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Visiting Paul J. Curtis at The American Mime Theatre

For many years I attended the American Mime Theatre. It was located at 192 Second Avenue when I first began classes and subsequently moved to another location on Bond St later.

I was working at the time in a photo lab on 23rd St and would go to class before my shift. (Nightshift started at 7pm)

I was so delighted to participate in the American Mime work by becoming the ‘official photographer’ for quite a few years. I documented many shows and classes over the years. (negs and photographs on file at AMT office)

One of my favorite memories from that time was visiting Paul one day before I was going to work and talking about what was going on with the AMT company’s upcoming shows and classes. Here is a photograph taken with my camera by Jean Barbour of Paul J. Curtis and myself laughing at something we both found amusing. (can’t remember what it was…)

Paul was a vital force in many people’s lives and we miss him dearly.


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Armitage Shanks sings at Hotel Tryst – July 14th, 2015 – @Coney Island USA

Armitage Shanks belts out a strange but intoxicating song for those that were lucky to see him at Hotel Tryst on July 24th, 2015. HOTEL TRYST was a 2 day event hosted by the always surprising CONEY ISLAND USA.
“Hotel Tryst” was directed by Armitage Shanks and produced by Dr. Lucky (Coney Island USA Artist in Residence)
Coney Island USA general manager is Patrick Wall.

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Visiting Maine – The Celebration Barn Theater

Celebration Barn entrance in S. Paris MaineThe entrance to Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine is charming and inviting.

Here is the scoop of this lovely treasure in the mountains of Maine.

“Celebration Barn Theater is an international residential center for creating and presenting original theater. Dedicated to growing a creative community, both locally and within the larger national and international performing arts field, the Barn fuels the development of new theater that is crafted, innovative, and wildly alive. Founded in 1972 on a farm in South Paris, Maine, Celebration Barn was born out of internationally acclaimed mime artist Tony Montanaro’s drive to encourage people to create their own original theater. Now in its 42nd season. Celebration Barn is world renowned for generating diverse and uniquely personal physical theater.”

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“Memoirs on Mime For All Time” – A new book by Louis H.Campbell

Here is a great posting in John Towsen’s blog  ALL FALL DOWN  (by Jef Lambdin) about the festival that lead Louis to write this book. (1974 International Mime Institute & Festival – Viterbo College, La Crosse, Wisconsin)

In this remarkable compilation are the unique experiences of the author who was privileged to have been placed at an auspicious time in history with preordained opportunities to meet, engage, learn, apply and celebrate with personalities whose lives and careers left their footprints on the extraordinary subject of mime and pantomime. This book is a culmination of nearly fifty years of experiences with mimes, actors, clowns and dancers all of which have direct influence on the current activity known as Physical Theatre. This book is a documentation of that history, a textbook summary of techniques consolidated and a collection of photographs of historical significance to this age.

Memoirs on Mime by Louis H. Campbell

Find the book here.