FringeNYC 2013 Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals Interview with Steven Samuels – Magnetic Theatre Company – Asheville, North Carolina

“In a year that has seen many more than its share of dystopic and apocalyptic visions on stage, it is a breath of fresh, clear, cool air to discover John Crutchfield’s stunning new play ‘Landscape With Missing Person’, a luminous but quiet celebration of the power of the human spirit and of love.”
NY Theatre – Martin Denton

Steven Samuels talks about the Magnetic Theatre Companies new play Landscape with Missing Person currently at The FringeNY Festival. The venue is Teatro Latea at 107 Suffolk Street, NYC.
He discusses the play, playwright John Crutchfield and his working relationship with him and the company.
The play has 3 actors but quite a few more characters. Directed by Steven Samuels.
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FringeNYC Performing Arts Photography

Landscape with Missing Person – A new play by John Crutchfield – @ The Fringe Festival NYC

“..witnessing it is an enlarging and uplifting experience. This is due not only to the excellence of Crutchfield’s script, which brims with wisdom and humor and deliciously colorful examples of Southern and Midwestern speech, but also to Samuels’ production and the performances of a top-notch cast, all of which add up to as close to perfection as theater ever gets.”

Asheville, North Carolina has quite a few wonderful things going on. One of them is a theater company directed by Steven Samuels. The Magnetic Theatre. A ‘seasoned’ director and theater person, Steven Samuels has brought a new play written by John Crutchfield to this years Fringe Festival. “Landscape with Missing Person”. Being presented at Venue #4 – Teatro Latea located at 107 Suffolk Street (between Rivington & Delancey)

The shows description reads as follows:  A teenage railroad punk helps a strange middle-aged man search for his mysteriously vanished wife. From a small southern town, across the Midwest, to San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, the mismatched pair’s cross-country journey introduces them to a motley crew of characters, most more desperate and deranged than the last. By turns comic, menacing, lyrical, and bizarre-and sometimes all at once – Landscapes with Missing Person proves moving, mesmerizing, and as surprising as it is psychologically acute, a gripping and poignant hitchhiker’s guide to postmodern 21st Century America.

Produced and Directed by Steven Samuels

Written by John Crutchfield

Starring John Crutchfield, Lisa M Smith and Jennifer Gatti.

Here are some photographs from this delightful production.

Lisa M Smith and John Crutchfield in "Landscape with Missing Person"Lisa M Smith and John Crutchfield conversing at the bus stop in Landscape with Missing Person

John Crutchfield, Jennifer Gatti andLisa M Smith discuss the 'size' of the pickle.John Crutchfield, Jennifer Gatti and Lisa M Smith discuss the ‘size’ of the pickle.

Jennifer Gatti, Lisa M Smith and John Crutchfield in a difficult moment during the play.Jennfer Gatti, Lisa M Smith and John Crutchfield in a tense/comical moment in the play.

Lisa M Smith, Jennifer Gatti and John Crutchfield discussing traveling together.Lisa M Smith, Jennifer Gatti and John Crutchfield discussing traveling together.

Jennifer Gatti, John Crutchfield and Lisa M Smith take their curtain call.Jennifer Gatti, John Crutchfield and Lisa M Smith take their curtain call.

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Production Stage Manager: Rodney Smith

Set Designer: Shaun Kato-Samuel

Sound Designer: Mary Zogzas

Lighting Designer: Alex Moore

Assistant Stage Manager: Cyd Smith

Board Operator: Madison Smith

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