2019 – Vaudevisuals Year in Review

All together I posted 73 times in 2019! Over 1000 views per month. Pretty good for an ‘eccentric’ performing arts blog!

You can use the drop-down menu for Month to Month Archive viewing. I will list some of the highlights here.

Dec 2019 – Interview with Cirque Mechanics Chris Lashua ~ Interview with Coney Island’s own Dick Zigun – Sideshow Hall of Fame.

November 2019 – Corn Mo and The Love Show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue ~ Karen Gersch Portfolio ~ Vaudevisuals Bookshelf ~ Martin Ewen’s ‘Panto Damascus’.

October 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Venardos.

September 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Noah Diamond & Amanda Sisk ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Adrienne Truscott.

August 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Tammy Faye Starlite ~ Ernie Kovacs Centennial Panel Discussion ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Dick Zigun – ‘Bloody Brains in the Juke Box’ ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Sarah the Bird Girl ~ The Seashore Variety Hour

July 2019 – Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Benefit ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Amber Martin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Tyler West.

June 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Trav SD ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Bill Bowers ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Mallory Catlett ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Ralph Lewis ~ Bindlestiff’s ‘brooklyn abridged’ show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Augustine ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Everett Quinton. ‘Galas’.

May 2019 – A.J. Silver – A Cowboy from the Bronx ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Boxcutter Collective.

April 2019 – Congress of Curious People – James Taylor ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Greg Dubin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with A.J. Silver ~ Trav SD’s American Vaudeville Theatre.

March 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with John Jesurun & Nicky Paraiso ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Coney Island Ritual Cabaret Festival.

February 2019 – Coffeehouse Chronicles: Ethyl Eichelberger ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage at Big Apple Circus ~ Lord Buckley by Heathcote Williams.

January 2019 – Vaudevisuals Bookshelf: ‘Atomic Clown’ by Sara Moore ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage ~ Tribute To Rob Torres.

~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2020 ~

Clown Comedy Photography

“A Clown in Our Town” – A Tribute to Rob Torres

A Clown in Our Town –  A Tribute to Rob Torres


Rob Torres was one of the funniest and most professional clowns in the world. Having performed in over 80 countries throughout his life, he brought laughter to thousands if not millions of people creating a fan base that was truly world-wide.

Tragically in late June, Rob suddenly passed away of a heart attack while flying to his engagement in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rob and I were working on a book project tentatively titled “A Clown in Our Town” which included photographs of Rob in many of the cities where he performed using iconic geographical locations to showcase his clown character in that particular town.  We shot in Paris (Cirque d’Hiver), St. Louis (Circus Flora) and New York (Big Apple Circus)  and had plans to shoot in 6 other cities during his upcoming tours.

While planning this tribute book, I realized that Rob had been captured by many other wonderful photographers.  I reached out to a number of my colleagues who had also had the pleasure and opportunity of capturing Rob performing.  I am fortunate to have Maike Schulz, Michelle Bates and a few others (names will be announced at a later date) share their own vision through photographs of Rob performing in different venues.  Their work will contribute to the second part of the book. I have also contacted his family to contribute photographs of Rob in his early years.

Rob Torres performing at Moisture Fest in Seattle – ©2018 Michelle Bates

To produce this tribute, funds are needed for graphic design work and publishing. I encourage you to share Rob’s vision and help make this book a wonderful TRIBUTE to Rob Torres – anybody who ever met him or saw him perform knows how much he truly deserves it.

Rob Torres rehearsing for the Big Apple Circus in NY – ©2018 Maike Schulz

Hardcover book featuring approx. 30+ pages of Color/B&W photographs.

Unique and unrepeatable first edition.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Pledge $75 – 2 copies of the book and a Special Thank You in the book.

~ Pledge $50 – one copy of the book and a Thank You in the book.

~ Pledge $10 – a postcard featuring one of the photographs from the book and a Thank You.
~ Pledge $5 – a Social Media shout out from the photographers in the book.
~ Make a pledge without a reward. Any amount is appreciated!

