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Vaudevisuals interview with Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell

It was a beautiful afternoon in New York City and I visited the Happenstance Theater Company founders, Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell. We had a few hours together to catch up on all things ‘physical comedy’. Including their upcoming show “Barococo” which is Opening at the wonderful 59E59 Theater on March 18th. I questioned them about the show and the origins of the Happenstance company.

From the Press Release!

In this collaboratively devised ensemble work, the award-winning, DC-based company, Happenstance Theater portrays oblivious entitlement on the brink of extinction. BAROCOCO takes a physical comedy dive into the late Baroque and flaunts 18th-century finery, wigs, panniers, gestural styling, elaborate ornamentation and the excesses of Rococo. The show navigates the dangerous curves of manners and the Age of Enlightenment from the exquisite to the revolting. This charming and charismatic six-person ensemble exposes an indulgent aristocratic lifestyle and invites you to experience the charade — from parlor games to pantomime, from the exquisite to the revolting — in this delightful comedy of manners.

Featuring Mark Jaster, Caleb Jaster, Sabrina Mandell, Gwen Grastorf, Sarah Olmsted Thomas, and Alex Vernon.

WHEN: March 18 – April 5, 2020
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:15pm Saturdays & Sundays @ 2:15pm
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WHERE: 59E59 Theaters – THEATER B – 59 East 59th Street – New York NY

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“Polished to an aristocratic shine” – Washington Post

“Kooky and astute” – DC Metro Theatre Scene

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For More Information/Tickets CLICK HERE!

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Mime Performing Arts Story Teller Video

Bill Bowers – On Mime and Silence – From PBS

A wonderful interview with mime artist Bill Bowers. Originally posted on PBS.

Bill has a great tour coming up. Here is his schedule.

For more information on Bill Bowers visit his website here

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Broken Box Mime Theater Mime Performing Arts

Broken Box Mime Theater – ‘SKIN’


The Award-Winning Broken Box Mime Theater

Returns Off-Broadway With


An All-New Collection of Original Shorts

With Heart and Humor

Previews Begin January 18th

Opening January 24th

At The Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre

at the A.R.T./New York Theatres

The Innovative Theatre Award-winning Broken Box Mime Theater will premiere Skin, a new collection of short plays set to music, beginning January 18, 2019, at the A.R.T./New York Theatres Off-Broadway.

Created by BKBX’s resident ensemble, the plays take French pantomime and reimagines it through a contemporary American lens.

Artistic Director Becky Baumwoll leads a cast that includes Nick Abeel, Duane Cooper, Blake Habermann, David Jenkins, Marissa Molnar, Joél Pérez, Regan Sims, and Matt Zambrano. Additional company members of BKBX include Géraldine Dulex, Ismael Castillo, Dinah Berkeley, and Tasha Milkman.

Skin will feature Celebrity Guest Star, “in which a popular sitcom is forced to carry the burden of a truly humorless guest actor”; the “fierce competition of impressive manscaping” in The 16th Annual Brooklyn Beard AwardsHashtag, ”exploring the gray areas of consent and memory on a first date”; and Fall From Grace, “the attempt of a young man to revise memories of his misogynistic father in the #MeToo era.”

Lighting design is by Jamie Roderick, and Esti Bernstein serves as stage manager.

For more information/tickets go here.

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Bill Bowers – Mime

Revisiting Bill Bowers 2013 Interview!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.58.38 PM

Bill Bowers is a mime!

Bill Bowers performs as a mime.

He teaches mime and writes shows that are mime shows and some that use mime.

His work has been reviewed by the NYTimes:

“When he ventures into darker territory, this one-man show comes alive.”

“deeply moving and displays Mr. Bowers at his best in both word and action.”

It was very nice to meet and interview Bill at one of his classes to NYU today. He talks about his life, work and upcoming show.

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His one-man show Beyond Words” will be presented at United Solo Festival For One Night Only

October 5th, 2015 @ 9pm


More information and tickets for his upcoming show can be had here.

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Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret Circus Juggling Mime Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret – Dixon Place – March 8th, 2012

Kinko gets the show rolling by ‘begging’ to the audience for ‘food’ and other niceties.

Kinko the Clown (Keith Nelson) does some amazing tricks with the ‘diabolos’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mark Hayward performing one of his many amazing top tricks.

Mark Hayward continued to amaze the audience with his top skills.

Mark Hayward had a really crazy finale with 4 different objects and things to do.

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Appearing out of a satin clam shell Ms. Ekaterina was a beautiful and skilled performer.

Amazing body control and gymnastic skills.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The King Charles Unicycle Troupe was great in their athletic control and the skills on the unicycle.

Two ropes and a unicycle jumping in the ropes..great skills are needed here for sure!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Hess performed a very funny and startling strange piece of physical comedy.

Jeff Hess was able to contort his face in so many different ways.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Stephanie Monseu was handling the sword pretty good for a Ring Mistress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sabrina Chap performed as the evenings musical accompanist and was great!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mark Hayward made this contraption fling 3 juggling balls at him at the same to in order to juggle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Here is where Keith Nelson borrowed 2 bucks from me to cut in two pieces with his sword.

Keith Nelson swallowing a sword.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ms. Ekaterina performing a body bend while hanging from the ceiling on a silk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stephanie Monseu was terrific as the hostess of the evening.

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The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is performing EVERY THURSDAY this Month of March!

Next one is MARCH 15th! Come and enjoy a great Cirkus Experience!

Check HERE for the Schedule.