2019 – Vaudevisuals Year in Review

All together I posted 73 times in 2019! Over 1000 views per month. Pretty good for an ‘eccentric’ performing arts blog!

You can use the drop-down menu for Month to Month Archive viewing. I will list some of the highlights here.

Dec 2019 – Interview with Cirque Mechanics Chris Lashua ~ Interview with Coney Island’s own Dick Zigun – Sideshow Hall of Fame.

November 2019 – Corn Mo and The Love Show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue ~ Karen Gersch Portfolio ~ Vaudevisuals Bookshelf ~ Martin Ewen’s ‘Panto Damascus’.

October 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Venardos.

September 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Noah Diamond & Amanda Sisk ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Adrienne Truscott.

August 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Tammy Faye Starlite ~ Ernie Kovacs Centennial Panel Discussion ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Dick Zigun – ‘Bloody Brains in the Juke Box’ ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Sarah the Bird Girl ~ The Seashore Variety Hour

July 2019 – Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Benefit ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Amber Martin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Tyler West.

June 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Trav SD ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Bill Bowers ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Mallory Catlett ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Ralph Lewis ~ Bindlestiff’s ‘brooklyn abridged’ show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Augustine ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Everett Quinton. ‘Galas’.

May 2019 – A.J. Silver – A Cowboy from the Bronx ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Boxcutter Collective.

April 2019 – Congress of Curious People – James Taylor ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Greg Dubin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with A.J. Silver ~ Trav SD’s American Vaudeville Theatre.

March 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with John Jesurun & Nicky Paraiso ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Coney Island Ritual Cabaret Festival.

February 2019 – Coffeehouse Chronicles: Ethyl Eichelberger ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage at Big Apple Circus ~ Lord Buckley by Heathcote Williams.

January 2019 – Vaudevisuals Bookshelf: ‘Atomic Clown’ by Sara Moore ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage ~ Tribute To Rob Torres.

~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2020 ~

Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with John Jesurun & Nicky Paraiso

‘now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories’

Written and performed by Nicky Paraiso

Directed by John Jesurun

‘now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories’ is the newest work from Nicky Paraiso, an award-winning 40-year veteran of the New York City performance community. In a deep exploration of an artist’s life, Paraiso investigates aging, identity, sexuality, class and race. Directed by MacArthur Fellow John Jesurun, this world premiere is a multi-disciplinary celebration of an artistic community as it grows older and continues to make work, both individually and with each other. Paraiso is joined by choreographer / dancers Irene Hultman, Jon Kinzel, Vicky Shick, and Paz Tanjuaquio in performance and as collaborators.

March 22nd thru April 7th, 2019

For more information/tickets!

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Circus Circus Amok Clown Comedy Dance Dixon Place Juggling Music Photography Variety Arts Video Women

*Monday of 1000 Stars* – Circus Amok Benefit @Dixon Place

***Circus Amok Benefit ***

Opening the show was a wonderful musical introduction by the Circus Amok Band.

While the band ‘warmed up’ the audience Jennifer Miller did some juggling.

The first act of the evening as LaMama’s wonderful Nicky Paraiso

Nicky Paraiso‘s exuberant demand that the audience joins in and sing along.

Monstah Black moved the show along ‘beautifully’ with a song and wardrobe.

Monstah Black sang and hypnotized the audience with this charm and smile.

Stinkmetal and May worked their ‘performance art’ magic.

Stinkmetal and May had a crowd of performers helping them get across their message.

Jennifer Monson performed a dance depicting a series of animals.

Michelle Matlock and Jennifer Miller pick a winner from the Raffle bucket.

Cathy Weis and assistant perform a surreal performance piece.

 The fish shadow on the background added another dimension to the piece.

Machine Dazzle sang a song in the most elaborate costume and makeup. (accompanied by Viva de Concini -Not pictured here)

Jennifer Miller and Ashley Brockington share a moment during the raffle.

Bindlestiff Family Circus’ Keith Nelson performed two lovely balancing acts with glasses.

