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“Circus Kid” – A video interview with director Lorenzo Pisoni

A new documentary film directed by Lorenzo Pisoni.


After watching the film at DocNYC I had to find out more about this wonderful, heartfelt documentary that Larry Pisoni’s son Lorenzo made about his experiences growing up in The Pickle Family Circus. In the lobby, I approached Lorenzo and ask if he would be up for a video interview?

Here it is. A wonderful talk about the film, his show Humor Abuse and his life during the making of his ‘first director’ experience.

Lorenzo Pisoni with his parents at The Pickle Family Circus


Click HERE to see the trailer for “Circus Kid”

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NY Goofs – 2009 Performance ‘Hotel Bananas’ at The Flea Theater

While updating my archive software I came across quite a few wonderful images from shows I had photographed in the past.

One of my favorite shows is the NY Goofs show. The group gathers up such a wonderful collection of talented clowns from all over to perform in this Annual Clown Spectacular Extravaganza.

Here are some photographs I took at the 2009 show ‘Hotel Bananas‘.

2009.07.25_NYGoofs-519Backstage before the show -Center to right – Chris Allison (back to camera)Larry Pizoni, Joel Jeske, Watson Kawecki, Greg DiSanto.

2009.07.25_NYGoofs-544Mark Gindick, Chris Allison, Joel Jeske, Hovey Burgess, Lisa Lewis & Watson Bill Kawecki  juggling clubs. 

Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley at The Flea TheaterDick Monday is a little disgruntled and Tiffany Riley can’t understand why. One of the very funny clown duet routines they perform.

NY Goofs at The FleaA few members of the cast of NY Goofs show “HOTEL BANANAS” at The Flea Theater on July 25th, 2009

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For more information on NY Goofs shows and clown workshops go HERE!

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2010 NY Goofs Show – Photographs from the Performance

Welcome to The New York Goofs 2010 Showcase

Larry Pisoni escorts a traveling young man into the world of the side show and carny.

Jay Stewart heads up the Show!

Jay Stewart headed up the show as MC and all around ‘jokester’.

Hilary Chaplain and Dick Monday

Hilary Chaplain and Dick Monday perform a very odd piece of mime!

Hilary Chaplain

A very funny lady with skills and talent  to boot! She performed several pieces in the evening and all were hysterical and artistic.

Jay Stewart, Hilary Chaplain and Evelyn Tuths

Jay Stewart, Hilary Chaplain and Evelyn Tuths perform a finger puppet circus act.

Joel Jeske and Hilary Chaplain ‘squeeze’ one another for fun!

Joel Jeske and Hilary Chaplain perform a ‘squeeze’ and ‘hug’ piece that takes them to the floor.

Tiffany Riley cries her heart out for the audience.

Tiffany Riley cried her heart out for the audience.

Hilary Chaplain

Hilary Chaplain performed a ‘diva’ singer who was carrying more than she expected!

Chet Monday juggling up a storm!

Chet Monday juggles up a storm for his debut performance with NY Goofs.

Evelyn Tuths

Evelyn Tuths performed a ‘dancing senior citizen’ with an affinity to drink a little ‘brew in between her steps.

Joel Jeske

Joel Jeske performs his ‘executive in peril’ piece. A wonderful dark humor that hits home with his great silent skills.

The NYGoofs cast club juggling with Hovey Burgess

The male cast members juggle clubs with Circus teacher/historian Hovey Burgess

Chet Monday

Chet Monday adding to the upbeat motions on stage with his dance moves.

Dick and Chet try and keep up with Tiffany.

Dick and Chet  try and keep up with Tiffany.

NY Goofs 2010 Performance Finale and Curtain Call from Jim Moore on Vimeo.