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Magical Ridiculous Legacy: The Tom Murrin Art Show @ LaMama – La Galleria



Purpose and Style

I often spoke with Tom Murrin over the year about his work in context of visual art. A writer, an entertainer, performance artist, actor, provocateur, itinerant hit0and-run showman, and in the loosest sense community organizer and teacher. Tom never wanted to differentiate between the various aspects of his creative practice and engagement with the world. As long as it was understood that everything- Luna Macaroona, The Alien Comic, Tom Trash and Jack Bump, be it Balloon Theater or Avant-Garde-A-Rama, playing Punk Rock clubs, playgrounds and theaters alike, playwriting or journalism, where he supported many generations of younger performance artists- was of one entirety. If I told him that the effects and artifacts of his craft would be fitting, even appropriate, in an art gallery, he could be both chuffed and humbled by the compliment. A man who envisioned “audience” in the broadest possible terms, including even the unsuspecting passerby, Tom Murrin was totally fine with however anyone chose to read his work. This show, an opportunity to see how a selection of Tom Murrin’s costumes, props, masks, and ephemera functions in the domain of fine art, is a continuation of that ongoing conversation. Tom defined performance art as ‘anything done with purpose and style,” which seems as fitting a description as any for how he invested in everything. He had the motives and meanings that made it art.

Carlo McCormick, April 2014

Tom Murrin Art show at LaMama








Magical Ridiculous Legacy of Alien Comic is an assembly of objects, costumes and ephemera from the Tom Murrin archive. This collection is largely focused on the Los Angeles-born Murrin’s longterm tenure in the New York performance art scene that had its heyday in the 1980s. Murrin’s frequent Full Moon Shows, dedicated to his muse Luna Macaroona the Moon Goddess, are in evidence, as well as ephemera from his around-the-world tour in the 1970s. A collage of Alien Comic video clips compiled by filmmaker Larry Fessenden will play during the exhibition.

6 East 1st Street, NYC 10003 – Wed thru Sun 1-7:30pm

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Avant_Garde_Arama Performing Arts Photography PS122 Puppetry

PS122 – “Avant-Garde-Arama” @ Abrons Arts Center – Day 1 – Friday, April 12, 2013

Last night was the first night of two ‘Avant-Garde-Arama‘ presented at the lovely Abrons Arts Center in the Lower East Side.

A Tribute to the late downtown luminary performance artist Tom Murrin, aka Alien Comic, in celebreation of his 28 years of performing in Avant-Garde-Arama.

Co-hosted by Dynasty Handbag and Jonathan Ames.

The lineup was amazing!

Elevator Repair Service

David Leslie

James Godwin

Alice Klugherz

Cornelius Loy

Brave Nude World Study #1: Etude en Nude -Directed by Lulie Atlas Muz

Dynasty Handbag

Here are some images from the evenings festivities.

Salley May witjh Louise May and Annabel Sexton Daldry

Salley May with Louise Belle Ethyl May and Annabel Clare Sexton Daldry.

Jonathan Ames

CoHost Jonathan Ames does one of his ‘hairy calls’.

Jibz Cameron cohost the show

Dynasty Handbag cohosted the show with Jonathan Ames.

Mat Fraser sings a beautiful song.

Starting off the “Brave Nude World Study” piece was Mat Fraser singing an amazingly beautiful song.

Julie Atlas Muiz on stage photograpjhing the Etude en Nude dancers.

Julie Atlas Muiz on stage photographing the ‘Etude en Nude’ dancers.

Alice lugherz performing on stage.

Alice Klugherz performing on stage in a monolog followed by dance.

Dynasty Handbag had the audience in laughter.

Dynasty Handbag had the audience in laughter with her wild dance improv.

Cornelius Loy mesmerized the audience with his therimin and hypnotic stare.

Cornelius Loy mesmerized the audience with his therimin music and hypnotic stare.

David Leslie dances in a space suit as Tom looks on from the moon.

David Leslie dances in a space suit as Tom looks on from the moon.

Salley May host the '40seondStreet' segment of the show.

Avant-Garde-Arama curator Salley May host the ’40seondStreet’ segment of the show.

Audience member dances for himself with audience watching but not hearing the music.

Audience member dances for himself with audience watching but not hearing the music.

James Godwin performs a 'bunraku' style puppet piece.

James Godwin performs a ‘bunraku’ style puppet piece.

Elevator Repair Service curtain call after their play

Elevator Repair Service curtain call after their play.

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Avant-Garde-Arama curator Salley May (with Louise Belle Ethyl May and Annabel Clare Sexton Daldry) and a host of other wonderful fans of Tom Murrin get together and dance to celebrate his legacy and performance work at "Avant-Garde-Arama'.
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Dance LaMaMa etc Magic Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Celebrating the Life of Tom Murrin @ La Mama Ellen Stewart Theater – Sunday June 3rd 2012

Patricia Sullivan welcomes you to an afternoon of words, images and performances honoring the beloved

TOM MURRIN (1939 – 2012)

Performance Artist, Playwright, Writer, Friend.

(Highlights from this wonderful event generously hosted by La Mama’s Ellen Stewart Theater.)

Pat Olezko‘s Inflatables greeted you at the entrance to La Mama for the Tom Murrin Celebration.

Tom Murrin’s desk was on display in the entrance.

Luna Macaroona Blessing by Annabel Sexton-Daltry and Salley and Louise May.

Agosta Machado with the Luna Macaroona Blessing.

Patricia Sullivan reads some very personal funny things about her husband.

Lucy Sexton was an amazing MC for this event. Wig and mask in hand.

Mimi Goese and Dick Connette perform ‘Fixing a Hole’ by the Beatles.

Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi share some hilarious stories about Tom.

Nicky Paraiso sings and gets the audience to participate in a ‘sing-a-long’.

Cary Curran dances a beautiful piece that Tom would have loved.

Mark Mitton levitates a table with the help of Tom’s sister.

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A tax deductible donation can me made in support of Tom’s Archives.

Make checks payable to “Artspire, A Program of NYFA”

In the memo line indicate “The Legend of Alien Comic”.

Mail to: Artspire, A Program of NYFA, Fiscal Sponsorship Program

20 Jay Street, 7th FLoor, Brooklyn NY 11201

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Other speakers of the evening included:

Jane Friedman

John Vaccaro

Ellie Covan

Message from Mark Russell

Carlo McCormack

Message from Alex Souldancer

Alien Comic Video edited by Larry Fessenden

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Thanks to Lori E. Seid and Bill Schaffner for making the great evening’s TECHNICAL brilliance.