Estimated delivery date: March 31, 2019
~ So please, give what you can, tell who you can, and let’s start this journey together. ~


All funds that are donated which exceed the printing/designing costs will be forwarded to the Estudio Búsqueda de Panotmima-Teatro/The Rob Torres Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

~ ~ ~

Who is Rob Torres? For those of you that aren’t familiar with this brilliant clown I would like to present a wonderful documentary by Sebastiano Greco and Luigi Marmo. (Thank You Sebastiano and Luigi!)

A Moving Portrait – Rob Torres

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Clown Comedy Photography

The Clown UnMasked Series – A Comprehensive List 2010 – 2016

The Clown UnMasked

In 2010 I had a concept in my head one day that I should photograph my favorite subjects (Clowns) without their performance costume and makeup and match it with a performance shot. The ‘Unmask’ shot would be black and white and the performance shot in color.  I decided to call it The Clown UnMask. I began shooting in Feb. 2010 with one of the funniest clowns I know and admire. Glen Heroy.

I followed up with many more (almost 50) until I stopped shooting the series in 2016. Here is a comprehensive list of the performers (with links to the original posts) I documented in my ‘hallway’ studio. In the order in which I photographed them. Full post are reached by using the links. Some portrait are provided for visual excitement!

(The wall came down in 2016 so the series was discontinued)

Matt Mitler

Clowns ExMachina

John Leo

Eric Davis

Hilary Chaplain

Audrey Crabtree

Keith Nelson

Ambrose Martos

Joel Jeske

Amy Gordon

Rob Torres

Patrick de Valette

Tiffany Riley

Dick Monday

Julie Ferrier

Fred Blin

Tanya Elchuk

Nina Levine

Hew Parham

Mark Gindick

Peter Daniel Straus

Kevin C. Carr

Jeff Hess

Chris Allison

Drew Richardson

Lilli Sukula Lindblom

Mona Ray

Thom Monckton

Sampo Kurppa

Jenny Lee Mitchell

Michael Trautman

Jennifer Sargent

Maja Bieler

Helen Donnelly

James Godwin

Avner Eisenberg

Summer Shapiro

Neil Arthur James

Gustavo Pace

Didi Sanchezco

Kenny Raskin

Mooky Cornish

Adam Kuchler

Barry Lubin

Daniel Passer

Angela Delfini

Armitage Shanks

Matt Roper

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Aerial Acts American Circus Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Comedy Juggling Photography

Big Apple Circus – LUMINOCITY – Cunningham Park, Queens – May 18 thru June 15th, 2014

There is nothing like seeing a show you love a second time!

I photographed the Big Apple Circus show when it opened at the Lincoln Center Bandshell in the fall of 2013. It was a terrific show!

And it got even better!

Here are some photographs I took of the show on Opening day (Sunday, 5/18) at Cunningham Park, Queens. It is a beautiful site. You can relax in the park, talk a walk and then go see the circus…It also happens to be ‘warm’ out which adds to the novelty.

Big Apple Circus LUMINOCITY set.The beautiful set was designed by J. Michael Deegan and gives you the feeling of being in Times Square.

John Kennedy Kane is the Ring MasterRing Master John Kennedy Kane keeps the show moving along with a perpetual magic sparkle in his eyes.

Ty Tojo juggles amazingly.Ty Tojo juggles so well he is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Daniel CyrDaniel Cyr performs the ‘free ladder’ routine after a ten year break from it.

Pierre Ginet performs at Big Apple CircusPierre Ginet speaks fluently in 5 languages but be careful when speaking with him since he mostly is an amazing ‘pickpocket’. 

Mongolian Angels were amazing at the Big Apple CircusMongolian Angels were magnificent in their amazing trapeze act.

2014.05.18_BAC_745The Mongolian Angels were so amazing I had to post another picture.

Jenny Vidbel performs with her dogs at Big Apple CircusJenny Vidbel performs with her dogs and horses in the show.

Jenny Vidbel performs with her beautiful horses.Graceful and charming Jenny Vidbel works with her horses and controls their manners beautifully.

Rob Torres performs with The Big Apple CircusRob Torres finds a moment of hilarity in his ‘hat’ act.

Rob Torres performs with Big Apple CircusAn audience member puts Rob Torres’ hat on his head during his ‘hat’ act.

The Dosov Troupe performs teeter board act.The Dosov Troupe performs amazing teeterboard feats.

