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“Clowns Full-Tilt: A Musings on Aesthetics” – New Clown show by Clowns Ex Machina

LaMaMa Presents

Clowns Full-Tilt: A Musings on Aesthetics

The cast was warming up for the show when I arrived at La Mama.

“Clowns Ex Machina is an all-women clown troupe.  Their newest full-length show, Clowns Full-Tilt (at LaMaMa in November) has nine women clowns, including creator and artistic director, Kendall Cornell”

Modern art has many ways of being created. Creating is a personal thing.

“Parts of Clowns Full-Tilt were based on famous works of art and other 2-D representations of women.   Three guesses about the masterpiece represented here.”

Comedic visual tableaux were a wonderful ongoing theme.

“The show was filled with many surprising revelations!”

Kendall Cornell in one of her poignant funny characters.

After recruiting an audience member to participate he turned on her with martial arts.

“The clowns gave a send-up to beauty products in high style.”

The Clowns ExMachina ensemble give their version of Chanel’s famous Egoiste commercial.”

A delightful visual tableaux with smoke rings made of cotton.

Kendall breaks out from behind the scenery with a plea.

The ‘confession line’ was a very sensitive and funny sequence.

Kendall Cornell and cast take a well deserved Curtain Call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Artists Statement by Kendall Cornell


“Nonsense and beauty have close connections.  — E. M. Forster

In a perfectly empty room, what is Beauty?   What is Art?   In a roomful of spirited women clowns, can Clowns Ex Machina even hope to answer those questions?  In their newest show, Clowns Full-Tilt:  A Musing on Aesthetics, Kendall Cornell and her troupe of 8 women clowns flim-flam some lofty answers.   They match their humor against the 2-dimensional – flattening themselves into famous paintings, even squeezing themselves into one-dimensional, stock characters of advertisements and TV.
Through a series of short vignettes, songs and dances, they create an absurd and chimeric brew of animated great art and shallow cosmetics commercials, as they explore the chains of culture, and the perversion of pure impulse.   From an exuberant foundation of sheer folly, arises a sophisticated, multi-media evening of clown theatre.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Clowns Ex Machina are:

Amanda Barron, Carla T. Bosnjak, Kendall Cornell, Julie Kinkle, Michaela Lind,

Diana Lovrin, Lucia Rich, Maria Smushkovich, and Virginia Venk

Tickets and more information here.

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The Comedy in Dance Festival – Triskelion Arts – April 16th, 2011

Abby Bender

started the show off with a surreal dance offering “excerpt from Zero Sum”

Dressed in a women’s business suit she organized a survey of the audience.

A delightful, modern and absurdist piece on consensus and it’s lack of usefulness!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After finishing her piece Abby introduced the show and the first duet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


John Leo and Jay Dunn

Jay Dunn brings the show alive with a rope pull from off stage.

John Leo is resisting the entrance.

While John chews the apple, Jay gets his shoe tied!

Choreographed and performed by John Leo and Jay Dunn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Conceived by Alyson Perry and Mary Cavett

Performed by Alyson Perry, Mary Cavett, Kym Bernazky, Melanie Jones, Clare O’Sheeran and Michaela Lind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Choreographed by Josselyn Levinson

Performed by Josselyn Levinson and Hayley Muth.

Hayley Muth reads the ‘BIO’ as Josselyn Levinson performs in the background.

Hayley and Josselyn take their curtain call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An Excerpt from their show


Performed by Jeff Seal and Chris Manley

Choreographed by Rebecca Bull Ketchum

Chris Manley sets the needle of the victrola on the vinyl record.

Jeff Seal questions the selection he picked.

Jeff and Chris making the audience laugh out loud!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Choreographed and performed by Tanya Solomon

Directed by Deborah Kaufman

Tanya Solomon dances up a storm in this very cute and funny piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Choreographed and performed by Sarah Konner and Austin Selden

A lovely and charming duet by two talented dancers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Devised and performed by Billy Schultz for The Hollering Motley

Appearing on stage in a ‘lumberjack’ wardrobe.

A very surreal and funny dance piece by Billy Schultz

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Comedy in Dance Festival is an Annual event at Triskelion and is worth attending.

Friday April 22, Sat. April 23, 2011.

Check here for more information.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore

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