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“The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare” @ Coney Island USA thru Nov. 1st


Created by Coney Island USA’s own Dick Zigun. “The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare” features Zero Boy, Alfie Bunz, Princess Pat, Patrick Salazar & Nati the Patchwork Girl.
A roller coaster ride thru the mind and life of a Coney Island ride inspector.
The postcard states:”Bloody disturbing & Dangerous. Dirty Language, Adult Content
and Audience Abuse…SO what are you waiting for?

The Ride Inspector (Zero Boy) is alarmed at the situation on the site.

The audience gets a chance to decide the fate of The Ride Inspector as the Grim Reaper ask their opinions.

Get a ticket now and go and visit the show. Performances until Nov. 1st.
Tickets can be had here:

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Summer 2011 – Coney Island Side Show

The hurrican Sandra is upon us and I found something to make us warmer.

A nice video from this last Summer where I was invited to photograph Tanya Solomon ‘outside talking’ on the ‘bally platform’ at Coney Island Sideshow.

Established in 1985 by Coney Island US. The still running ‘Sideshows by the Seashore” is a ten-in-one circus sideshow.

This is directly from their website.

Here are a photograph I took out from and the video of Tanya at work.

Pictured here left to right is Mat Fraser ‘The Seal Boy’, Tanya Solomon, and Serpentina

Video of Tanya working in front of the Coney Island Sideshow.

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Coney Island Side Show USA – BB Kings Dec. 30, 2010

Coney Island USA

When I walked into the show Coney Island Sideshow USA at BB Kings the other day I had a feeling I was walking back in time. Or taking a step into a past that was vibrant and alive with performers who loved presenting for the ‘people’.

My love of Coney Island and it’s history is probably why I made this blog entry look like photographic postcards I found in a dusty steam trunk in my aunt’s attic. Discovering the ‘sideshow’ was something that happened to me as a young man walking into Al Flosso’s Magic shop on West 34th St. He had a picture on the wall of Dreamland Circus Sideshow with all the performers standing in front of the entrance posing for the photograph I was looking at. It was dated 1931. I wanted to think that Dreamland Circus Sideshow and Luna Park were still open for attendance. I would have loved to have had that experience.

Dick D. Zigun (the founder of  Coney Island Sideshow and Coney Island Museum.) presents this delightful show at different venues around town during the winter months.(Warm weather at their home on Coney Island-one of the few buildings still standing)  A great lineup for a wonderful show of talent and skills that aren’t to be found in our media/television heavy 21st century.


The Great Fredini

The Great Fredini hosted the show and performed his sword swallowing. (to start with)

Audience volunteer helps The Great Fredini pull a sword from his throat.


Princesss Pat

The cast of the afternoon’s show was all a public could want in variety.

Princess Pat dances sultry with her large ‘live’  snake.


The Amazing Amy

‘The Amazing Amy’ twisted herself into many impossible yoga positions set to techno music.


Adam Rinn

A ‘postcard’ pic if I ever saw one

Here is ‘wildman’ Adam Rinn with two young women standing on his chest thru a bed of nails which he also seems to be laying on.

Adam Rinn doing a magical cigarette trick. Swallowing?

A multi-skilled performer Adam Rinn eats fire.

Here Adam Rinn is blowing fire.


The Great Fredini puts Princess Pat in a box which he then stuck 30 blades into.

He then invited audience members up on stage to see her in the box.

The Great Fredini explains to audience members the story behind the box while they look in at Princess Pat.


Jennifer Miller – Zenobia

One of the ‘Original’ members of the Coney Island Sideshow and a wonderful performer in many disciplines.

She is juggling machetes!

A ghost like shot of Jennifer Miller juggling her machetes.


The Great Fredini and The Electric Chair.

With audience members The Great Fredini is able to electrify them and get a florescent bulb to illuminate in one of their hands.


The show was completed with Princess Pat dancing for the audience.

A great afternoon of entertainment and a lot of exotic surprises that weren’t expected.

See them next at THE HIGHLINE BALLROOM on January 2, 2010.


May you have an exotic, amazing, delightful, serene, exciting and peaceful NEW YEAR!