Duo Guerrero walked the tightwire.Werner Guerrero and Aura Cardinali (Duo Guerrero) walk down an incline wire while Aura is on Werner’s shoulders. Great Act!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABig Apple Circus Co-Founder Paul Binder watches Duo Guerrera.

2014.05.18_BAC_788Duo Guerrero again on the shoulders. But this time Werner is on Aura’s shoulders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show was directed by Michel Barette

For more information on Cast and Creative go here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information and tickets to LUMINOCITY go here.

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American Circus Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Juggling Performing Arts Photography Tent Show

Big Apple Circus – ‘Luminocity’ @ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Big Apple Circus "Luminocity".

What a wonderful night at the Circus…Big Apple Circus

This year’s new show titled Luminocity is a great success. Selling out to crowds of appreciative audiences all season.

You can still see the show during their upcoming summer season when they will be in New Jersey and Queens, NY later this year.

Here are some photographic highlights from the show!

2014.01.10_BAC_045The Ringmaster and guide thru the streets of New York is the enchanting John Kennedy Kane.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daniel Cyr at The Big Apple CircusDaniel Cyr performs on the ‘free ladder’. One of the founding members of Cirque Eloise from Canada.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Acro Duo at The Big Apple CircusThe Acro Duo (Vitaliy Prikhodko -Ukraine and Alexei Anikine – Russia are the Duo)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rob Torres performing with the Big Apple CircusWorldwide traveling clown Rob Torres is back at the Big Apple Circus for another season of ‘funny stuff’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jenny Vidbel performing at The Big Apple CircusJenny Vidbel brings her beautiful horses and dogs to the Big Apple Circus this year for a wonderful showing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pierre Ginet performing at The Big Apple CircusPierre Ginet  fools around with an audience member as he ‘picks his pockets’ of the wallet, and his watch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Duo Guerrero performing at The Big Apple CircusWerner Guerrero jumping over Aura Cardinali (Duo Guerrero) during their amazing highwire act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ty Tojo performing at The Big Apple CircusTy Tojo in a relaxed moment during his incredible high powered ball juggling act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on the Big Apple Circus and their upcoming schedule go here.

~ ~ ~ ~

Not posted here are two other acts that were tremendous.

The Dosov Troupe – Teeterboard Act

Mongolian Angels – Dynamic Trapeze Act

The Big Apple Circus Band was so delightful with Rob Slowik, conductor/trumphet.

The show was directed by Michael Barette

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lynn M. Stirrup – Executive Director

Guillaume Dufresnoy – Artistic Director

~ ~ ~ ~

The Big Apple Circus was founded in 1977 by Paul Binder and Michael Christensen

Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Performing Arts Variety Arts Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals Interview with Rob Torres – International Clown and Funny Man

Rob Torres performing with Circus Flora

Sitting in the park in NYC, Rob Torres talks about what is CLOWN and what people think it is.
A wonderful talk about the misconceptions people have and what makes the difference.
1st Part of a series on CLOWN on

Contact Rob Torres here:

Rob can seen currently in The Big Apple Circus show ‘Luminocity‘ at Lincoln Center running from now thru Jan.12th, 2014.

Aerial Acts American Circus Circus Clown Coney Island USA Film

WORLD CIRCUS, The Movie @ Coney Island Film Festival – Sept 22nd, 2013

World Cricus, The Movie Poster

Wonderful film! Go see it and support Circus Arts Worldwide!

Inline image 3Inline image 4Inline image 5
The film had some wonderfully successful  screenings, the reactions have been amazing.
  • Sedona International Film Festival (Sedona, AZ) March 1st, World Premiere – It was as a Finalist in its Documentary Category! Collaborated with local Sacred Circus for live performers.

    • From Sagan Lewis, Program Director: “The film WORLD CIRCUS takes us behind the scenes of this fascinating arena in an entertaining and compelling way. Who wins doesn’t matter….but getting to know these extraordinary performers is an experience one never forgets.”
  • Sarasota Film Festival  (Sarasota, FL) April 13 – Two sold out screenings and collaboration with the local Sailor Circus of Circus Sarasota for pre-movie entertainment.
  • RiverRun International Film Festival (Winston-Salem, NC) April 20th, World Circus Day – In additional to the general Festival Screening, as part of the “Films With Class” category, the film screened 3x for local school children, grades 2-5. Some of the best audiences the film has had yet!
  • Los Angeles Screening – August, 25th – Collaborating with the circus training facility (Le Studio) and performers (Le Petit Cirque) the screening drew top people from the local circus community, as well as Film/TV production people who’s eyes were opened to the circus world!

