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Vaudevisuals interview with Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver


“Unexploded Ordnances (UXO)”

I have always enjoyed walking into the LaMama Annex building. Massive ceilings and great seating for so many audience members. Yesterday I was there to interview Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw. Their new show titled “Unexploded Ordnances” had opened at LaMama and I was interested in what the show’s origin was. Here is the interview.

The show which is part of ‘Under the Radar‘ Festival listed on the LaMama website with this text.

US Premiere
By Split Britches [Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver]

Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) by Split Britches is a new exploration of aging, anxiety and ‘doomsday’ created through conversation and collaboration with an array of elders and artists. Developed between the UK and US, Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw have created a unique production, combining darkly playful Dr. Strangelove-inspired performance with a daring new protocol for public discussion – the Situation Room.

Here are 3 photographs I captured during the evening performance! 

Lois Weaver (seated) with Peggy Shaw confronting with ideas she isn’t happy with.

Lois Weaver reclines in a rocking chair trying to get some rest from the confrontation.

Lois Weaver on the phone talking to the General with dismay.

Tickets for The Public’s Under The Radar Festival, NYC.

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Dixon Place Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Peggy Shaw – “Ruff” a solo performance @ Dixon Place – COIL FESTIVAL 2013

The Coil Festival presents “Ruff” with Peggy Shaw. Directed by Lois Weaver. Cowritten by Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw. Presented at Dixon Place.
For more information on the series go here:
For more information on Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver’s SPLIT BRITCHES work go here:
Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver (with Deb Margolin) founded “Split Britches” in 1981.
This video interview originally was posted at:

<a“A Menopausal Gentleman – The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw” Published by University of Michigan

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret Dixon Place Music Performing Arts Photography

Dixon Place – 28th Anniversary – Donor Dinner – Sept 15th, 2014

Monday, September 15th, 2014

A magical evening for all that attended this glorious event. Hosted by Bindlestiff Family Circus’s Keith Nelson and Honoring Board Members Eric Jensen & Yoshiko Kasuga and Award Winning Actor-Playwright Peggy Shaw and The Jerome Foundation celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Performances by:

Terry Dame

Ted Keegan

Nancy Giles



Along with the performances there was a ‘Silent Auction’ that had many wonderful books/art pieces/comic strips and more from quite a few generous sponsors:

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Here are a few photographs I was able to capture while eating the delicious meal provided by Richard S Bach and The Marilyn Schlossbach Group.

Ellie Covan opens the evening with a lovely song on her accordion.Ellie Covan opens the evening with a lovely song on her accordion.

Keith Nelson and Ellie Covan start the Bingo game.Keith Nelson and Ellie Covan start the Bingo game.

DP Board Member and supported Yoshiko KasugaDP Board Member and supported Yoshiko Kasuga with Ellie Covan.

Board Member and DP Supported Eric Jensen DP Board Member and Supported Eric Jensen.

Honoree Peggy ShawHonoree Peggy Shaw. Actor/Writer/Producer and cofounder of Split Britches.

2014.09.15_DP.Bnft_113 2014.09.15_DP.Bnft_114Host Keith Nelson performs a wonderful vaudeville trick where he pops a ballon that is balancing on a mouth stick and has a bottle on top of it and catches the bottle on the stick.

Lava performs at DPLAVA cast members perform an excerpt from their show in the audience.

2014.09.15_DP.Bnft_202Award winning composer and writer STEW performed a few songs from his career.

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“Desperate Archives” – An Exhibit – 20 Years of Split Britches Archives @ LaMama Galleria


 “Deposited somewhere between land and sea, between proliferation and devastation.”

An exhibition based on 20 years of Split Britches archival material.

Desperate Archives exposes the infrastructure of performance by emphasizing process and attachment, highlighting collaboration as the project for the future. While these archives are generative, they are also full of refuse-remnants of the past that have been stored away for years waiting to be rediscovered and to perform publicly again.”

Excerpt from FEELING DESPERATE by Benjamin Gillespie, Ph.D Candidate in Theatre, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Desperate Archives exhibit at LaMama GalleriaUpon entering the LaMama Galleria.

Poster on exhibit at LaMama GalleriiaOn the right wall are many posters from past performances of Split Britches.

Photographs on display at LaMama Galleria Archival photographs from performances of Split Britches in the past 20 years.

Untitled  bed art at La Mama Galleria


LaMama La Galleria

6 East 1st Street, NYC

Wed-Sun 1 – 7:30pm

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Click here for information on Peggy Shaw’s  RUFF – a wonderful performance at LaMama till Jan 26th, 2014

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30 Years and Just beginning – The PS122 Old School Benefit – The Last Night!


The FINAL PERFORMANCE of PS122 happened tonight!

Introduced by the Artistic Director Vallejo Gantner.

MC – Carmelita Tropicana – struting her stuff at the opening of the evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Entering the stage in a haze of smoke David Leslie smiles on the audience.

The piece he performed as ‘FINGER BANGING’ and it was intense and hysterical at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The “Hula” record was put on the old fashioned victrola by Kate Valk.

The company (Scott Shepard, Cynthia Hestrom, Ari Fliakos)danced up a storm to the “Hula” music from Hawaii.

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Rinnie Groff and Scott Shepherd in a ‘Cab Leg’.

Scott Shepherd, Rinnie Groff and Victoria Vazquez.

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The ensemble performs ‘SOSREMIX’.

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Lois Weaver of Split Britches photographing Salley May, Jennifer Miller and the MC, Carmelita Tropicana.

Peggy Shaw(l) and Lois Weaver performing an excerpt from ‘Retro Perspective’.

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A video manifesto for PS122 by Sheffield’s  FORCED ENTERTAINMENT.

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Mark Russell – the man who served as artistic director from 1983 until 2004.

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Balloons and more balloons in this verbal rap, romp thru politics and life.

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Philip Glass performed two pieces and the last one was titled ‘Closing’. Mesmerizing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A thoughtful token of appreciation was tossed to the stage by an audience member!

Vallejo leads the PS122 staff and supporters to a new life via performances all over the city and then back home in 3 years!

The last image projected onto the back wall of PS122 Performance Space on the last night of the OLD SCHOOL BENEFIT!

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