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Magical Ridiculous Legacy: The Tom Murrin Art Show @ LaMama – La Galleria



Purpose and Style

I often spoke with Tom Murrin over the year about his work in context of visual art. A writer, an entertainer, performance artist, actor, provocateur, itinerant hit0and-run showman, and in the loosest sense community organizer and teacher. Tom never wanted to differentiate between the various aspects of his creative practice and engagement with the world. As long as it was understood that everything- Luna Macaroona, The Alien Comic, Tom Trash and Jack Bump, be it Balloon Theater or Avant-Garde-A-Rama, playing Punk Rock clubs, playgrounds and theaters alike, playwriting or journalism, where he supported many generations of younger performance artists- was of one entirety. If I told him that the effects and artifacts of his craft would be fitting, even appropriate, in an art gallery, he could be both chuffed and humbled by the compliment. A man who envisioned “audience” in the broadest possible terms, including even the unsuspecting passerby, Tom Murrin was totally fine with however anyone chose to read his work. This show, an opportunity to see how a selection of Tom Murrin’s costumes, props, masks, and ephemera functions in the domain of fine art, is a continuation of that ongoing conversation. Tom defined performance art as ‘anything done with purpose and style,” which seems as fitting a description as any for how he invested in everything. He had the motives and meanings that made it art.

Carlo McCormick, April 2014

Tom Murrin Art show at LaMama








Magical Ridiculous Legacy of Alien Comic is an assembly of objects, costumes and ephemera from the Tom Murrin archive. This collection is largely focused on the Los Angeles-born Murrin’s longterm tenure in the New York performance art scene that had its heyday in the 1980s. Murrin’s frequent Full Moon Shows, dedicated to his muse Luna Macaroona the Moon Goddess, are in evidence, as well as ephemera from his around-the-world tour in the 1970s. A collage of Alien Comic video clips compiled by filmmaker Larry Fessenden will play during the exhibition.

6 East 1st Street, NYC 10003 – Wed thru Sun 1-7:30pm

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Performing Arts Year in Review

2012 – The Vaudevisuals Year in Review

Rob Torres performs in the streets of Paris, France

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2013 Promises to be a great year for Variety Arts and especially

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Here is an partial  list of some of the postings that were done in 2012.

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Hope to see to see you back here in 2013!

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The 5th Annual ‘Cirque Off’ – Triskelion Arts – Jan. 21st, 2012

Bob Greenberg in ‘Accept No Imitations’ – A Vaudephone Presentation

Jan 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

Scott Baker – A Video Interview and More….

Hilary Chaplain in “Cirque de So What  – A Vaudephone Presentation

Fay Glassman Duo – An Interview with Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman

2012 Edition of The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – At Dixon Place

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus – Only $10. March 1st Show

Solomon – The Peculiarist – A Vaudephone Presentation

Harley Newman – “Extreme Stunt Master” – A Video Interview

The Loose Caboose – Un Vaudeville Spectacle @ Bowery Poetry Club

Lon Chaney/Tod Browning – A Silent Film Night at Dixon Place

Rebecca Joy Fletcher sings “Oy Madagaskar” – A Vaudephone Presentation

International Mime Festival – London – Opens Jan 11th

Farewell to Grandma (aka Barry Lubin)

Zero Boy – The Crazy Car Driver – A Vaudephone Presentation

LEO – Mind Bending Physical Theatre – An Interview with Tobias Wegner

Shane Bertram Baker – The Lady with the Dog – A Vaudephone Presention

The Clown Un_Mask – Kevin C. Carr

The Clown Un_Mask – Peter Daniel Straus

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – @ Dixon Place

Mime Artist – Gregg Goldston – Interview and photographs


Jason Trachtenberg sings “You’re a Winner” – A Vaudephone Presention’

March 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

Mr. Aviner’s Variety Hour – At Dixon Place – April 27th and 28th

Tribute to Tom Murrin – aka The Alien Comic

The Clown Un_Mask – Chris Allison

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret @ Dixon Place

The Clown Un_Mask – Jeff Hess

Al Duval -the Monotone Baritone – A Vaudephone Presenation

‘tinydangerousfun’ Feb 28th

Sweet Soubrette – Singing ‘Petit Souris’ – A Vaudephone Presentation

Tiger Palast – International Variete Theatre – Frankfurt, Germany

Triskelion Arts Presents “Hanukkauction” – A Night of Untamed Revelry

Bouffon Glass Menajoree – at the Brick Theater

The Clown Un_Mask – Helen Donnelly, Toronto Canada

Cirque d’Hiver – Paris, France

MUMMENSCHANZ opens in NYC – Skirball Center for the Arts




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Tribute to Tom Murrin – aka The Alien Comic

When I first became aware of Tom Murrin and his ‘aka’ The Alien Comic he had been performing for many years.

His work in the ‘performance art’ community is very significant and he has many admirers and friends to prove it.

This is a photograph I took of Tom at Dixon Place when it was located on East 1st Street.

Tom Murrin performing at Dixon Place in the alternate persona “The Alien Comic”.

I got to know Tom and as my work developed I began doing interviews with performers I liked.

Here is an interview broken into two parts that I did with Tom on Oct. 10th, 2008.

Part 2


In this last year I photographed many of Tom’s show and always had trouble focusing my camera because I really wanted to listen and absorb Tom’s delightful, heartfelt, political, funny, intelligent and aspiring stories.

Here are  few shots I did in the last year during Tom’s shows.

Tom Murrin performing in the Full Moon Show at LaMama


Everyone I  know who knew TOM MURRIN will miss him dearly. His love for the art, community, friends and family are still with us.

Thank you Tom Murrin



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New York Times Obit for Tom Murrin