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Rod Harrison performs Lord Buckley

Here is a video of Rod Harrison performing Lord Buckley’s THE NAZ and a short excerpt from Lord Buckley performing it as well.

Excerpt from Lord Buckley doing “The Naz” in 1960 at Gate of Horn in Chicago.

Guest Blogger Oliver Trager – Author of the definitive biography on Lord Buckley “Dig Infinity“.

Despite being such a still relatively unknown and increasingly remote character in the consciousness of the western world, Lord Buckley sure has a lot of imitators. Go on YouTube and do your own search but, for whatever reason, there ain’t many attempting to channel Lenny Bruce much less Henny Youngman.
No, Buckley draws a certain flavor of personality and performer and Rod Harrison is at least tied for first as the best of the best. His energetic onstage buoyancy captures the manic Buckley and is an intoxicant of sorts in its own right — a shamanic portal of transcendence!
For anyone interested in a different take on tackling the persona and material, I will be playing the lead role in “Dig Infinity!” my play drawn from my book on the man at the FringeNYC Festival this coming August, dates/times/venues tbd.

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Lord Buckley will be performing at the L.C. Out of Doors Festival- Sunday 8/1

Actually it is the amazing channeler of Lord Buckley from Santa Fe, New Mexico. ROD HARRISON. If you haven’t ever heard of Lord Buckley do some internet investigating and see what you are in store for! A real delight! Rod brings Lord Buckley back to life with his humourous, uncanny portrayal.

6pm Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – OUT OF DOORS Festival

See Rod Harrison here in a video I shot at The Bowery Poetry Club celebrating Lord Buckley’s B’day last year! Performing The Nazz.

In depth interview with Lord Buckley biographer OLIVER TRAGER coming soon!

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Lord Buckley – A Rendition of "The Nazz" by Rod Harrison

In the early 50’s a performer coming up the ranks playing with jazz greats and creating his own style of storytelling. Lord Buckley. He had appeared on Groucho’s TV show YOU BET YOUR LIFE and created a sensation amongst nightclub and cabaret attendees. Here is a version of Lord Buckley’s THE NAZZ performed by Rod Harrison from New Mexico at The Lord Buckley Birthday Bash held annually at The Bowery Poetry Club.

The event is produced by the writer of the definitive Lord Buckley bio DIG INFINITY, Oliver Trager.

Video © 2009 by Jim Moore