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“Perhaps, Perhaps…” Gabriel Munoz – Mexico City – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

“Perhaps, Perhaps…Quizas”

(Description from the NY Clown Theatre Festival Brochure)

If at first you don’t succeed, try again … and again … and again. Perhaps, Perhaps … Quizás is a clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, and waiting and hoping for the right man. In an era where nothing seems to impress anyone anymore and longing for “real love” seems to be the burden of our time, Greta, our protagonist, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week for the arrival of the so-called “one.” Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, Perhaps … Quizás…

The wedding ceremony involved all audience members.

The newlyweds kiss at the end of the ceremony.

Carried across the ‘threshold’ with quite a strange look.

The ‘newlyweds’ try a little dance together.

Something isn’t right here!

Let’s see what I can do without him seeing me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

Gabriela Munoz performed the piece called Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas.

Here is an interview I did with her at Goods Restaurant across the street from The Brick Theatre.

Interview with Gabriela Munoz of ClownMeIn from Jim Moore on Vimeo.

When the lights come up on the character in PERHAPS, PERHAPS, QUIZAS we see her dressed in a wedding gown eating away at a cake.

Alone and thinking about a relationship.

She rolls out a roll of toilet paper and has a carpet to pretend to ‘walk the aisle’.

She found the man of her dreams in a willing audience member. (Adam Gertsacov)

He is ready, willing and able but she isn’t sure..for sure!

She knew it was coming all along. The perfect dream sometimes does not come true.

Who will be the ‘lucky’ gal?

A wonderful performance by Gabriela Munoz. Hope to see her in NY again soon!