The STREB Extreme Action Repertory Company were attached and flying.

David Hamilton Thomson (Left) and Patricia Hoffbauer performed a hysterical sendup accompanied by kick-a** song.

Becca Blackwell performed a ‘stand-up’ routine like I had never seen before. So Funny!

Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir ended the show with a moving sermon & song.

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Like what you see? Help Circus Amok bring shows this summer to all the city parks! 

The Shows are FREE!

We need your help. Please donate here. 

For More information/Schedule of shows go HERE!

Cabaret Comedy LaMaMa etc Music Photography Video Women Writer

Springtime in Nickyland – April 7th, 2018

Springtime in Nickyland – LaMama ETC.

Held in the very intimate Downstairs Lounge (while the regular ‘Club’ is being renovated)

Nicky Paraiso brought in a nice variety of performers for this evenings performance.

Nicky rings the ‘traditional’ LaMama bell to begin the performance.

In his personal style, Nicky talks with the audience using very expressive gestures.

Calling to the ‘heavens’ to bring order to the current situation.

Nicky talks about his trip to Norway and other worldly issues.

Laurie Stone reads from her new book ‘My Life as an Animal’.

Reading moments of comedic text bring a smile to her face.

Piotr Gawelko reads his poetry. 

Piotr Gawelko reads his poetry off his laptop. Born in Poland and published “The City of Missing People” in 2014.

Abigail Gampel brought a wonderfully great voice to the evening’s festivities.

With passion and finesse, Abigail enthralled the audience with her singing.

Paul Hallasy brought comedy to the stage with an excerpt from his one-man show.

Paul had many adventures to share with the audience with his experiences as a ‘doorman’.

Gordon Beeferman attempted to sing an original composition about birds but…

In addition to singing an original composition, Nicky also ended the show with the audience joining in on “Downtown”.

Check out the LaMama calendar for other upcoming cultural events.

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Program Notes:

In the spirit of rebirth, renewal, and the resurrection of the spirit, curator and host Nicky Paraiso addresses the current political and social climate in a serious attempt to investigate and celebrate the origins of cabaret.

Although the 19th-century French definition referred to any business serving liquor, a cabaret in the early 20th century was an informal salon or safe place, as it were, where poets, artists, and composers could share ideas and compositions, present new works-in-progress and decry the political ills of the day. Exemplary writers and performers extraordinaire are invited to respond to recent life-changing and transformational events while songs continue to be sung with entertaining consequence.

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Yoshiko Chuma & The School of Hard Knocks presented a video of their tour in Europe.

Art Avant_Garde_Arama Music Party Performing Arts Photography PS122 Women

Performance Space New York – Grand Re-Opening Celebration


East Village Series!

Sunday Night – Feb. 18th from 6 pm till 9 pm

The OPENING of the PS122 building after years of renovation proved to be worth the wait!

The two new spaces – Derek Lloyd stage and Neilma Sidney Theatre – were utilized for the OPENING NIGHT ‘Avant-Garde-Arama.’

Here are my images and video from the AGA Extravaganza on this night!

Opening the show in the Derek Lloyd Stage was Pat Oleszko and her beautiful inflatables.

The theater was packed for the AGA show in the Derek Lloyd theater.

Salley May and the ensemble players bust open the place with a great song and dance exorcism.

Performer list:

Mediums: Jacqueline Zahora, Pedro J. Rosado Jr.
Pure Evil: Salley May and Tony Stinkmetal
Kid Evil-Slayers: Louise May, Annabel Sexton-Daldry, Graham Greene, Lois Houck, and Logan Martinez.
Ghosts:  Heidi Dorow, Laurie Berg, Agosto Machado, Nicky Paraiso, Annie Lanzillotto, Simba Yangala, Audrey Kindred, Jodi Bender, Sarah Trignano, Diana Y Greiner, Ed Boland, Jessie Weiner, Lizzie Donahue, Julian Fleisher, David Thorpe, and Sam Zalutsky
 invoking the ghosts of
Ethyl Eichelberger
Tom Murrin
Diane Torr
Fred Ho
Blondell Cummings
Frank Maya
Billy Swindler
John Bernd
Fred Holland
Derek Lloyd
Gerard Little / Mr. Fashion
Laurie Carlos
Huck Snyder
Jim Neu
Ruth Maleczech
Peter Rose
~ ~ ~ ~
Spiderwoman Theater (Muriel Miguel & Gloria Miguel) had some stories to tell.

