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Parallel Exit – “The Final Reel”

The Final Reel is inspired by the iconic films Sherlock Jr and The Purple Rose of Cairo. An eccentric historian discovers the holy grail of silent films: the final reel of a forgotten classic thought to be lost to history. As he presents the film for the first time in a hundred years, his bumbling assistant accidentally steps into the movie and falls in love with the heroine. The two-love birds step back into the modern world and the heroine is left to make a fateful decision – one that changes every night of performance with the help of the audience.

Concept by Mike Dobson, Joel JeskeMark Lonerganand Scott McCord

Directed by Mark Lonergan

Scenic and lighting design by Maruti Evans

Costumes by Oana Botez

Projections by Daniel Vatsky

Original Musical Score by Ben Model

Stage Manager: Angela Perez

Performed by Darien Crago, Shereen Hickman, Harold Moeller, Scott McCordand Peter Michael Marino.

It was a delightful, comical and well-produced show! Produced in association with City Tech TheaterWorks. Here are a few still photographs I was able to capture while really enjoying the show.

The show is over but hopefully it will come back to be performed again!

For more information on Parallel Exit performances go here!

For information on CityTech TheatreWorks go here!

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Mime Music Photography Video

Jim Moore’s Movie Roll in Ralph Bakshi’s 1975 Animated film “COONSKIN”

Here is a clip from the film COONSKIN that includes an appearance by mime Jim Moore playing one of the pall bearers. Shot in 1975.
Here is the IMDB listing.

"Coonskin could be Ralph Bakshi's masterpiece." –New York Times
WARNING: "This film offends everybody!"

Get it here!

Jim Moore and 2 cohorts as the 'Pallbearers' in Ralph Bakshi's COONSKIN
Jim Moore and cohorts as the ‘Pallbearers’ in Ralph Bakshi’s COONSKIN -Photograph:Rene Gelpi