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2013 – Highlights of the Year

Below is a list of ‘Highlights’ from the 2013 posts.

The categories are all here. Vaudevisuals Interviews, Clown UnMask, Performance documentation, Silent Movies etc.

November 2013 marked the 4th Year Anniversary of Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!


Tammy Faye Starlite @ Joe’s Pub

 Circus Panel Discussion – From Egypt to Eloise @ La Maison Francaise.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Glen Heroy – Talking about Santa

Vaudevisuals Interview with Phoebe Legere

Vaudevisuals Interview with storyteller Slash Coleman

1922 Max Fleischer Animation – Koko Bubbles

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ryan Landry – The Gold Dust Orphans

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Bushwick Starr Artistic Director – Noel Allain

 ‘tinydangerousfun’ at Cloud City

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Jeff Wirth – Interactive Acting

 Scandinavian Clown group ‘Member of our Limbs’ performs at Amuse Bouche

 ‘The Sister Rosettas’ perform at IRT Theater

 Vaudevisuals interview with Celebration Barn board member Fritz Grobe

 Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain

 Vaudevisuals interview with actor Jeremy Crutchley and director Geoffrey Hyland

 Vaudevisuals interview with Josh Luxenberg – Co-founder of The Tank

Vaudevisuals Interview with Steven Samuels – ‘Magnetic Field Theater Company’

Kinematik Dance Company performs at The Fringe Festival

Vaudevisuals Interview with Lone Wolf Tribe Artistic Director Kevin Augustine

Vaudevisuals interview with Svea Schnider – Kinematik Dance Company

Vaudevisuals interview with ‘La Piara’ – Mexico City based Clown Troupe

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ben Model – Ernie Kovacs DVD Curator

Alfred Hitchcock’s films BLACKMAIL and EASY VIRTUE.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Clay McCleod Chapman

Charlie Chaplin’s first silent film “Making a Living”.

“Juggle This” – Miller Theater @ Columbia University

Vaudevisuals Interview with Gregg Mozgala – Apothetae Theater Company

“Strange for Hire” at Times Scare with Todd Robbins

Kawana Trio – Foot Jugglers circa 1919.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.14.55 PM

Tom Murrin Performance Awards @ Dixon Place

The Clown Un_Mask – Didi Sanchezco from Mexico

Vaudevisuals interview with Rob Drummond – Bullet Catch @ 59E59 Theaters

PS122 ‘Avant-Garde-Arama’ at Abrons Arts Center

Pierre Etaix films @ Film Forum

Vaudephone – Michael Townsend Wright performing ‘Smith and Dale’.

Vaudevisuals interview with Kendall Cornell – Oil of Ole’.

The Clown Un_Mask – Avner the Eccentric

Vaudevisuals interview with Armitage Shanks

Bill Irwin and David Shiner in “Old Hats” at Signature Theater

Marcel Marceau teaches at City Center – June 1999

Vaudevisuals interview with performance group ANIMALS.

Vaudevisuals interview with magician Albert Cadabra

PS 122 – COIL FESTIVAL – The Curator’s Piece -Video excerpt

Vaudevisuals interview with Nancy Giles

Peggy Shaw solo performance at Dixon Place – “RUFF”…

The Big Apple Circus _ LEGENDARIUM _ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center

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American Circus Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Mime Photography Tent Show Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals interview with Paul Binder – Founder of The Big Apple Circus

I photographed Paul Binder when he and Michael Christensen had returned from Europe and started working on the development of a New York-based circus. Soon to become The Big Apple Circus.

Paul Binder and Michael Christensen jugglers.

Paul Binder and Michael Christensen in a studio shot by Jim Moore.

Paul Binder interview about his never ending fascination with the  Clown.

Paul’s new book “Never Quote The Weather to a Sea Lion”.

Paul Binder's mew book.

Available at

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Circus Clown Film Video

Pierre Etaix – Playing at Film Forum – April 26th thru 30th – A ‘MUST SEE’ for Comedy Film Buffs

“One of Cinema’s Finest Physical Comedians! With and without dialogue, he charted simple stories and routines with a practical elegance rarely seen since the silent era”

Nic Rapold  NY Times

In preparation for the upcoming FilmForum series (Etaix Redux) I am running the short  Q & A with Pierre Etaix  I video taped when he was here for the premier of his films last year.

He is every bit as worthy of praise and study as Tati, yet he isall but unknown todayLeonard Maltin
Pierre Etaix films are being presented for the second time in this country in over 30 years. He was present at the Premiere night screening and did a Q & A after his hysterically funny “LE GRAND AMOUR” and a short Heureux Anniversaire” (Happy Anniversary- won Oscar in 1962) I was able to record a few answers and his delightful personality on this excerpt.

Enjoy and by all means see as many of his films as possible!
Video shot by Jim R. Moore

Circus Clown Film Mime Photography Variety Arts Video

Pierre Etaix – Excerpt from Q & A – NY Premiere Night for “Le Grand Amour” Film Forum Oct 19th

Watch this interview with Pierre Etaix and then watch his Oscar Winning short below!



You can see in his work the seeds of everything we’ve laughed at during the last sixty-plus years.”
– Ken Burns

He is every bit as worthy of praise and study as Tati, yet he is all but unknown today.”
– Leonard Maltin

Pierre Etaix on Wikipedia

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