avenue

Brooklyn NY

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For More information on THE NEW ECCENTRICS go here!

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‘tinydangerousfun’ Variety Showcase at the Sycamore Bar – Sept. 28, 2010


In a ‘tiny’ basement at the Sycamore Bar there is a variety showcase that is quite ‘dangerous’ and really ‘fun’.

The show’s hosts are eccentric performer/clown John Leo and multi-talented (musician,juggler,comedian etc) Andy Sapora.

To start the show off they presented a young man who has been in South America studying clown for some time.

BRYCE PANIC (from Argentina)

With audience participatory music and eccentric dancing.


A story teller that reveals some insane details about her babysitting experiences.


A babysitting story gone awry.


Look what the hosts found in the back alley.


Wondering where her daddy is?


A music piece with several complications.


Nice music stand.

Playing music can sure be a twisted thing sometimes!


A few audience members were selected to become the ’13th Act’. They called themselves F*CK YOU GUYS!

They were given a scenario about ‘Btizy’s audition for Cirque du So Lame in Gemany

With wigs and costumes found in the cellar closet they performed their ‘masterpiece’.

Upon completing their performance they were  all given parting gifts.


A regular at the Cabaret steps up to fill in a spot in the lineup with her borrowed uke.


“AND she plays the uke? She’s the Eye of the Tiger.”



Has he got blue balls?


A contest was in store for the evenings festivities and who better to start it up.


Assisted by Bryce and Jonathan. Audience contestants race to identify Sophie Ninmannit.


John Leo and Andy Sapora ‘go fly a kite’.


One of the delightful shows from the NY Clown Theatre Festival was “Legs & All

The show has been extended and one half of the duo performed this physical comedy piece.


‘dangerous with her balloon.’


The hosts of the show reminiscing.

John Leo and Andy Sapora.


The other half of ‘Legs & All’ duet did a piece with another partner.


“When the Doves Cry” by incredibly expressive finger people.



Circus Clown Music NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy

It was a cold and windy night with a thunder storm. The rain came down.

The show had to move from it’s original location to under the BQE.

These photographs were taken as evidence that the show went on despite the weather.

Butt Kapinski heralded the crowd of spectators to gather together and peruse the situation at this new yet unknown territory.

Walking with the crowd checking out the clues.

What is going on here? Let’s find out.

Yeah. It goes like this! You need to ‘want’ to investigate.

This is what I am talking about! Concern and insight.

As the crowd watches on the real ‘threat’ hides behind the column.

This victim is squirming and shaking so much from the knives imbedded in his chest. What to do?

The lineup. The Audience. The students. The action is near!

The Private Eye Academy students watch as Butt Kapinski tells it like it is!

When all is said and done the detective and director walk off into the night!

Great show and a learning experience for all.


Music scored and performed by Snaps Alden and Patrick Farrell

Security by Joe Kolbow, Johnnie Niel, and Ralf Jean-Pierre

Written by Deanna Fleysher, Eric Davis, Sarah ‘Snaps’ Alden, Patrick Farrell, Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel.

Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Video

Channel One with Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James – NY Clown Theatre Festival

This interview is with the creators and performers of the show CHANNEL ONE. Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James are the duo aka ‘James and JF‘. I had a few minutes before their show at The Brick to ask them a few questions about how the show came about and what their original idea was to create it. The show is part of the NY Clown Theatre Festival.


This wild roller coaster of a show had me laughing so hard I found myself having trouble shooting the photographs.
It was broken down into sections. Each one was a ‘TV Show’ of sorts that takes place in the future.
I cannot comment on all the sections of the show except to say it was delightful, hysterical, intelligent and original.
I am posting the best images i have of the show for your perusal.


Opening sequence of the show was really fun.

Karla’s Kitchen was a cooking show with flare and laughter.

Dancing on the cooking show. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Emily just had so much trouble getting her show to start.

Heidi’s show and she made you know it.

Another dance number – this time on Heidi’s show.

This is the show “He’s Your Man Now’.

Thinking about the issue at hand.

He is your man now!

Next up was a ‘healer’ show with Emily.

The duo had a funny show called THE MONO SISTERS.

Never able to complete anything due to their case of mono.

Curtain call for two very funny and talents women.


Clown Music NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Shorty and Fatty’s Half Century Extravaganza – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The show was a collection of performers that HAD to be at least 50 years old…IF not older!

The hostesses of the show were Karen McCarty and Deborah Kaufman.

