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Vaudevisuals interview with Kyla Ernst-Alper ~ The Underground Cabaret!

Brought to you by Kyla Ernst-Alper and her team at Anver Entertainment. DeKalb Stage presents The Underground Cabaret.

On any given evening, join one of our sensational hosts, The Maine Attraction and Ivory Fox, for the first circus and variety show to open in Downtown Brooklyn. The showcase will feature live aerialists, legendary burlesque performers, and award-winning variety acts.

Rotating Cast of Performers

Media Noche, Gigi Bonbon, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Nina LaVoix, Chartruice, Samson Night, Margot Mayhem, Tansy, The Great Dubini, Michael Karas, Jean-Taé Francis, Pinkie Special, Snö Bunta, The Dragon Sisters, Ben Franklin, Joshua Dean, Elizabeth Munn, Lisa Natoli, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Lani Corson, Kris Olness, Juanita Cardenas, Gemini Blitz, Troy Lingelbach, and many more!

COVID Safety Protocols Are In Place.

Face coverings, social distancing, temperature checks, and limited capacity are strictly enforced …

Dinner by Miznon

3-Course Mediterranean Meal​

Thursdays and Saturdays

7:30PM – 10:30PM

The Show Must Go On: April 8 – May 31

Only at DeKalb Stage​

Dress Code

Dust Off Your Finest Frocks and Sharpest Suits

Limited Seating. Walk-Ins Welcome.

Tickets: $135.00

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition – June 1st, 2020

Host Keith Nelson opens the show with an introduction of the acts.

The Bindlestiff Open Stage introduced a ‘new’ camera angle.

Steve Langley performed a wonderful ‘bubble’ production act.

Steve created a ‘bubble’ merry-go-round with his equipment.

Pinkie Special performed a wild ‘hula-hoop’ act.

Bruke had his hands full with a delightfully agile hat juggling act.

Professor DR Schreober took us back in time with some fun period magic.

Larry Vee did the rolla-bolla, hula-hoop, spinning a ball and juggling another.

Stephanie Monseu encouraged the viewers to take the survey.

Chase Culp performed with musical cow bells and played them well.

Hovey Burgess talked about the ‘shot from canon’ act that was in the circus for so many years.

Marcus Monroe juggled illuminated and regular clubs and told some ‘one-liners.

Kyla performed a beautiful aerial act.

The Coronel Sisters from Peru had the most amazing balancing skills on the balls.

Tune in Next Monday for another Bindlestiff Open Stage show!

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Hovey Burgess 75th Birthday Spectacular at Dixon Place – A Celebration!

Hovey Burgess speaks at the Opening of his Birthday Celebration.

Cover of Souvenir Program

List of Acts performing at Spectacular Birthday Party

Phil Marsh, Jen Slaw, Kristin Olness, Dick Monday, Carla Rhodes, Zero Boy, Valerie Benoit, Trixie Little, Boo Boo Darlin, Michael Davis, Tara Quinn, Pinkie Special, Keith Nelson, Michelle Dortignac, Tanya Gagne, Lil’ Miss Lixx, Logan Kerr.

See Full Program here!

 2015.09.07_HoveyB.196Hovey opened the show with a nice talk. (see  video above)

Stephanie Monseu host the evening’s festivities.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.224Phil Marsh led the show off with a great rendition of Country Joe McDonald’s song. (see video)

2015.09.07_HoveyB.240Jen Slaw performed a beautiful cigar box and ball routine.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.342Kristin Olness performed an exquisite aerial hoop act.

Dick Monday played the saw and touched the audience’s funny bone in his unique way.

Carla Rhones and Cecil Sinclair tore up the house with the ‘Donald Trump’ impersonation.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.447-2Zero Boy performed a hysterical ‘Road Runner’ cartoon with his vocal sound fx and physical comedy.

Valerie Benoit and Tristan Nielsen performed a lyrical acrobatic act that was amazing.

