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Vaudeisuals interview with Ximena Garnica – ‘Frantic Beauty’

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Bushwick Starr Music Performing Arts Puppetry Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Michelle Sutherland – Theater Plastique

 In a three-day marathon event that is part intergalactic jam session and part haunted house party, award-winning artist collective Theater Plastique explores the uncharted dimensions of Dickinson’s poetry in search of what is American, wild, and free. 

Theater Plastique at Bushwick Starr

Michelle Sutherland is a very energetic, intelligent and gifted director. Her company THEATER PLASTIQUE is bringing the poems of Emily Dickinson to a new audience with a great innovative production. I talked with Michelle about her ideas that led to the concept of the show.


Ticket and additional Information can be had HERE!

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 Praise for Theater Plastique last production: “Gertrude Stein Saints”

“A wonderful theatrical event…should be on everyone’s must-see list. Through an eclectic approach to an enigmatic array of poetry and prose, this ensemble nimbly confronts the essence of American language and joyfully engenders its soul.”

“ ★★★★★ Run, don’t walk to Gertrude Stein SAINTS! This isn’t a play, or a ballet or a concert—it is a happening…This show needs to be held over—it needs to move Off Broadway for a commercial run.”

Winner of Overall Excellence: Musical and Overall Excellence: Directing (Michelle Sutherland) at FringeNYC 2013.

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Dixon Place Music Performing Arts Photography

Corn Mo – performing at Dixon Place – TheLowerEastSideMusicFestival


What kind of name is that? A southern name obviously!

Corn Mo performed his original song list at Dixon Place Friday night as part of the Lower East Side Music Festival.

The lineup was terrific!

The Debutante Hour

Nattie Vogel

Corn Mo

Corn Mo sang a song dedicated to Tiny Tim, a Hava Negela Monster song and much more filled the set with laughter and music joy.

Corn Mo performing with his accordion at the Lower East Side Music Festival/Dixon Place

Corn Mo accompanies himself with the foot cymbal.

Corn Mo performing on the grand piano songs about his life.

Corn Mo sings an original ‘heavy metal’ song about a Hava Nagela Monster.

Catch up with Corn Mo here!

Here is an interview with the Curator of The Lower East Side Music Festival.

Music Performing Arts VAudephone

Jason Trachtenburg sings “You’re a Winner”. A Vaudephone Presentation

Jason Trachtenburg sings “You’re a Winner”

Jason Trachtenburg is a very talented and seasoned musician. Either working solo or with his ‘big band’ PENDULUM SWINGS, he commands attention for his original compositions and flare.
Here he sings one of his own songs “You’re a Winner”.
We are pleased to present him here.

Produced with the Cooperation of BAR 82.

Vaudephone is a co-production of Travalanche / The American Vaudeville Theatre, and