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‘the.humanest’ – Incubator Arts Project – Directed by Peter Musante @St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery

The Incubator Arts Project presented a new theater work inspired by mathematician, WWII code breaker, and creator of Artificial Intelligence Alan Turing.


Directed by Peter Musante

The piece was developed  by the participants:

Sabrina Jacob, Drew Madland, Kaija Matiss, Corinne Robkin, Raphael Shapiro, Summer Shapiro.

I photographed the show near the end of it’s run. Here are some images from the production with a video interview with director Peter Musante.

the.humanist at Incubator Arts ProjectThe theater was set up for the participants on stage, the audience were the judges and facilitators were manning the computer and sound gear stage left.

Sean Brennan runs the technology.Sean Brennan composed the music and designed the sound and ran the tech for the show. Awesome integration!

the.humanest @ St Marks Church in-the-Bowery.Kaija Matiss telling her story to the judges as Sabrina Jacob and Corinne Robkin talk thru the microphones in the background.

Cast members of 'the.humanist' on stage at Incubator arts project.Participants assemble on stage at beginning of 2 rounds of conversations.

Drew Madland tells his story to the judges in the.humanestDrew Madland is very expressive in his conversation with the judges.

Raphael Shapiro delivers his talk with a podium.Raphael Shapiro delivers his talk behind a  podium.

Corinne Robkin performing in the.humanist at Incubator Arts ProjectCorinne Robkin dissects the apple in her very expressive conversation.

Summer Shapiro talks to the audience about her personal experiences.Summer Shapiro talks to the audience about her personal experiences.

Curtain Call for cast members of the.humanestCurtain Call (left to right) Drew Madland, Corinne Robkin, Kaija Matiss, Sabrina Jacob, Raphael Shapiro, and Summer Shapiro.

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Circus Clown Juggling Magic Music NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Best of 2010 – New York Clown Theatre Festival

Thinking about the upcoming 2012 Edition of the NY Clown Theatre Festival I remembered doing lots of photographs at the 2010 Festival. Here are some of the highlights from that great, fun Festival. Hope you will come out to this years!

Eric Davis hosting an evening of Clown Cabaret at the Festival.

Peter Musante and Summer Shapiro performing in the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Gabriela Munoz performing at the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Butt Kapinsky performing on location for the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

Will Shaw performing at the 2010 Clown Theatre Festival

There were lots more clowns at the 2010 Festival and you can see them all here.

Consider attending this year’s shows as they are all new, from all over the world in a very intimate theater. THE BRICK.

For more information on the festival go HERE!

Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ Variety Showcase – April 26th, 2011

The hosts for the evening’s festivities.

John Leo and Andy Sapora.

John and Andy gearing up for a wild night of tiny dangerous fun!

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Post Easter Nightmare

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Ernest Folksie Music with Jane and Joe

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Woman in John Leo (Needed The Man In The Audience Volunteer)

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Cartoon Live Sound Comedy

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Teasing the Audience

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tropicalia Folk-Rock with Extra Lime (all the way from Brazil)

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Q or DARE, with Nudie Finale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Duo Vaudeville Type Clowns

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Good night and come again!

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Next date for the wild romp of a show is MAY 24th. Mark your Calendar!

Sycamore Bar – 1118 Cortelyou Rd. Brooklyn NY.

Only $10

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Clown Music NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Legs & All – New York Clown Theatre Festival Show

Summer Shapiro and Peter Musante perform in a delightful non-verbal physical theatre piece for the thinking person.

Summer Shapiro

Peter Musante


Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2010 NY Clown Theatre Festival ‘Kickoff’ Parade

On Friday September 3rd The NY Clown Theatre Festival got off to a great start with the Clown Parade. Beginning in Union Square and moving to The Brick  Theatre in Williamsburg where the festival is presented. More than 100 clowns and admirers moved through the streets of NY and into the L train station for their fun trip to Brooklyn. I have posted a good selection of photographs from that adventure.

John Towsen was present at the parade. John and his performing partner  Fred Yockers were the producers of the First NY Clown Theatre Festival back in the 1983. He was happy to see the tradition continue under the guidance of Audrey Crabtree cofounder with Eric Davis.

Audrey Crabtree muscling in to the picture.

Jeff Seal will be performing with his partner Chris Manley at the Festival

Lilli Sukula-Lindblom(l)  hangs on to Gabriela Munoz (c) and Sabine Choucair(r).

Gabriela and Sabine are perfoming at the festival in ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas.’

Jonathan Kaplan will be performing in the festival in ‘Le Fleur’.

Center in the platform is Audrey Crabtree giving advice to the passengers.

Nick Trotter as ‘Ferdinand the Magnificent’ taking a well deserved rest

Peter Musante is performing with Summer Shapiro in “Legs and All“.

Eric Davis -shooting photographs at the parade.

Butt Kapinski with a handcuffed friend looking proud.

Once the crowd arrived at The Brick Theatre it was only a matter of time until the ‘Pie Throwing Contest’ got started.

First the referee had to lay down the rules and then all hell broke lose!

If you want to see more Clown Theatre that will bring joy to your bones and laughter to your soul…

go here and buy some tickets to the shows!



I will be posting more photographs from each performance I shot in the upcoming weeks.

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All Photographs are © 2010 by Jim Moore

Circus Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Feb. 2010 New York Downtown Clown Revue Photo Album

The February NY Downtown Clown Revue was GREAT! Lots of variety and enormous talent on stage.

We had Dave McKay from Toronto, Summer Shapiro from San Francisco and Peter Musante from the Blue Man Group. We had Claire Wedemeyer from Chicago and Rob Lok with his two estranged partners Christina Gelsome from Acrobuffos and Erin Schmahl.

If you click on the picture of the MC Christopher Lueck you can see all the photographs from the show.

Click on image for Gallery Launch!