Trixie Little and Boo Boo Darlin were the B’day cake surprises for Hovey.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.519Hovey looks on as Trixie and Boo Boo get ready to ‘bake the cake’ for Hovey.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.532The brilliant comedian Michael Davis was hilarious.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.545He explained to the audience that he wanted to do his ‘pingpongball’ act but Hovey insisted on juggling.

Michael Davis at Dixon PlaceMichael Davis’ finale was  juggling a machete, meat cleaver and hachet.

Tara Quinn at Dixon PlaceTara Quinn performed an amazing physical balance/contortion act.

Pinkie Special performed her hysterically physical ‘twirler’ act.

Keith Nelson at Dixon PlaceKeith Nelson introduces the audience to the sword and how deep it goes.

Keith NelsonKeith Nelson swallows the sword for the audience.

2015.09.07_HoveyB.791An aerial trio was performed by Michelle Dortignac(Left), Kris Olness (Top) and Tanya Gagne. (Left)

Hovey Burgess throws a ‘kiss’ to the audience as Paul Binder (left) and Stephanie Monseu stand nearby.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aerial Acts American Circus Big Apple Circus Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret Burlesque Circus Clown Comedy Dixon Place Juggling Music NYGoofs Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater Variety Arts Ventriliquist Women

Hovey Burgess 75th Birthday Spectacular – Official Program – Performer Bios

img001Cover of Program







This event was produced by Bindlestiff  Family Variety Arts, Inc.

Circus Comedy Dance Dixon Place Juggling Music Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater Puppetry Story Teller Variety Arts Ventriliquist Video Women

Hovey Burgess Birthday Show presented by Bindlestiff Family Cirkus @ Dixon Place

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.19.55 PMCelebrating Hovey Burgess 75th Birthday

Great show and great cause! Proceeds from the evening’s show are being donated to Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

A Night of Circus, Sideshow and Burlesque

Hovey Burgess (juggling legend, circus historian, NYU professor, chairman of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus board of directors…) is celebrating his 75th Birthday by creating a show that he wants to see. Join him for a night of entertainment.

The evening is hosted by Bindlestiff co-founder Stephanie Monseu. The line-up features an all-star cast including Kristin Olness, Boo Boo Darlin , Trixie Little
Pinkie Special, Jen Slaw, Michael Davis, Phil Marsh, Carla Rhodes, Tara Quinn, Keith Nelson, and many surprises.

Hovey asks that you do not bring him presents, instead, he requests that you contribute to Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts.

The evening is a fundraising event for Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

In case you aren’t familiar with Hovey Burgess here is an interview I did with him several years ago. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.30.17 PMClick here to watch Part 1 interview

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.32.10 PMClick here for Part 2 of the interview

Hope you can make it! Sure to be a magnificent night of talent!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Burlesque Performing Arts Photography The Kraine Theater

“Burlesque-a-pades” at The Kraine Theater – July 20th, 2013


What a great evening of ‘old-style’ burlesque.

The cast was amazingly talented and the show was directed by Trav S.D.

What better to host this great lineup than the master MC Albert Cadabra.

Albert Cadabra host the Burlesque-a-pades.

The first number was a chorus of all the women from the show.

The Burlesque-a-pades chorus lineup.

Albert started the show by swallowing a very long balloon.

Albert Cadabra swallows the whole ballon.Albert Cadabra swallows the whole ballon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sultry Angie Pontani starts off the show with a hot fur  number.

Sultry Angie Pontani starts off the show with a hot fur  number.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helen Pontani decides to read books instead.

Helen Pontani reads books for the audience.

Helen Pontani performas at The Kraine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stage manager Bambi Galore insists that Albert stop talking and get on with the show.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ‘Maine Attraction’ brings some ‘Josephine Baker’ inspired moves to the show.

'The Maine Attraction' brings some hot moves to the show.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Gal Friday’ added some more zest to the show with her routine.


Pinkie Special performs her routine at Burlesque-a-pades.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tigger is joined by Helen and Angie Pontani in this Hawaii tribute dance.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tigger tries a new electronic device that ‘cures all problems’.


