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PS122 – COIL FESTIVAL 2013 – ‘The Curators’ Piece @ Dixon Place – A Video Excerpt

“Curators’ Piece” is a performance that is developed with chosen performing arts curators and presented at their festivals and venues in a form of a staged performance. We invited international curators that are relevant for the shaping the global picture of today’s landscape of contemporary performing arts. The curator takes part in the performance as a performer, collaborator and co-producer. Relying on the relations between the artists, the curators and the audience, the performance itself deals with the possibility of art’s influence on today’s society. What is art today? Can it save the world? What is the role of the artist, the curator and the audience in it?
“Curators’ Piece“ is fiction and reality at the same time: A trial against art and its protagonists. Where the gathered community judges by itself each time anew.
Tea Tupajic & Petra Zanki
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“RUFF” – Peggy Shaw Solo – @ Dixon Place – Jan 10th thru 19th / Part of the PS122 COIL Festival

Peggy Shaw – 2011 Ethyl Eichelberger Award Winner

Commissioned by PS122 & Out North Contemporary Art House, co-presented with Dixon Place

Peggy Shaw standing on a green screen seamless paper backdrop and 3 large screen monitors facing her from both sides of the paper and in front.

A heart felt piece of theater about one’s life, health and all else that seems to matter.

Bringing in to her text (co-written by her long time partner Lois Weaver– who also directs this piece!) a long list of friends that have been her support for the many years that she has been performing.

Music, comic relief and lessons about her stoke are all part of this evening of personal introspection that leaves you touched so deeply.


Peggy Shaw explains the different ways to tell if you are having a stroke. #2


Peggy Shaw sings along with the band in one of her favorite songs.


An exclamation of some of life’s difficult times.


Leonard Cohen sings on screen as Peggy pays respect.


Relaxing in front of a monitor telling stories about her life.

Peggy Shaw and Ethyl on Screen

Singing along with Ethyl who is not far behind her.

Peggy Shaw Curtain CallPeggy Shaw during her curtain call!

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To view the video interview with Peggy Shaw conducted by Vaudevisuals go here!

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For information on Peggy Shaw’s RUFF or any other COIL FESTIVAL performances go here!

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Performed and co-written by Shaw, and directed and co-written by Weaver, Ruff features choreography by Stormy Branderberger, music and sound design by Vivian Stoll, lighting design by Lori E. Seid and set and media design by Matt Delbridge.

For more information on cast and crew go here!

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Mask Performing Arts Photography Puppetry Ventriliquist Video

Interview with James Godwin – “Lunatic Cunning”

Scenes from the “Lunatic Cunning” at Dixon Place with James Godwin.

Here is an interview with James about his work and a little history of how he got to this stage.


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Old School 122 Benefit – First Night – June 22, 2011

Every Waking Hour We Weave

The First Night Celebration and Conclusion of 30th Anniversary of PS122.

The Grand Finale of the physical space that PS122 has utilized for the last 30 years as a performance space.

Vallejo Gantner – Artistic Director of Performance Space 122 gets the show going!

Ms’s for the evening: David White and Julie Atlas Muz

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Performing an excerpt of their show “Mission Drift”.

The cast of The TEAM taking their curtain call.

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A video excerpt: Johnny’s Got a Gun

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Okwui Okpokwasili reads from her letters as a young girl.

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Jeff McMahon reaches for the stars in his wonderful literary work KNOW HIM.

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Working with a small flashlight and projections she captured the audience so thoroughly.

A wonderful dancer and political activist.

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Yvonne Meier with Arturo Vidich and Aki Sasamoto moving to absurd verbal scores.

Bizarre verbal scores for the two dancers Arturo Vidich and Aki Sasamoto.

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LeeSaar The Company

A delightful work with dancers.

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Temporary Distortion

‘Americana Kamikaze’ revealed a humourous look at relationships and their verbal manifestations.

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A Brief History of my Life at Performance Space 122 (Or how I survive being an original and innovative artist past the age of 40)

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Asian Boy alone at last (finally) farewell to old school nights.

The text is by Jeff Weiss and Nicky Paraiso

Part minstrel and cabaret singer. Nick Paraiso belted out emotional songs like it was his last.

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Julia Atlas Muz gets her iphone shot with John Zorn before the music starts.

Thurston Moore and John Zorn made ‘Beneficial music’ for the audience.

The next post will be the LAST performance at PS122 as we know it now!

Stay tuned for more visual mayhem.

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Avant_Garde_Arama Music Photography Video

‘Wrecking Ball’ Avant-Garde-Arama – Post Cards from the Edge – The Last 2011 Show

The PS122 Postcard from the last 2011 Avant-Garde-Arama

The Avant-Garde-Arama Poster displayed outside the edifice.

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Here are a selection of performers from the Saturday evening’s show!

Uncle Jimmy (James Godwin) was the MC for the evening’s Festivities.

Salley May ‘busts’ out of the AGA wrecking ball.

Andrew Schneider comes in to the performing space from the top!

Andrew talks backwards to the audience in his ingenious performance.

M. Lamar sings with operatic tone and piano.

Miss Rose Wood performs two pieces – one of which is pictured here.

Lisa Kron displays a ‘head shot’ from her earlier years!

Koosil-ja with Lance Blisters rocks the house with songs of being ‘pissed off’.

The Ethyl Eichelberger Museum introduced by Miss Joan Marie Moossy.

Salley May cuts up with stage hand.

The line producers are Eileen Goddard, Nick Bixby and Lauren Brown. The built the wall, made projection videos and so much more!

Flawless Sabrina reads a few passages from text.

Peggy Pettitt sings and weaves a story for the audience.

Black Eyed Susan sings the Ethyl Eicherberger song with accordion player Margaret Stutt.

Salley May is exasperated knowing this is the last of AGA for awhile!

Bad Buka Gypsy Punk Rock Extravaganza closes the show.

Production crew gets some beer just before they ‘Cheers’ to the audience!

Lori E. Seid spinning the digital vinyl in the basement cafe.

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AGA Wrecking Ball – Sat Night June 18th, 2011 – Credits from Jim Moore on Vimeo.

To follow the progress of PS122 construction and to get info on upcoming performances check here!

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