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Changing Face of Global Circus Industry – Panel Discussions

CircusTalk in cooperation with The Circus Arts Hub is presenting a series of talks with leading circus creators and creative producers around the globe.

Circus and Changing Realities 2020 is a curated set of online panels (since March 2020), where we discuss the changing face of the global circus industry. We delve into best practices, improvements, and adaptations, and we do not shy away from asking challenging questions and touching on sensitive issues that concern the future of our community.

~ Circus Presenters and Producers on Planning for the future ~

To access this next event scheduled for Sept 7th, 2020 click here.

What approaches can we take at the moment? What do we know? How can we continue to build audiences, improve touring and sustainability for small companies, and increase sector diversity?

New York 8am, Montreal 8am, London 1pm, Paris 2pm, Melbourne 10pm

Anke Politz Managing Director and Artistic Director, Chameleon, Berlin

Ruth Wikler, Deputy Director of Programming, Circus Arts/ TOHU, Montreal

Linda Catalano Quiet Riot Unlimited (including Hot Brown Honey), Melbourne, Australia

Chaired by Antonella Casella

Date: Sept. 07, 2020
10:00 pm time zone:(UTC+10) Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Guam

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Comedy Television Video Writer

Ernie Kovacs Centennial – Panel Discussion – Video excerpts

Description from The Anthology Film Archives Program

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Coffeehouse Chronicles #151: Ethyl Eichelberger @LaMama

Celebrating the life and work of Ethyl Eichelberger with panelists, live performances and archival materials!
Moderated by Miss Joan Marie Moossy 
Panelists: Brian BelovitchJoe E JeffreysJohn KellyLori E SeidBlack Eyed Susan and Mark Russell
Performances by: Jennifer Miller with Heather Green | Jeremy Halpern with Auntie Belle.

Coffeehouse Chronicles’ Michal Gamily introduces the event.

(l to r) Miss Joan Marie Moossy, Joe E. Jeffries, Mark Russell, Lori E. Seid, John Kelly

Black Eyed Susan performing a short piece written for her by Ethyl Eichelberger.

Still from short film by Peter Hujar featuring Ethyl Eichelberger shown at event.

Coffeehouse Chronicles #151 Panel and performers.

For more information on upcoming Coffeehouse Chronicles visit this site.

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Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatre Company

On May 15th of 2017, the Martin Segal Theatre Center presented an evening celebrating 50 Years of Theatre of the Ridiculous. Here is the video of that presentation and the text from the event. Films were presented which will not be posted here.

50 years ago in New York City, the Theatre of the Ridiculous movement as a theatrical genre started in in 1965 with The Play-House of the Ridiculous, the spin-off group The Ridiculous Theatrical Company formed in 1967.

The Theatre of the Ridiculous made a break with the dominant trends in the theatre of naturalistic acting and realistic settings and brought elements of queer/camp performance to the avant-garde theatre. The cross-gender casting was common, scenarios improvised, and players often recruited from non-professional sources, such as drag queens or other “street stars.” In a reference to Martin Esslin’s concept of a theatre of the absurd, in 1965, Ronald Tavel promoted the first “Ridiculous” performances with the one-line manifesto: “We have passed beyond the absurd: our position is absolutely preposterous.”

With Theatre of the Ridiculous company members Everett QuintonBrian BelovitchBeth Dodye Bass,  Julia CampanelliGeraldine DulexEurekaJim FreemanChris JohnsonLenys SamaKevin Scullin, and Jenne Vath.

Everett Quinton made his stage debut in the 1976  RIDICULOUS THEATRICAL COMPANY’S production of Charles Ludlam’s CAPRICE.  After that Everett became a member of the company and over 21 years appeared in about 100 productions including BLUEBEARD, CAMILLE, TURDS IN HELL, SALAMMBO, and LOVE’S TANGLED WEB among others.  Everett became Artistic Director of the company in 1987 after Charles Ludlam’s untimely passing. Everett is now a freelance actor and director.  He has appeared with The Penguin Rep, RedBull Theater, Yorick Theater, The Arizona Theater Co., The San Jose Rep, to name a few.

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Circus Dramaturgy Panel Discussion @ NYU Skirball Center

Circus Dramaturgy – A Panel Discussion with Shana Carroll (7 Fingers) Lorenzo Pisoni (CircusKid) and Cecil McKinnon (Circus Flora)

Part of the 7Fingers production of “Cuisine & Confession” performance presented at NYU Skirball Center on April 13th, 2017.

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For more information on The 7 Fingers shows go here!

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Vaudevisuals interview with Tom Murrin – Alien Comic

Tom Murrin Alien Comic Theater Festival @ LaMama
To coincide with this wonderful festival currently at LaMama I am posting a 2 Part interview I did with Tom Murrin / Alien Comic on Oct 10,2008
Part 1 was shown at the LaMama Club ‘Coffeehouse Chronicles #119 – Tom Murrin aka Alien Comic’. April 19, 2014.
Panel Discussion at LaMama on Tom Murrin
The panel discussion included (lft to Rgt) John Vaccaro, Michael Arian, moderator Sarah Maxfield, Patricia Sullivan, Jo Andres, John Gernand and John Jesurun.
I wanted to post these for all of Tom’s fans who weren’t able to attend the wonderful panel discussion.

Part 1

Part 2

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For information/tickets for the festival go here.