More Info:
BUY TICKETS – $7 to Program 15 – HERE

American Circus Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Mime Photography Tent Show Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals interview with Paul Binder – Founder of The Big Apple Circus

I photographed Paul Binder when he and Michael Christensen had returned from Europe and started working on the development of a New York-based circus. Soon to become The Big Apple Circus.

Paul Binder and Michael Christensen jugglers.

Paul Binder and Michael Christensen in a studio shot by Jim Moore.

Paul Binder interview about his never ending fascination with the  Clown.

Paul’s new book “Never Quote The Weather to a Sea Lion”.

Paul Binder's mew book.

Available at

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Circus Clown Photography

While in Paris…Visit the CLOWN BAR

While visiting Paris recently to photograph the delightfully funny clown Rob Torres I came across a wonderful place that could only be possible in PARIS!

The Clown Bar

After discussing this wonderful place with a few friends I discovered that my dear friend Karen Gersch has been ‘hanging out’ at the Clown Bar for years.

I asked her to write this blog post for me. She consented! So here is Karen Gersch.

“Le Clown Bar”

                            By Karen E. Gersch


If one turns right onto Rue Amelot after leaving Cirque d’Hiver and walks two elephant lengths, there appears the rather plain portal to one of Paris’s best kept secrets: “Le Clown Bar”.  To step through these doors is to find oneself in an unheralded palace: the world’s smallest musee de clown.

Behind the long curved wooden bar, the walls gleam with handpainted enamel tiles of augustes and whitefaces caught in classic reprises.  The very same motifs are repeated in the plates on which meals are served; the wine glasses are etched with acrobatic figures, too.   Look up: a large circular painting of clowns looms from the heart of the otherwise Art Deco Fleur-de-Lis ceiling.  There is nowhere the eye can move without resting on photos, sculptures, drawing, canvases, vintage posters or knick-knacks depicting world-class buffoons.  Most of them are portraits: recognizable and legendary, of those who have frequented the bar throughout the century.

Le Clown Bar is registered as having opened in 1902, the creation of one Jean-Baptiste Menery, who conceived the original imagery woven into the walls and ceilings.  Joe Vitte, the current proprietor, is the fifth owner, and with his wife, daughter and sister, have run it for more than twenty years.  From its earliest days, this charismatic café has served as a meeting hall for circus clowns from around the world.  It once even served as home for the three clowns whose black and white photos hang near the windows; that trio lived upstairs.

In the early 1990’s, when I first came to attend the much regaled “Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain” at Cirque d’Hiver, I was not aware of this little phenomenon set in its shadow.  Caroline Simonds, longtime friend and once-partner had already founded her stellar company “Le Rire Medecin”, which placed clowns in hospitals throughout Paris.  Her repeated descriptions of the Festival and the creative luminaries who atttended got my envy bone jiggling.  I was also longing for new inspiration for my paintings.   Having told other circus friends around the globe I would finally be going to Mondial, the universal response was: where can we meet?

“That’s easy”, said Caroline.  “Le Clown Bar”.

The Clown Bar - Early morning
A typical day at The Clown Bar is reading the newspaper and having some great coffee.

Cabinets andlighting fixtures all dedicated to the Art of Clown at The Clown Bar
Cabinets and lighting fixtures all dedicated to the Art of Clown at The Clown Bar

It is one thing to enter Cirque d’Hiver, a permanent circus building in France, reputedly built for Napoleon.  A perfectly round building, with glass display cases built into the curved lobby walls which hold old programs and artifacts, props and photos of the Bouglione Family.  But the first time entering into the inner hall is not just enchanting, it takes the breath away.  The deep red velvet drapes of it’s ringside tiers, the steeply raked seats that hurtle down to its carpeted ring, with white stairs rising above the facade to a balcony where the orchestra holds court.   You can feel the weight of time and sense the unearthly descendants who have spun and tumbled here.  It is only fitting that these two aesthetically magical places: Cirque d’Hiver and Le Clown Bar, neighbor each other.