In the other space – Neilma Sidner Theatre – I walked in on Cornelius Loy playing the theremin.

 Murray Hill was on hand hob-nobbing with the crowd in the hallway.

Lois Weaver and Holly Hughes having a drink together.

Hanging out near the bar before the performance was Patti Spliff.

James Godwin (performing in the Neilma Sidney Theater) and Gary Ray.

The sound and lighting crew did a great job running the shows in both theaters.

The upcoming shows already scheduled go here!

Click Here for Twitter for Performance Space New York.

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Coffeehouse Chronicles #133 – John Kelly – LaMama – March 26th, 2016

Coffeehouse Chronicles #133 – John Kelly

Video ©2016 Nelson Sullivan

untitled-17Left to Right: John Kelly, John Jesurun, Nicky Paraiso, Kevin Malony, Kyle De Camp and moderator Lucy Sexton

untitled-21John Jesurun talks about his work with John Kelly and the artistic climate in the early 1980’s in New York.

John Kelly and Carol Lipnik sing the “Cupid Song”.

untitled-45Back Row – L to R: Michal Gamily (Curator), Kevin Malony, Carol Lipnik, John Jesurun, Nicky Paraiso, Arthur Adair/

Front Row: John Kelly, Kyle De Camp, Lucy Sexton

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more videos of John Kelly visit his You Tube channel HERE!

Or visit his website for upcoming events.

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Music Performing Arts The Kitchen Video

The Hot Keys Alumni Glee Club @ The Kitchen – July 14, 2015

Vaudevisuals was at The Kitchen to video tape this wonderful performance by The Hot Keys Alumni Glee Club. Leading the group is Nicky Paraiso and taking the lead vocal is Rick Sheinmel.
Part of a 3 day celebration of the work of Jeff Weiss and Richard C. Martinez.

LaMaMa etc Performing Arts Physical Theater The Kitchen Video Women

“Persky and the Rookie: Surveillance” – Presented at The Kitchen – July 14th, 2015


By, with and for Richard C. Martinez and Jeff Weiss

Presented at The Kitchen

This is a video of Play #8 in the series of 16 presented on Tues. July 14th.



Nicky Paraiso as WOO

Kate Valk as PERSKY

Directed by Brooke O’Harra

– A video excerpt from one of the plays written by Richard C. Martinez and Jeff Weiss. Presented at The Kitchen, NYC as part of:
A 3 Day Celebration of Jeff Weiss and Richard C. Martinez.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Comedy LaMaMa etc Music Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater The Kitchen Video Women Writer

‘And That’s How the Rent Gets Paid’ @ The Kitchen – July 14th, 2015

Jeff Weiss & Richard C. Martinez:


Presented at The Kitchen

Directed by Brooke O’Harra

Musical Direction by Nicky Paraiso

Jeff Weiss at The KitchenDowntown performer/playwright Jeff Weiss at the special 3 night event presented at The Kitchen.

A series of plays written by Jeff Weiss and Richard C. Martinez were presented on July 14th. The event also took place on July 15th and 16th.

