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Coffeehouse Chronicles #131 – Mabou Mines

The afternoon event was broken into several different segments.

The first segment was titled “Genesis” – Moderated by Bonnie Marranca with Lee Breuer.

The second segment was titled “Collaborative Hive, hosted by Greg Mehrten with Lee Breuer, Bill Raymond and Karen Kandel.

The third segment was an excerpt from the performance “Imagining the Imaginary Invalid” performed by Christianna Nelson and Clove Galilee.

The fourth segment was a panel discussion titled ‘Confederation of Warrior Ants’ moderated by Jessica Brater.

The panelist included  Sharon Fogarty, Karen Kandel, Lee Breuer, Maude Mitchell, David Neumann & Clove Galilee.

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2016.01.30_MabouMnes.13Bonnie Marranca with Lee Breuer during the Genesis Panel Discussion.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.46Karen Kandel talking about her work with Mabou Mines during the second segment.

“Collaborative Hive”, with Karen Kandel, Bill Raymond and Lee Breuer and hosted by Greg Mehrten.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.60“Imagining the Imaginary Invalid” live performance with Christianna Nelson and Clove Galilee.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.84(Left to Right) Burke Brown, Christianna Nelson, Jenny Rogers, Clove Galilee and moderator Jessica Brater.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.106(Left to Right) Lee Breuer, David Neumann, Clove Galilee, Karen Kandel, Maude Mitchell and Sharon Ann Fogerty.

Coffeehouse Chronicles Personel:
Series Director: Michael Gamily
Educational Outreach: Arthur Adair
Sound Design: Tim Schellenbaum
Sound Technician: Hao Bai
Videography: Culture Hub
Social Media Editor & Photographer: Ryan Leach

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“Persky and the Rookie: Surveillance” – Presented at The Kitchen – July 14th, 2015


By, with and for Richard C. Martinez and Jeff Weiss

Presented at The Kitchen

This is a video of Play #8 in the series of 16 presented on Tues. July 14th.



Nicky Paraiso as WOO

Kate Valk as PERSKY

Directed by Brooke O’Harra

– A video excerpt from one of the plays written by Richard C. Martinez and Jeff Weiss. Presented at The Kitchen, NYC as part of:
A 3 Day Celebration of Jeff Weiss and Richard C. Martinez.

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Magical Ridiculous Legacy: The Tom Murrin Art Show @ LaMama – La Galleria



Purpose and Style

I often spoke with Tom Murrin over the year about his work in context of visual art. A writer, an entertainer, performance artist, actor, provocateur, itinerant hit0and-run showman, and in the loosest sense community organizer and teacher. Tom never wanted to differentiate between the various aspects of his creative practice and engagement with the world. As long as it was understood that everything- Luna Macaroona, The Alien Comic, Tom Trash and Jack Bump, be it Balloon Theater or Avant-Garde-A-Rama, playing Punk Rock clubs, playgrounds and theaters alike, playwriting or journalism, where he supported many generations of younger performance artists- was of one entirety. If I told him that the effects and artifacts of his craft would be fitting, even appropriate, in an art gallery, he could be both chuffed and humbled by the compliment. A man who envisioned “audience” in the broadest possible terms, including even the unsuspecting passerby, Tom Murrin was totally fine with however anyone chose to read his work. This show, an opportunity to see how a selection of Tom Murrin’s costumes, props, masks, and ephemera functions in the domain of fine art, is a continuation of that ongoing conversation. Tom defined performance art as ‘anything done with purpose and style,” which seems as fitting a description as any for how he invested in everything. He had the motives and meanings that made it art.

Carlo McCormick, April 2014

Tom Murrin Art show at LaMama








Magical Ridiculous Legacy of Alien Comic is an assembly of objects, costumes and ephemera from the Tom Murrin archive. This collection is largely focused on the Los Angeles-born Murrin’s longterm tenure in the New York performance art scene that had its heyday in the 1980s. Murrin’s frequent Full Moon Shows, dedicated to his muse Luna Macaroona the Moon Goddess, are in evidence, as well as ephemera from his around-the-world tour in the 1970s. A collage of Alien Comic video clips compiled by filmmaker Larry Fessenden will play during the exhibition.

