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Toronto Clown Festival – Opening Night Cabaret – 5/31/17


Hosted by Morro and Jasp

Morro and Jasp did a wonderful job hosting the Cabaret.

Michael Trautman presented an excerpt from his show ‘King Pong’s Ping Pong Rodeo”.

 Michael Trautman does everything you can imagine with ping pong balls.

Yury Ruzhyev performed an excerpt from his show “No Elephant Show”.

The audience was part of the show in a major way!

Tim Tyler and Joe DePaul performed an excerpt from their show “Tim and Joe Present Joe and Tim”.

Tim and Joe were hysterical in their duo priest routine.

Chloe Payne performed an excerpt from her show “Fake Nerd Girl”.

Angela Delfini performed an excerpt from her show “Angela Delfini Explains It All for You”.

Angela’s show covers many emotions from tragedy to comedy.

Felix Beauchamp, Kevin Forster and Kaleb Horn performed an excerpt from their show “Scarabouche”.

Syncopated pan clanging and wooden spatulas are a wonderful part of this chaotic kitchen musical. 

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For more information and/or tickets go here!

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More photographs to follow daily from the Toronto Clown Festival! 

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2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 “Morro and Jasp GONE WILD – NY Clown Theater Festival

Toronto duo Morro and Jasp are BACK!

And they are going WILD!

The show is a roller coaster ride for both the performers and the audience.

HIgh energy clown trip for spring break. One can only imagine what can happen?

I have illustrated the evening activities with a few choice photographs to give you an idea.

Using a frisbee as her steering wheel they begin their journey to the other side of reality.

A cell phone call sets Morro off.

Jasp looks for help when she realizes her traveling partner Morro has died. (so she thinks!)

Jasp tries to explain to the audience about her new found understanding of Maslow.

Morro demonstrates to Jasp her erotic love of Barbie.

Jasp tries to contain Morro’s wild energy bursts.

The audience has no time to rest as Jasp sits in an audience members lap.

Morro douces the tank tops with beer. Audience member stands by trying to stay dry.

Morro decides to enter a ‘wet t-shirt’ contest.

After all is said and done (the adventure finally ends!) it is comforting to know you have a good friend.

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The NY Clown Theater Festival is held at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Amuse Bouche: The NY Clown Theatre Festival – OPENING NIGHT CABARET

The Evening was hosted by The Leroy Sisters.

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Tivo la Resistance is back for more fun!

Wild and fun ventriloquist act with a never ending fake mustache.

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‘Haming it up’ for the camera, Hew Parham from Australia.

Hew Parham performs an excerpt from his show ‘Odessey Schodyssey’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mark Gindick performs a feat of ‘daredevil’ magnitude in an excerpt from his show ‘Wing-Man’.

Feeling a level of achievement Mark Gindick flails his arms after swallowing a mouthful of Pop-Rocks and drinking Coke!

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Jeff Seal(foreground) and Chris Manley looking on during an excerpt form their show ‘Neon Lights’.

Chris Manley reads am audience members palm as partner Jeff Seal looks on.

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Christopher Rozzi entertaining the audience in a scene from his one-man show ‘Bezinkule’.

In the spot light is Christopher Rozzi in a wonderful verbal-voyage to places we aren’t ever going to visit again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joel Jeske performing a segment which will not be part of his one-man show ‘I Have Never Done This Before’.

Joel Jeske leading the audience members in a ‘Radio City Rockettes’ type line.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriela Munoz is performing a segment from her duet show ‘Flocked’. Along with:

Audrey Crabtree performing in the same show ‘Flocked‘. Opening Thursday night!

‘Flocked’ is directed by clown/director Hilary Chaplain.

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The marvelously charming and funny duet ‘The Donovan Ensemble’ will be hosting the cabaret on Wed. Sept 14th 8pm.

Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel are the C0-Artistic Directors.

Also in the festival but not here are CHANNEL ONE with Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith and ‘Morro and Jasp GONE WILD.

Information about the festival can be had here.

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Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Video

Morro and Jasp do Puberty – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee are



The show is about two sisters going thru the day to day turmoil of a girl’s life in puberty together.

Here are a selection of photographs from the evenings performance.

It was a delightful romp thru these sister’s lives. Funny with very poignant moments.

A charming amount of audience interaction was on hand!

What is a sister without phone issues?

A secret life is revealed!

“This device must have been invented by a man”.

This audience member found out it has many uses.

A novel use of the sticky surface.

An innocent audience member gets subjected to the ‘makeover’.

The puberty age does have it’s consequences.

An audience member (Billy Dee Bedlam) becomes her Don Juan.

After a very trying experience discovering ‘puberty’. Whew!

The curtain call involved a friend who was involved in the production. It was his birthday!


Many people helped make this show what it is but the main person responsible was Co-Artistic Director

Byron Laviolette

Byron Laviolette is a Canadian playwright, director, dramaturge and critic who has been involved in theatre making and production for the last 20 years. Highlights include the world première of Waiting for Gilgamesh: Scenes from Iraq; Theatre du Refuse’s five star run of The Hunt For Treasure in the Toronto Fringe and its remount in N.Y.C in 2007 with English Rose Productions; Morro and Jasp do Puberty with U.N.I.T. Productions as well as the Canadian Premiere of Reefer Madness at the Hart House Theatre in 2006.

Byron is currently completing a PhD degree in Theatre Studies at York University, working on a dissertation on Canadian Theatre History and his criticism can be read frequently in EYE WEEKLY.


This show has been the recipient of many awards including:

Canadian Comedy Awards Nominee 2010

Best of Toronto Fringe Festival 2010


Here is an interview I did with the Co-Directors at Goods Restaurant across the street from The Brick Theatre




Morro and Jasp Interview by Jim Moore from Jim Moore on Vimeo.