A little comedic reprise for the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Angie Pontani performs a beautiful ‘on point’ ballet burlesque.

Angie Pontani on point in her burlesque piece.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Albert tries to sell an audience member some ‘cure all’ that isn’t what it seems at all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Pinky Special’ pulls out all the stops on her amazing electrified  hula hoop act.

Pinky Special performs with her electrified Hula Hoops.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show was filled with wonderful comedic moments.  Bradford Scobie added quite a few.

Whether singing a ‘dirty’ song or using a lasso…he was hysterical!

Bradford Scobie singing about chickens.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The finale was ‘Tigger’…singing a song and strippin away the masquerade of life.


Tigger performing at Burlesque-a-pades.



And the Curtain Call for all the amazing performers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on the Burlesque-a-pades go to their Facebook page here.

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The Loose Caboose ∆ Un Vaudeville Spectacle – at Bowery Poetry Club – 02/24/2012


Lady Scoutington is hosting the Loose Caboose show at Bowery Poetry ClubHosted by Doctor Princess Lady Scountington (aka Lady Scoutington)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-Produced by Tina Cione and Shane Webb. A wonderful evening of talent and pizazz!

Shane Webb performing her stand up routine at Bowery Poetry ClubShane Webb performing her stand up routine at Loose Caboose.

Shane Webb grimaces during her stand up routine at Loose CabooseShane Webb responding to audience applause during her stand up routine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kristine Petrucione and Kyle Petersen performing during the Loose Caboose show.Kristine Petrucione and Kyle Petersen during their duet act.

Kyle Petersen performs his act during the Loose Caboose show.Kyle Petersen balancing cigar boxes during his duet with Kristine.

Kristine Petrucione performs with Kyle Petersen at Bowery Poetry ClubKristine Petrucione performs with Kyle Petersen during their duet act.

Kyle Petersen has so many skills and sometimes performs them all at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Myka Fox performs her stand up for the Bowery Poetry Club.Myka Fox performs her standup at Loose Caboose show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mr. Gorgeous with broccoli and his Jolly Green Giant costume.Mr. Gorgeous performs with his Jolly Green Giant outfit.

Six foot five inch tall Mr. Gorgeous unzips his string bean pouch to reveal the peas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lady Scoutington sings a song at Loose Caboose.Hostess Lady Scoutington sings a song she wrote from her politcal views and digressions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wonderful burlesque by the Chi-Ciones at Loose CabooseThe Chi-Ciones shake up the house with the sexy burlesque dance.

The Chi-ciones performing at Loose Caboose at Bowery Poetry ClubThe Chi-Ciones make changing shoes look so sexy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jason Mejias performs at Loose Caboose show.The audience is mesmerized by the aerial act of Jason Mejias.

Jason Mejias performing for the Loose Caboose Vaudeville show.Jason Mejias balances himself on the aerial rope with only his neck.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stage hand Little Story can't reach the mike to make a comment.Stage hand ‘Little Stormy’ can’t seem to get her words heard thru the mike!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lady Scountington cracks herself up during the show at Loose Caboose.Hostess Lady Scoutington cracks herself up during the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Comedy duo Team Submarine perform for the Loose Caboose.Comedy duo ‘Team Submarine“(Steve O’Brien and Nate Fernald) perform a unique form of personal humor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Debra Emerson picks the Raffle ticket winner at Loose CabooseDebra Emerson (with the help of Lady Scoutington) picks the raffle winner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pinky Special lures the audience in with her hula hoop dance.Pinky Special lures in the audience with her lovely hula hoop dance.

Pinky Special at Loose Caboose with her hula hoop.Pinky Special performs the hula hoop with her mouth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Loose Caboose curtain call at The Bowery Poetry Club.The Loose Caboose Vaudeville Spectacle curtain Call! What a fun night for all!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Loose Caboose – Un Vaudeville Spectacle

Every 4th Friday of the month at Bowery Poetry Club.