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Pierre Etaix – Playing at Film Forum – April 26th thru 30th – A ‘MUST SEE’ for Comedy Film Buffs

“One of Cinema’s Finest Physical Comedians! With and without dialogue, he charted simple stories and routines with a practical elegance rarely seen since the silent era”

Nic Rapold  NY Times

In preparation for the upcoming FilmForum series (Etaix Redux) I am running the short  Q & A with Pierre Etaix  I video taped when he was here for the premier of his films last year.

He is every bit as worthy of praise and study as Tati, yet he isall but unknown todayLeonard Maltin
Pierre Etaix films are being presented for the second time in this country in over 30 years. He was present at the Premiere night screening and did a Q & A after his hysterically funny “LE GRAND AMOUR” and a short Heureux Anniversaire” (Happy Anniversary- won Oscar in 1962) I was able to record a few answers and his delightful personality on this excerpt.

Enjoy and by all means see as many of his films as possible!
Video shot by Jim R. Moore

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Pierre Etaix – Excerpt from Q & A – NY Premiere Night for “Le Grand Amour” Film Forum Oct 19th

Watch this interview with Pierre Etaix and then watch his Oscar Winning short below!



You can see in his work the seeds of everything we’ve laughed at during the last sixty-plus years.”
– Ken Burns

He is every bit as worthy of praise and study as Tati, yet he is all but unknown today.”
– Leonard Maltin

Pierre Etaix on Wikipedia

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