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Jango Edwards – Clown:Formulas and Theory

I was delighted to be able to video tape Jango Edwards’ clown workshop at The Brick Theatre in Williamsburg. It was held Nov. 9th thru the 11th 2009 in association with Jef Johnson’s CLOWN LAB.  I have edited a short excerpt of the workshop and posted it here.  Jango hasn’t been in the US for over 27 years. He was delighted to teach both in New York and Baltimore. He has started the Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona and will be having month long workshops there starting in March 2010. Many professional clowns and movement teachers will be doing workshops and performances. Jango started the FESTIVAL OF FOOLS in Amsterdam in 1975. Now Jango’s focus is on the NCI and teaching, performing worldwide. I will be working on the Jango Interview and post it here later next week.

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Jango Edwards visits New York!

After nearly 30 years in Europe and having established the “Festival of Fools” in Amsterdam in the late 60’s Jango Edwards returned to NY to spread the word of the Nouveau Clown Institute (NCI) which was recently formed in Barcelona, Spain. While in NY Edwards taught a class in conjunction with Jef Johnson’s Clown Lab at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a delightful excursion into the soul of clown and also technique. Jango invited Nikolai Terentiev to teach pantomime on the last day of the workshop. I was there for 2 of the 3 days and was able to document the workshop with a video and some stills. Here is one of the class after an exercise in minimal costume.

CLOWN: Formulas and Theory Workshop ©2009 Jim Moore