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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “Canadian Theatre Review” Clowning in Canada.

A preview of the Summer 2020 issue of Canadian Theatre Review featuring 'Clowning in Canada'. Continue reading...
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2011 ‘Odyssey Schmodyssey’ – Hew Parham at the NY Clown Theater Festival

Hew Parham in one of his many incarnations on stage during his 'Odyssey Schmodyssey'.
Schmoo is born and has to deal with his loneliness, insecurities and demons.
Schmoo has a talk with his beloved 'Petal' on the deserted island.
Schmoo has trouble dealing with the idols, fears, beliefs and insecurities of being alone.

An audience member awards Schmoo (Hew Parham) with a 'I Love NY' T shirt.

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