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LaMama Coffeehouse Chronicles #127 – KInding Sindaw – June 13th, 2015

2015.06.13_Kinding.011Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur – Founder/Artistic Director introduced the audience to the afternoons agenda.


 “The dances of KINDING SINDAW originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao-Sultante – a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular combining grace and vigor, dnaces that directly reflect their rich natural enviornment. Dancers imitate the graceful movements of birds, fish, butterflies, rivers, streams, and ocean trekking boats, celebrate fertility in vigorous choreography, sway delicately using colorful fans and scarves, and dramatically inspire through the martial art of silat.”

The afternoon event was celebrating the work of ‘Kinding Sindaw’ and the founder/artistic director Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur.

A panel discussion included the following persons: Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Queano/ Dr. Lisa Parker, Ph.D/Corky Lee (Photographer)

2015.06.13_Kinding.238Left to Right – Moderator: Anne Beryl Coroton Naguit/Porti Ranka Manis/Ellin Anisha Guro/Dr. Nonilon V. Queano, Ph.D/Malaika Quenao/Dr. Lisa Parker/Corky Lee

The panel discussion featured all of the panelist and their contribution to the company and it’s history. Short films were shown which included work done with LaMama founder Ellen Stewart and an excerpt from a recent performance by the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.027One of the lovely indigenous costumes worn by the Kinding Sindaw dancers.

2015.06.13_Kinding.053Photographer Corky Lee talks about his work documenting the company.

2015.06.13_Kinding.079Guro Frank Ortega demonstrates the Silat style martial art.

2015.06.13_Kinding.271A closeup of one of the dancers to show the indigenous headdress and costume. 2015.06.13_Kinding.229Potri Ranka Manis talks about the Philipines and it’s historical tradition in regard to the dance company she founded.

2015.06.13_Kinding.296The entire cast of Kinding Sindaw and members of the LaMama staff pose for a group portrait.

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 For more information on Kinding Sindaw click here to visit their website.

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PS122 – “AVANT-GARDE-ARAMA” @ Abrons Arts Center – Fri/Sat, May 1st,2nd, 2015

On May 1st and 2nd Abrons Arts Center hosted the ever so popular PS122 show Avant-Garde-Arama. Curated by Salley May and featuring numerous downtown performance artist. Friday night was hosted by Erin Markey and Penny Arcade and Sat night was hosted by Erin Markey and Carmelita Tropicana. The list of performers is as follows:
Friday night: Jennifer Miller & John Jasperse, Animals, niv Acosta, Theodora Skipitares, Rebecca Patek, The Ballez by Katy Pyle, Ismael Houston-Jones.
Sat night: John Fleck, Uzi Parnes and Ela Troyano, Half Straddle, Martha Wilson, Travis Chamberlain (for Jennifer Monsoon) Holly Hughes, Jack Ferver, Yin Yue Dance and the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure.
This video is the OPENING sequence of both nights!


 Here are some memorable images from both nights!

2015.05.01_AGA.033Salley May busts thru the “Social Reform” tissue and starts to cause havoc to society.

R2015.05.01_AGA.575Co-Hostesses Erin Markey and Penny Arcade start the show off right.

Representing ‘Movement Research’ – Jennifer Miller and John Jasperse in a dance duo.

2015.05.01_AGA.562Representing Dixon Place – ‘Animals’ performance group.

Representing PS122 – niv Acosta performed a ‘sing along’ with the audience.

2015.05.01_AGA.099Representing LaMama – Theodora Skipitares was projected on a video screen while 2 puppeteers performed on stage.

2015.05.01_AGA.147Representing BAX – The Ballez Dance duo with Katy Pyle

Representing Movement Research – Ishmael Houston-Jones dance a wonderful solo blindfolded.

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2015.05.02_AGA.2.180Carmelita Tropicana and Erin Markey hosted the Saturday night show with Salley May pitching in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.30.34 AMRepresenting LaMama – John Fleck performed a lovely solo with flashlight and courage.

Representing The Bushwick Starr – Emile Owens performed a solo on behalf of Half Straddle.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 2.36.01 AMxxxRepresenting Franklin Furnace – Martha Wilson performed as Tipper Gore.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.015Representing The New Museum – Travis Chamberlain (for Jennifer Monson) charmed the audience into moving in the theater.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.025Representing WOW – Holly Hughes performed a monolog.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.063Representing Abrons Arts Center – Jack Ferver with Reid Bartelme performed a ‘spoken word’ dance duo.

Representing Russell Projects – Yin Yue Dance company did a beautiful piece.

Also present in the show was:

Representing The Chocolate Factory – Rebecca Patek

Representing The Performing Garage/Wooster Group – The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure

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Video of John Fleck, Yin Yue Dance, Half Straddle, Jack Ferver and Martha Wilson to coming soon!


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LaMama Coffeehouse Chronicles #124 – Ping Chong

Coffeehouse Chronicles #124 was presented on March 14th, 2015. A ‘free’, interactive, educational series exploring the history and development of Off-Off Broadway from its inception within the Village ‘coffeehouse theatres’ of the 1960’s through today. Part artist portrait, part history lesson, part community forum.

