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Tiny Theater 2011 at The Brick Theater

A Collection of very small theater.

Performers and scenic elements must not exist outside the box at any point during each piece.

Installation that takes place in a  6×6 space – and in under 10 minutes.

Eight short 10 minute plays performed in a 6×6 area box.

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“Mercy” by Evolve Company

A small puppet stage in the 6×6 box that utilized shadow puppets, human hands and flat drawn puppets.

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Boldly Go” by Matt Barbot

Matt Barbot and Kelly Rogers stand in the box in space suits.

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“It’s a 10 Minute Life” by Animal Engine

‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ done as a 10 minute play in a 6×6 box.

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“Brown Clown” by Art Wallace

Cast included: Josephine Cashman, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Trav S.D.,Art Wallace, Victoria Miller, Sarah Engelke.

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“Dreams in the Witch House” by AntiMatter Collective

A H.P. Lovecraft short story adapted/directed by Will Fulton

Starring James Rutherford. Puppeteering by Dan Rogers and Allison LaPlatney.

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“Fear and Loathing in Brooklyn, 2011” by Ten Directions

Pictured L to R are: Eric Wright and Lynn Berg

Written by Lynn Berg. Directed by Dan Krumm.

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“Roger Nassar is The One Man – Ten Minute The Crucible” by Piper McKenzie


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“YES IT DID” by Sneaky Snake Productions

Timothy McCown Reynolds stands alone after the theater was filled with crazy sound effects.

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The Brick Theater is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore


Amercian Vaudeville Theatre Dance Music Photography Variety Arts

American Vaudeville Theatre – August 18th, 2011 Show

Who ever wants to see Vaudeville better take this opportunity to get over to 45 Bleecker St. Theatre soon!

Only 3 more shows to go!

SUNDAY August 21st, 2011

WEDNESDAY August 24th, 2011

FRIDAY August 26th, 2011

The Last American Vaudeville Show in NYC (for awhile)

For tix and info go to or call 866-468-7619

Here are some photographs from the August 18th show~ What a blast it was!

The host for the evening TRAV S.D.

The Gentlemen of the Company(?)

Becky Byers and her FIVE SIZZLING FAJITAS keeping the energy level really high!

The delightfully funny and seriously entertaining Juliet Jeske as ‘Princess Sunshine‘.

Interlude:  Don Travo, ‘One Ball Juggler’ (played by Trav S.D.)

Juggling skulls while reciting HAMLET is the juggling pro KEITH LEAF.

American Vaudeville Theatre 15th Anniversary ExTRAVaganza

Strega Nona is telling fortunes with spagetti and finding truth. (Sarah Engelke)

Trav S.D. tries to keep Juliet Jeske from Strega Nona as two female accordion players are too much for one stage!

The uke toting Scotsman claims to be the ‘producer’ of the AVT and also happens to be Josh Hartung.

Jenny Lee Mitchell sings up a storm as the ‘diva’ who ‘loses her cool’.

Assisted by the brilliant talent of Glen Heroy, Jenny Lee Mitchell has an emotional moment.

Emotional and seriously demented ‘diva’ (Jenny Lee Mitchell) goes for the gun and makes the audience shiver.

Dancing to the ‘NY is a Patriotic Town‘ song (penned by none other than Trav.S.D.), Colin Pritchard leads the cast in the curtain call.


Don’t forget!  Only 3 shows to go!

Tickets HERE!


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Trav S.D.’s “The Ballad of Jasper Jaxon” – Dixon Place June 10th, 2011

“The Ballad of Jasper Jaxon”

A folk mini-operetta in the style of Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl Ballads, and performed by Trav S.D., Josh Hartung, Sarah Engelke, David Gochfeld and others. Based on a true story of the world’s worst bank robber who winds up being posthumously exhibited as a mummy in carnivals.

The fourth leg of Trav S.D.’s Tent Show Tetragrammaton, presented at La MaMa in March 2011.

Banjo Jane (Sarah Engelke) introduces Trav S.D. at Dixon Place Lounge.

Trav S.D. reads from his Ballad of Jasper Jaxon text. Funny and poignant humor.

(l to r) Sarah Engelke, David Gochfeld, Trav S.D. and  Josh Hartung. Songs from Ballad of Jasper Jaxon.

David Gochfeld playing away on the mandolin.

Josh Hartung sings some of The Ballad of Jasper Jaxon.

Sarah Engleke is a versatile musician as she plays the banjo, ukulele and accordion.

Trav S.D. writes a wonderful blog about Vaudeville, music halls, burlesque and assorted other wonderful topics of interest.

Catch it here!

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