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Coney Island USA Benefit – Amazing Night for All!


Fred Kahl and Dick ZigunThe Great Fredini (Fred Kahl) and Coney Island USA founder/director Dick Zigun.

Adam Bishop and Patrick David Wall

Bambi The Mermaid and Chuck Varga

Reverend Billy and his megaphone reached out to all those present to honor Coney Island USA and Founder  Dick Zigun.

Coney Island’s ‘in house’ photog Norman Blake hard at work capturing the essence of Coney Island USA for years!

Tiger Bay (Miss Coney Island 2017) Patrick Salazar (Mr. Strange) and Fancy Feast (Miss Coney Island 2016

Velvet Crayon performing some of his own tunes.

Adam Realman performs his awesome cigarette swallowing act.

The Great Fredini performs the infamous sideshow trick “human blockhead” with 2 ice picks.

Mat Fraser performs the ‘Sealo the Seal Boy’ act made famous by Stanley Berent in 1941.

Jennifer Miller performed a juggling act with machetes and a hysterical monolog.

Fire eating performer Nola Star lights up the stage with fire and heat! Wonderful act!

Tesla coil, fire and wild makeup are the token ingredients for Jellyboy the Clown.

Unzipping the overalls and revealing the bird costume was burlesque performer Tiger Bay’s act.

One of the many Auction Table’s where curious and wonderful items were going to the highest bidder.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reverend Billy with his megaphone preaches to the crowd!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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“The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare” @ Coney Island USA thru Nov. 1st


Created by Coney Island USA’s own Dick Zigun. “The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare” features Zero Boy, Alfie Bunz, Princess Pat, Patrick Salazar & Nati the Patchwork Girl.
A roller coaster ride thru the mind and life of a Coney Island ride inspector.
The postcard states:”Bloody disturbing & Dangerous. Dirty Language, Adult Content
and Audience Abuse…SO what are you waiting for?

The Ride Inspector (Zero Boy) is alarmed at the situation on the site.

The audience gets a chance to decide the fate of The Ride Inspector as the Grim Reaper ask their opinions.

Get a ticket now and go and visit the show. Performances until Nov. 1st.
Tickets can be had here: