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Juggling Archive – Sean Blue

Sean Blue - Juggler

Sean Blue continues to surprise in a discipline where usually ‘nothing is new’. Amazing!

For more information on Sean Blue go here.

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Last year Sean performed at Juggle This.

He is teaching a 2 part workshop in ‘Creating’ this year. Go here for information.

For more information on Juggle This go here.

Make sure you go. It will be great!

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue @ Dixon Place – April 2014

Keith Nelson performing the Diablo at Dixon Place.Keith Nelson opens the show with a wonderful ‘diablo’ routine.

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Susan Voyticky and Matt Greenfield at Dixon Place.Susan Voyticky is suspended beautifully by Matt Greenfield in this lovely duet.

Keith Nelson performs with the Yoyo.Keith Nelson performs with the Yoyo while waiting for the next act.

Chris Rozzi performs at Dixon PlaceChris Rozzi performs as a ‘human internet’ and supplies audience members with topical information.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_111Mick Stone performs some wonderful ‘offbeat’ and startling magic.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_143This duo from Boston go by the name “FLY BY NIGHT” and performed a wildly funny ‘mock’ bull whip act.

Lee Sachs performs at Dixon PlaceLee Sachs performs a ‘beatnik’ style poem with music.

Matthew Baker performs comedy dance with straps.Matthew Baker performs a comedy dance piece with straps inspired by ‘Little Miss Muffet’.

Sean Blue performs at Dixon PlaceSean Blue performs a hoop balance on his head while moving thru the audience and then sitting.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_416The group “Your Rhythm Mix-Band” performed some very familiar songs.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_446Tanya Solomon performs an original magic trick using a can of soda and 3 cups.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_484Rebecca Collins performs a beautiful aerial act on a silk.

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue is every FIRST MONDAY of every Month at Dixon Place.

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Dance Dixon Place Juggling Music No Hold Barred Variety Show Photography

‘No Holds Barred Variety Show” – Dixon Place – Sept 30th, 2013

What a great show!

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.024Opening musical number was an original song “No Holds Barred” with entire cast singing.

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.030Curated and hosted by Cody Schreger

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2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.047Andrew Foster was first to present his piece. Mixed media projection with aerial acrobatics. ( He is actually a photographer)

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2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.091Karen A. Fuhrman and her daughter Phoenix share the stage in a wonderful performance piece.

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.074Phoenix leads the audience in an overwhelming applause for her and her Mom Karen’s  performance.

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Master manipulator/juggler Sean Blue always shows new work and astounds the audience.

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2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_023Lisa Natoli performed a beautiful ‘improv’ for the audience.

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2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.209Amy Schulster held the audience spell bound with her graceful trapeze work.

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2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_073Joseph Mulholland performed original poems like an actor in a play

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2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_082Wendy Reinert performed her act with a dancer’s grace on the rope.

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2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_052Monika Smith performed an original dance that was hypnotic.

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2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.270Eli Bridges (Bodhi on percussion)sang a few wonderful original songs.

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2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.258Australian singer Stephanie  does original song.

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2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_146Cody Schreger and Aidan O’Shea performed on the ‘tippy lyra’ in a sexy and very skilled piece.

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For more information on NO HOLDS BARRED go here.

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“No Holds Barred Variety Show” at Dixon Place – June 24th, 2013

A Monthly Variety Show at Dixon Place.

Curtated by Cody Schreger

To start the evening off the entire cast joined in with Cody and her brother to sing an original song “No Holds Barred”.

No Holds Barred Variety Show cast sing along.

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Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor performs at No Holds Barred.

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Ben Weston


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Chris Delgado and Laura Witwer

Chris Delgado and Laura Witwer on the Duo Wheel

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Matthew Harris


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Elisa Penello

Elisa Penello performing at No Holds Barred

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James Monaco


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Elizabeth Munn and Lisa Natoli

Elisabether Munn performing at No Holds Barred


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Sean Blue

Sean Blue performing at No Holds Barred

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Elijah Bridges and the  Band


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Joshua Dean and Amy Shure

Joshua Dean and Amy Shure at No Holds Barred

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Cody Schreger

Cody Schreger at No Holds Barred

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Juggling Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

“Juggle This!” Show Spectacular – Miller Theatre, Columbia University June 23, 2013


Ross Berenson – David Malterre – Samuel Guo

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Hosted by Todd Robbins

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Todd Robbins hypnotizes the Juggle This audience.Todd Robbins hypnotizes the Juggle This audience.

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To kick the show off the inventive, highly skilled SEAN BLUE

Seawn Blue peforms at JUGGLE THIS

Sean Blue performing at JUGGLE THIS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BEKKA ROSE  traveled from Canada to perform her lovely, lyrical club routine.

Bekka Rose peforming at JUGGLE THIS

Bekka Rose peforming at JUGGLE THIS.

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ROBIN HU adds lots of nice moves the ‘diablo’ act.

Robin Hu performs at JUGGLE THIS


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TODD ROBBINS invites a few audience members onto the stage to participate in a magical illusion.

Audience members volunteer at JUGGLE THIS

All of the participants are ask to sit in a chair sideways and lower their heads onto the lap of the other next to them.

Todd Robbins removes the last of four chairs.Todd Robbins removes the last of four chairs.

Audience members participate in trick at JUGGLE THIS.After all the chairs are removed one at a time the audience members remain static in place.

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International award-winning NY based juggler MICHAEL KARAS took the stage over with his skills.

Michael Karas juggles 2 balls behind his back at JUGGLE THISMichael Karas juggles 3 balls behind his back.


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IRINA BURDETSKY breaks up the house with her high powered hula hoop act.

Irene Burdetsky performing at JUGGLE THIS.

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The SURPRISE of the evening was 3rd grader BENNETT SANTORA.


Bennett Santora performs at JUGGLE THIS

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KYLE JOHNSON from Oakland, CA. incorporates movement with manipulation/juggling.

Kyle Johnson performing at JUGGLE THIS.

Kyle Johnson performing at JUGGLE THIS.

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Host TODD ROBBINS brings his ‘sideshow’ stunt ‘The Human Blockhead’ to the audience.

2Todd Robbins performing at JUGGLE TIHS

Todd Robbins bangs a nail into his head at JUGGLE THIS.

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Brooklyn based RYAN SHINJI MURRAY hand balances himself on chairs.

Ryan Shinji Murray performing at JUGGLE THIS


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Directly from Sweden is EMIL DAHL who adds inventive, fresh life into club juggling.

Emil Dahl performing at JUGGLE THIS


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Juggling Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Juggle This – Miller Theatre @ Columbia University – June 22nd, 2013 – 7:30pm

Todd Robbins performing the sideshow miracle  'human blockhead'.Todd Robbins is hosting this wonderful evening of talent and surprises.

Irina Burdetsky performing Hula Hoop act.Irina Burdetsky from Russia.

Emil Dahl - juggler from SwedenEmil Dahl – Juggler from Sweden

Ryan Shinji Murray - Brooklyn AcrobatRyan Shinji Murray – Brooklyn Acrobat

Michael Karas is aNY based award winning juggler.Michael Karas is a NY based award winning juggler.

Sean Blue is at seanblue.netSean Blue is at

Kyle johnson id s California based juggler.Kyle Johnson is California based juggler.

Robin Hu began juggling in 2005.Robin Hu began juggling in 2005.

Amazing lineup of acts! Variety at it’s best!

To find out more about each performer click on the names highlighted.

Buy Tickets here

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Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 1.57.55 AM

Workshops! – Open Juggling! – The Show!

For more information on the Juggle This event go to their Official Page.

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