Of course the IDEA for this foolish evenings festivities came from the mind of Jan Greenfield. (over 50 too!)

I had a chance to get to the theatre early and take a portrait of the hostesses.

Deborah Kaufman and Karen McCarty Host the Cabaret

They get the show on the road by dancing a number together to rev up the audience spirits.

Are you ready for the show to begin?


First to start the show is Hilary Chaplain with her delightfully demented piece  THE DIVA.

Uh Oh…What show must go on?


GORK (Michael Getlan)  the stage hand helps clean up the roses.


The next act to appear in the cabaret comes from the wilds of Finland.


Lily Sukula-Lindblom and audience member Bryce Kasson.

Innocent audience member gets her ‘makeover’ and responds!

The Final Picture for Hair and Beauty Parlor


The ‘oldest mime in the world’ is Richmond Shepard.  He was there and performed a few comic mime pieces.

Comical stories with nice funny mimetic touches.

Richmond was an inspiration for many mime performers to follow.


The show was not without disturbances. An act titled ‘Clifton’s Senior Moment’ turned out to be an impostor.

John Leo tried to get in on the show’s action but got pulled off soon.

Out you go impostor. Stay out of here!



Next up was the piece featuring Nancy Smithner(c), Therese Schorn (r) and Bernie Kramer(l).

It was a strange piece to say the least!

The young girl is being scolded by the grandmother for misbehaving.

After climbing down a ladder into ‘the hole’ they put on mask and play. They also pull out their tails.(?)

After playing they climb out of ‘the hole’ and back to the drawing room. Grandma reads them the bible.


WILL SHAW sings ‘This Old Man’.

Very unique discussion of the lyrics during the song! lol


JULIE GOELL performs ‘Feminity Tonight’.

Preparing a nice facial using uncommon ingredients.

A little egg on the nose is always good for the overall appearance.


VASES with David Sharps

Not only is David an accomplished juggler and performer he also happens to be a captain of a sea vessel.

Karen and Deborah with signs.

David manipulates the small vase.

David with the very heavy and large chinese vase.


BERNARD KRAMER performs “My Way”.

Singing Frank Sinatra’s  MY WAY as he proceeded to visually portray his ideas about his ‘way’.


Mildred and Foo Foo

Here we had another example of a performer trying to ‘get in’ to the show even though he wasn’t qualified. (not 50+)

John Leo was remarkable in his never ending attempts to perform in the show.

(and his never ending array of wild and funny characters! Thanks for the hilarity JOHN)

The gig is over. They found out who you really are John Leo!



featuring Michael Christensen

Michael has had a long revered career in the NY circus scene. Having performed in Europe with the one-ring circus’  he and juggling partner Paul Binder came back to NY in 1977 and created the BIG APPLE CIRCUS. Michael also created in 1986 the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. One of the first season’s of the BAC Michael performed his new act with his new character The Amazing Zakahhr.

Now many odd years later he shows us again his wonderfully creative and off beat mind in action.

“Carnavorium bloodius maximus, the Latin name of one of the most remarkable and vicious creatures of the animal kingdom, the Long Haired, Silverback, Soldier Mole! The Soldier Mole, capable of burrowing through solid granite, having no known predators, this mole reigns supreme in the vast arid wastelands of the middle east.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your safety please remain seated!

We now present

The Amazing Zakahrr

And his trained Soldier Mole, Githha!”

Karen and Deborah help Zakahhr get curtain away for the entrance of his trained mole.

His head to the ground to hear the rumblings of his trained mole.

Exasperated by the effort to keep the trained mole from causing havoc on stage.

His arm under the carpet means only one thing. He is performing the finale  ‘grip of death’!

(he is taking a huge chance not to have his hand chewed off  by the mole Githha)

With a hand bloodied he comes out from beneath the rug ‘alive’.


Final Curtain Call. All of the performers are ready for bed!


Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Video

Ferdinand the Magnificent – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

Nick Trotter performed this show ‘Ferdinand the Magnificent’.

I had a chance to speak with him about his character and the show.


He makes his entrance from the back of the theatre and acquaints himself with members of the audience right away.

Here he finds his romantic interest in the Amazing Amy sitting in the front row.

He has a very unique smile!

He presents her with a beautiful flower to show his compassion.

They embrace and hold on. This was the beginning of a stage romance.

He proceeded to find items of interest in his diaper.

He wonders what delightfully ingenious play can he do with this?

After escorting Amy backstage for some smooching he then leaves the theatre with his love intact.

Clowns with Gowns look on!