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“Ward Hall – King of the Sideshow” book launch party and talk.

WARD HALL is the man who for over 50 years has performed/produced and lived in the ‘sideshow’.

Last night we were honored to hear him talk about his life, his work and most of all about the people he met in the sideshow.

“WARD HALL – THE KING OF SIDESHOW” is a new book authored by Tim O’Brien. It tells the stories Ward shared with us last night as well as many more from his life.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.33.04 PM

The evening was chock full of ‘sideshow’ dignitaries.  Host by Todd Robbins and featuring Donny Vomit, Marlena Dee, Adam Realman and Harley Newman.

The music was provided by a wonderful group “The Bailsmen“.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evening began at the lovely MORBID ANATOMY MUSEUM on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn.

Ward Hall talking about sidehsowAuthor Tim O’Brien (seated) and Ward Hall talk to a overflowing crowd of attendees in the basement during the talk by Ward.

2014.07.24_WardHall_067Ward Hall (84 years young) was very expressive about the people he worked with during his years in the sideshow.

2014.07.24_WardHall_049The Morbid Anatomy Museum has a basement equipped for talks and presentations of this kind. It was a FULL HOUSE!

Tim O'Brien autographs the new book.Author Tim O’Brien signs a book during the presentation for “Ward Hall -King of The Sideshow”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evenings festivities moved to THE ROCKSHOP where the ‘Sideshow’ was going to start any minute.

The Bailsmen performing at The Rockshop.Opening the show was the wonderfully talented band The Bailsmen.

Todd Robbins certainly knows how to get someones attentionWhat better person to MC this amazing show that sideshow eccentric TODD ROBBINS.

Donny Vomit followed Todd by using a whip to break a noodle off his head.DONNY VOMIT followed Todd by using a whip to break a noodle off his head.

2014.07.24_WardHall_122DONNY VOMIT juggles two sharp machete knives and an apple. He was able to take bites out of the apple during his act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marlena Dee swallows a coat hanger.The lovely Marlena Dee was up next on stage. A rather talented young lady with looks to match. Swallow a coat hanger? Sure!

Marlena Dee swallows a sword while doing a split!Marlena Dee swallows a sword while doing a split!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coney Island USA’s Adam Realman takes the stage and bends a large nail in half.

Adam Realman bends a large nail into a horseshoe shape.

2014.07.24_WardHall_310Adam Realman blows up a enima bottle until it exploded! Strong man tactics are his specialty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, Ward Hall was upstairs signing books and talking sideshow with all the interested people. He came down to the stage area and gave a ‘talk’ about Todd Robbins and the sideshow shows today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2014.07.24_WardHall_195Ward Hall talks to the audience about his sideshow and the current state of affairs.

Todd Robbins lights up the room with his glass eating stunt.Todd Robbins lights up the room with his glass eating stunt.

Todd Robbins examines the half eaten light bulb as he chews on the other part.Todd Robbins examines the half eaten light bulb as he chews on the other part

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harley Newman always has surprises for his audiences.Harley Newman always has surprises for his audiences. Don’t let that big smile fool you.

Harley Newman produces tennis balls from his mouth.Harley Newman produces tennis balls from his mouth.

Harley Newman waves good bye to the audience after his amazing feat!Harley Newman waves good bye to the audience after his amazing feat!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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HuffPost Weird News hosted the event, in coordination with the Morbid Anatomy Museum, COED.comHendrick’s GinBulleit Bourbon,Narragansett BeerHobNob Wines and Solber Pupusas.

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Keith Nelson Completes the Kendama Blockhead at Bindlestiff Variety Revue

After years of attempts to complete the Kendama Blockhead Keith Nelson successfully landed the ball in the cup!. FINALLY! Performed at the Bindlestiff Variety Revue on Monday August 2, 2010. Over 2 years of failed attempts at Sideshow and Juggling Conventions. Keith Nelson is the MC for the Bindlestiff Variety Revue which occupies the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo the first Monday of Every Month. Only $5. gets you in to see an assortment of variety, burlesque, comedy, dance, sideshow and other type acts.
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Video © 2010 by Jim Moore –

Kendama Blockhead Completed by Keith Nelson from Jim Moore.