Having picked up my festival tickets a bit after five that first night,  (the show was scheduled for nine) I strolled down Amelot, arriving just as the cafe’s metal doors rolled up on their tracks.  And once again stood transfixed at a remarkable inner world.  Tall, leather-seated stools lined the long bar, and a bustle of closely set tables filled the front and back areas.  There were shelves and glass-fronted armoires filled with clown souvenirs, figurines, pottery, toys, novelties and signs.  Perhaps because of the coppery ceiling, the room seemed to glow with sun blessed lighting, soft and intimate.

As I stepped inside, Joe met me and announced they weren’t quite open.  I nodded and asked if I could just sit and look.   I think my obvious fascination amused him.  His strongly featured face intrigued me.   I inquired if I could reserve a table, as I had friends coming to join me after 6 or so.  He told me no.  They never took reservations.  Then pointed me to a small table across from the bar.  He returned to setting up and I immediately pulled out my sketchbook and drew him at work.

Owner Joe Vitte with an original drawing by Karen Gersch. (Photograph by Gabrielle Ment)

I needed a good warmup for the drawings I would rattle out at the Festival later.  And my favorite way to sketch is innocuously blending in with domestic activities.  I made studies of several objects in view, then of the waiter and a young woman who had appeared.  At one point, the woman approached and placed a glass of wine on my table.  I tried to explain that I hadn’t ordered one. She pointed to the pages beneath my hand, smiled and walked away.

The first of my friends  who showed up that night were Brazilian acrobats; we ate dinner, and ploughed through two bottles of wine.  By then I was joking with the waiters and woman who had served me.  At a quarter to nine, I asked for the bill and left as tip, a generous amount of francs plus most of the portraits I had done.

It was amazing to see, over the course of those four hours, how the bar had filled to capacity; when I left there were people still waiting outside in long trails down Amelot.  Circus performers, circus directors, booking agents, the ring crew, television crews, animal trainers, journalists…  Of course, the fuller it got, the less people took any notice of the stunning archives of art all around.

Clown Bar fansClockwise from lower left – Pat Bellard, co-founder of Cirque Jo Bithume, Carlo Pellegrini, Director of Amazing Grace Circus, Caroline Simonds-Director, Le Rire Medecin, Ernest Albrecht – Editor of Spectacle Magazine, Karen Gersch (balancing spoon on nose) and Patrick Loughhan, Sculptor and Ceramic Potter.

Directly after the show that night, I returned to the Clown Bar and stayed until closing, sharing with Joe and his daughter, Myriam (the kind woman who had served me) my sketches from the show.  I was maybe slightly drunk on wine, more so on the imagery that had bombarded me that night.

The following evening, when I returned at 5:30, the doors of Le Clown Bar were already open.  A lone and formal “RESERVED” sign graced the table where I had sat the night before.  I noted it, puzzled and slid into a nearby seat instead. Then Myriam appeared, scowling.  “Whattt?”  I said.  (I’d been trying to teach her Brooklynese the night before).   “Eeet EEESe for YOU”, she scolded, pointing to the sign.

Thereafter, every night when I stepped into Le Clown Bar – no matter how crowded and thick with patrons, that table sat untouched with its small “RESERVED” sign.  Once I entered and sat, the sign was whisked away and a bottle of the house Gamay placed in front of me.   I dined there each night, eventually joined by a myriad of friends from other countries.

Corner artifacts at The Clown Bar
Corner artifacts at The Clown Bar

So began my longtime friendship with the Vitte & Dub family, which has continued to this day.  Le Clown Bar became my studio away from home, where I warmed up my quick-sketch hands each night before friends appeared to dine and drink with me until the show.  Years later, when Myriam took up my offer to visit New York and came to stay with me on the Bowery, she called my loft Le Clown Bar II, marvelling at my own treasure trove of clowns and odd circus paraphanalia.

The Festival Mondial, originally founded by Dominic Mauclair, has  changed hands over the past decade, and no longer resides at Cirque d’Hiver.

Pascale Jacobs (another noted historian and costume designer, whose clients include Ringling and Cirque du Soleil) runs the Festival out of his own 5,000-seat tent, Cirque Phenix, in a park quite a distance away.