The curator Michael Gamily opened the evening with comments followed by an interview with Ping Chong by Victoria Abrash.

Victoria Abrash interviews Ping Chong.Moderator Victoria Abrash interviews theater artist Ping Chong.

Ping Chong discusses his work.During the interview slides surveying Ping Chong’s work were projected. Ping discusses his early days.

2015.03.14_PingChg.021Alvin Eng (far right) talks about his first encounter with the work of Ping Chong. Talvin Wilks seated to his left.

Alvin Eng speaking at Coffeehouse ChroniclesAlvin Eng talks about growing up in the Queens, NY ‘Chinatown’.

Talvin Wilks talks about collaborating with Ping Chong.Talvin Wilks talks about collaborating with Ping Chong.

Moriamo Akibu talks at Coffehouse ChroniclesMoriamo Akibu talks to the audience about what it is like to work on ‘Collidescope’ project.

The evening also presented video excerpts from “Truth & Beauty” (by Ping Chong, Michael Rohd, Jeff Rose. Virginia Tech, 1999) & “Collidescope: Adventures of Pre and Post Racial America” (by Ping Chong & Talvin Wilks, University of Maryland, 2014)

2015.03.14_PingChg.096(Left to right) Victoria Abrash, Ping Chong, Alvin Eng, Talvin Wilks, Moriamo Akibu, Michal Gamily and Arthur Adair.


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Tom Murrin’s play “Sport-F*ckers” (1999) A Reading at The Club at La Mama

Gary Ray in Sport=Fu*kers at LaMama
Gary Ray (director) introduces the illustrious cast.
The gang reminisce about an outstanding orgy at church last Wednesday nite.
The hosts of the swingers get-together Zeroboy(Tal) and Kiki Flynn (Jan).
Mike Amato (Pete)cringes as his wife Celest Villanueva (Geri) explains the joys of good firm balls!
Michele Carlo (Marie) does not like Diane’s accusations one bit.
Mike Amato, Celest Villanueva and Michele Carlo love the sport of swinging!
Penny Arcade is not happy that a few swingers are breaking the rules by kissing.
Matthew Wells read the stage directions with glorious enthusiasm!
Walter Novak (Bill) watches as Penny Arcade demonstrates on her husband Regge Allan Bruce (Cal).
The swingers relax for a moment while Bill and Rev.Bone enjoy each other in the bed room.
Gary Ray (Rev. Bone) testifies that fuck, suck & run amok were the true first 3 commandments.
Celest Villanueva (Geri) the experienced swinger.
Penny Arcade (Diane) discusses the health benefits of swinging!
Kiki Flynn (Jan) says let’s get this party started right!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sport-F*ckers looks at the world of suburban swingers and the issues that arise during an intense sex party! First produced in 1999 at Theatre For The New City, it’s back as a staged reading for the Tom Murrin Festival with a hilarious cast of downtown notables including; Kiki Flynn, Penny Arcade, ZeroBoy, Celest Villanueva, Mike Amato, Michele Carlo, Regge Allan Bruce, Walter Novak, Matthew Wells and directed by Gary Ray.

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Alternatve Comedian, Political Activist RENO

She talks about her work with the Obama campaign and what is going on now with her career.

I had photographed RENO a few times in the past during her performances.
Reno.5Her shows are so intelligent and so funny. Pointed political commentary and a keen eye for social observation.

Reno.2 She has performed on HBO, BRAVO, at LaMama, Dixon Place, Actor’s Playhouse and other venues worldwide.
For more information/bio and video on RENO go to:

Interview with Reno in ‘Interview Magazine’ by Lily Tomlin HERE!

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Lone Wolf Tribe artistic director Kevin Augustine.

Vaudevisuals interview with LONE WOLF TRIBE artistic director Kevin Augustine. He talks about his company and it's inception. The productions that are currently under way and his upcoming Season of shows that are scheduled at LaMama and Dixon Place.
Video interview ©2013 Jim R Moore.

For more information on Lone Wolf Tribe:

Lone Wolf Tribe IndieGoGo Campaign:

Cabaret Clown Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Kendall Cornell – “Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl’s Clown Tablao)

Kendall Cornell is performing a passionate, soul-filled, Spanish Clown piece!

Kendall talks about her new show “Oil of Ole!” and  about her training and mentors.

Kendall Cornell is performing this weekend at LaMama etc. Her show titled "Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl's Clown Tablao)
Here she discusses her show, teaching clown and her studies that lead her to clowning.

For more information on Kendall go here:

LaMama announcement for this show states as follows:

“This night of traditional flamenco spins out of control — and Lorca spins in his grave — as Flamenco Girl brings her own brand of comedy duende to the Tablao.   A dynamic mixture of cante, guitar, dance, surprises, jealousy, daggers, and astonishing absurdity, Oil of Olé! rocks the flamenco casa with dangerous laughter.”

For more information on this show and LaMama go here~