These photographs and videos are from the July 14th presentation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jim Fletcher and Danny Ryan perform at The Kitchen” width=”720″ height=”462″ />Jim Fletcher (Daddy) and Danny Ryan (Billy) are snuggled together for some picnic in the woods fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Heather Littleer and Brian Byus perform at The KitchenBrian Byus (JOJO) and Heather Litteer (ROBIN) get into some domestic heated discussion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Andrea Darriau and Shane Baker perform at The Kitchen.Andrea Darriau (VICKI) and Shane Baker (SOL) discuss their upcoming trip to Atlantic City to meet Frank Sinatra.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Kate Valk at The Kitchen” width=”720″ height=”590″ />Mary Shultz (NONA) looks on in despair as Kate Valk (Tom Persky) walks away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.07.14_JWeiss.124Jim Fletcher (BJORN) tells another story to Brian Liem (BILL) as he sticks out his tongue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jiro Ueno at The Kitchen” width=”720″ height=”569″ />Jiro Ueno (FLOSSIE) startles his visitor David Cale (PRATT) while he just wanted to borrow some sugar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Kate Valk and Nicky Paraiso at The KitchenKate Valk (PERSKY) looks at some nice views as Nicky Paraiso (WOO) gets excited having already seen it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.07.14_JWeiss.181Brian Byus (JOJO) looks down as Gary Ray (DICKY) confronts him at the bar. Moe Angelos (PECS) looks on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.07.14_JWeiss.209Becca Blackwell (CONNIE) looks over the table to Brenda Cummings (MAMA) in this touching scene.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.07.14_JWeiss.263Hye Young Chyun (STEWART) on left looks on as Gary Ray (DICKY) is crazed looking at the horrendous photographs. Danny Ryan looks down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jane Bradley and Dan Peeples at The Kitchen.Jane Bradley (LOIS) sits atop of Dan Peeples (Wesley) in this sexy scene.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.07.14_JWeiss.323Becca Blackwell (Connie) visits the hospital where Dorothy Cantwell (ANNIE) is residing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There were a few other scenes which I did not get a chance to document.

The final song to cap off a great night of theater by Jeff Weiss and Richard C. Martinez.
Presented at The Kitchen, NYC
Directed by Brooke O'Harra and Musical Direction by Nicky Paraiso.
The end of the video has a special "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" song for Brooke O'Harra.

©2015 Jim R. Moore

Will be posting more videos from this evening’s festivities in the next few days.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coffeehouse Chronicles Dance Film LaMaMa etc Music Photography Video Women

LaMama Coffeehouse Chronicles #127 – KInding Sindaw – June 13th, 2015

2015.06.13_Kinding.011Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur – Founder/Artistic Director introduced the audience to the afternoons agenda.


 “The dances of KINDING SINDAW originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao-Sultante – a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular combining grace and vigor, dnaces that directly reflect their rich natural enviornment. Dancers imitate the graceful movements of birds, fish, butterflies, rivers, streams, and ocean trekking boats, celebrate fertility in vigorous choreography, sway delicately using colorful fans and scarves, and dramatically inspire through the martial art of silat.”

The afternoon event was celebrating the work of ‘Kinding Sindaw’ and the founder/artistic director Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur.

A panel discussion included the following persons: Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Queano/ Dr. Lisa Parker, Ph.D/Corky Lee (Photographer)

2015.06.13_Kinding.238Left to Right – Moderator: Anne Beryl Coroton Naguit/Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Quenao/Dr. Lisa Parker/Corky Lee

The panel discussion featured all of the panelist and their contribution to the company and it’s history. Short films were shown which included work done with LaMama founder Ellen Stewart and an excerpt from a recent performance by the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.027One of the lovely indigenous costumes worn by the Kinding Sindaw dancers.

2015.06.13_Kinding.053Photographer Corky Lee talks about his work documenting the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.079Guro Frank Ortega demonstrates the Silat style martial art.

2015.06.13_Kinding.271A closeup of one of the dancers to show the indigenous headdress and costume. 2015.06.13_Kinding.229Potri Ranka Manis talks about the Philipines and it’s historical tradition in regard to the dance company she founded.

2015.06.13_Kinding.296The entire cast of Kinding Sindaw and members of the LaMama staff pose for a group portrait.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 For more information on Kinding Sindaw click here to visit their website.

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