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Vaudevisuals interview – Keith Shubert – Toybox Theatre

Keith Shubert is working on his puppets, toys, and other wonderful notions in North Carolina. He is an MC, producer, puppeteer, clown, and witch!

When I was in Asheville last year we attempted to meet for a person-to-person interview but I got sick. We postponed it and last week I got a chance to do the interview via Zoom.

For more information about Keith’s work you can visit his website his Facebook page.

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Circus Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Venardos – Venardos Circus

I flew to Asheville to visit a few good friends and to interview Kevin Venardos. He is the founder of Venardos Circus and the ringmaster on every show. He talks about all the things that go into making a one-ring circus possible. Great show!

The truck that carries the tent and bleachers, props, lighting and sound equipment is parked next to the text. It was a very overcast day when I arrived. The show had great lighting and sound. The international talent lineup was amazing!

Broadway Brian Pollock – Flea Circus

Kirk Marsh – Funnyman

Manuel and Ilenay -Adagio and Dance Pole -Havana Cuba`

Leonard, Antoanetta and Aissa Stoica – Teeter Board/Crossbow

Laura Gwendolyn Burch – Aerial
Sofia Petrov Zsilak – Hoop
Viki and Ricsi Zsilak – Juggling

Kevin Venardos as the ‘ringmaster’ during the show I attended and photographed.

The show is still in Asheville and runs through Oct 20th. Then they travel to Evans, Georgia (Oct 23rd – Nov.3rd) and then to Florida.

For additional information about the next location and tickets for all shows go HERE!

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