The Bouglione family keep a constant roster of prestigious shows running at Cirque d’Hiver (hosting most of the professional circuses that come to France.  The feature film, “The Devil wore Prada”. shot many of its end scenes inside the building.)   But the absence of the Festival Mondial has had a big impact on Le Clown Bar’s business, not to mention the generally poor economic climate that has prevailed.   Myriam left Paris to start a family – Joe had depended on her support and management skills since she was a teen.   During Festival week, the bar still draws late night contingents of directors and executives from famed circuses, from Roncali and Knie to Ringling and Cirque de Soleil.  They find their way back to Le Clown Bar after the Phenix shows finish each night.

But Joe now fears for the future.

He is hoping that the city will make good on its recent promise to give the bar landmark or museum status to preserve its unique artistry.

Its reputation stands not only as an unusual and brilliant homage to the world of Clowns; the restaurant is very well regarded for its native cuisine and traditional French dishes.  Both the food and wine menus, under Joe’s direction, have earned him a strong neighborhood clientele and followers outside the world of circus.

Circus buffs or not, anyone who ventures to Paris and wishes to step into an enchanting old world café, to sip an excellent glass of wine or nurse a rich expresso while musing over wonderful art, should make Le Clown Bar a starred designation.   Be sure and ask for Joe and tell hiim “Karen” sent you!

Keith Nelson and Rob Torres at The Clown Bar this week!
Keith Nelson, Co-Director of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus and Rob Torres, Clown, (currently at Cirque d’Hiver)  at The Clown Bar this week!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Performing Arts Year in Review

2012 – The Vaudevisuals Year in Review

Rob Torres performs in the streets of Paris, France

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2013 Promises to be a great year for Variety Arts and especially

We will have a NEW LAYOUT that will be much easier to peruse and link to other social media.

Here is an partial  list of some of the postings that were done in 2012.

If you want to see more of what happened click on the month you want to explore on the right column where the months are itemized.


Hope to see to see you back here in 2013!

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The 5th Annual ‘Cirque Off’ – Triskelion Arts – Jan. 21st, 2012

Bob Greenberg in ‘Accept No Imitations’ – A Vaudephone Presentation

Jan 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

Scott Baker – A Video Interview and More….

Hilary Chaplain in “Cirque de So What  – A Vaudephone Presentation

Fay Glassman Duo – An Interview with Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman

2012 Edition of The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – At Dixon Place

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus – Only $10. March 1st Show

Solomon – The Peculiarist – A Vaudephone Presentation

Harley Newman – “Extreme Stunt Master” – A Video Interview

The Loose Caboose – Un Vaudeville Spectacle @ Bowery Poetry Club

Lon Chaney/Tod Browning – A Silent Film Night at Dixon Place

Rebecca Joy Fletcher sings “Oy Madagaskar” – A Vaudephone Presentation

International Mime Festival – London – Opens Jan 11th

Farewell to Grandma (aka Barry Lubin)

Zero Boy – The Crazy Car Driver – A Vaudephone Presentation

LEO – Mind Bending Physical Theatre – An Interview with Tobias Wegner

Shane Bertram Baker – The Lady with the Dog – A Vaudephone Presention

The Clown Un_Mask – Kevin C. Carr

The Clown Un_Mask – Peter Daniel Straus

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – @ Dixon Place

Mime Artist – Gregg Goldston – Interview and photographs


Jason Trachtenberg sings “You’re a Winner” – A Vaudephone Presention’

March 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

Mr. Aviner’s Variety Hour – At Dixon Place – April 27th and 28th

Tribute to Tom Murrin – aka The Alien Comic

The Clown Un_Mask – Chris Allison

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret @ Dixon Place

The Clown Un_Mask – Jeff Hess

Al Duval -the Monotone Baritone – A Vaudephone Presenation

‘tinydangerousfun’ Feb 28th

Sweet Soubrette – Singing ‘Petit Souris’ – A Vaudephone Presentation

Tiger Palast – International Variete Theatre – Frankfurt, Germany

Triskelion Arts Presents “Hanukkauction” – A Night of Untamed Revelry

Bouffon Glass Menajoree – at the Brick Theater

The Clown Un_Mask – Helen Donnelly, Toronto Canada

Cirque d’Hiver – Paris, France

MUMMENSCHANZ opens in NYC – Skirball Center for the Arts