6 East 1st Street, NYC 10003 – Wed thru Sun 1-7:30pm

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Tom Murrin’s play “Cock-Strong” at LaMama Etc. – “Saint Fortune” -April 17–19, 2014

Experience the death of heteronormativity at the hands (and mouths) of Saint Fortune. Recommended for all fans of risqué song, topsy-turvy dance, wildly oscillating character-choices and, of course, sex. Because that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? The New York theater collective revives Murrin’s provocative musical Cock-Strong, featuring brand new arrangements of all of Murrin’s immortal tunes including “Old One-Eye,” “One for One (Isn’t that Peculiar?),” and “Get It Up.” Described as “vulgar… and irresistibly stirring” (The Village Voice) when it premiered at La MaMa in 1969, the play is structured as a series of tableaux and 15 songs, with all new music written and arranged by Saint Fortune, and featuring Murrin’s classic lyrics. Performed by a cast of ten actors and musicians. Bring the whole family!

Cock-Strong AT LaMama etc.(left to right)  John Gasper, Natalie Ann Mack, Jack Frederick

Michael Weiner grabbing the 'family jewels'.Michael Weiner

Cock Strong at LaMamaKristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, David French, John Gasper, David Goldberg, Jack Frederick.

Cock Strong at LaMama (Top to bottom) David Goldberg, John Gasper

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.John Gasper, Natalie Ann Mack

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.Samantha Seerman, Michael Weiner, Danny Carroll, Gavin Price, David French, Jack Frederick (others are obscured, but all actors are preset).

Cock Strong at LaMama etc. John Gasper, Michael Weiner, Natalie Ann Mack, .Kristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, Jack Frederick, David Goldberg, David French.

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.Kristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, John Gasper, Michael Weiner, David French, Jack Frederick, Natalie Ann Mack, David Goldberg

Stage Manager: Conrad Kluck.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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Lone Wolf Tribe’s “THE GOD PROJEKT” @ LaMama etc. Nov 14th thru 24th

Kevin Augustine’s LONE WOLF TRIBE is at it again.

Last time it was the Award Winning BRIDE and now The God Projekt.

Conceived by Kevin Augustine, written & directed by Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn, in association with United Theater Company #61.

A humorous extravaganza on religion and secular morality that investigates the historical legacy of monotheism.

Kevin Augustine (as God) does a surreal take on the Almighty.

This world premiere is dedicated to
the memory of Jane Henson.

Kevin Augustine in The God Project at LaMama etc.

Kevin Augustine and Adam in The God Project at LaMama etc.

2013.11.13_KevinA-God.263Edward Einhorn as ‘Heaven’s Assistant’ moving the words off the page onto the stage.

Kevin Augustine and audience member in The God Project at LaMama

Kevin Augustine with Monkey in The God Project at LaMama etc.

Kevin Augustine in The God Project at LaMama etc.


For more information and tickets go here.

Kevin Augustine: Puppet Design
Gloria Sun: Prop Design
Mark Bruckner: Sound Designer
Gian Marco Lo Forte: Set Design
Jeff Nash: Light Design
Joanna Strange: Assistant Director
Morgan Jenness, John Clancy: Creative Consultant
Dillon Slagle: Dramaturg
Ilya Vett: Puppet Technical Director
Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa: Assistant Light Design
Alexandra Berch & Meng Jin Su: Assistant Set Design
Charlie Kanev: Stage Hand/Puppeteer

Raffaela Vergata: Stage Manager

Marketing / Publicity: Jennifer Conley Darling

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Vaudevisuals Interview with actor Jeremy Crutchley and director Geoffrey Hyland – “Sacred Elephant” @ LaMama etc

Heathcote Williams wrote SACRED ELEPHANT in 1989. It has been adapted to the stage by actor Jeremy Crutchley and director Geoffrey Hyland. "Sacred Elephant' was performed in South Africa 18 months ago to wonderful reviews. Now being presented at LaMama etc for a limited time. I met with Jeremy and Goeffrey at
LaMama before one of the shows this past week and they discussed their origin of interest in the poem by Heathcote and how it became the amazing production being presented at LaMama presently.

Official Sacred Elephant Play Website:

Here is a short video excerpt from the dress rehearsal of "Sacred Elephant" at LaMama. The show is being performing thru Sept 22nd.
For more information go here:

Video ©2013 Jim R Moore/

Clown Performing Arts Photography

Kendall Cornell – “Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl’s Clown Tablao) at LaMaMa e.t.c. – March 22nd – 24th 2013

Here are some of the delightful moments in the show!Oil of Ole Flamenxo Show

Kendall Cornell in 'Oil of Ole'.



Kendall Cornell

Kendall Cornell in "Oil of Ole"


Curtain Call for the cast of “Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl’s Clown Tablao)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on Kendal Cornell go here!

To watch a Vaudevisuals video interview with Kendall go here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Jennifer Miller’s THE GOLDEN RACKET opening at LaMama June 10th, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting publicity stills for Jennifer Miller’s new show!

The Golden Racket


Carlton Ward, Erin Markey, Jennifer Miller, Jibz Cameron,

Jenny Romaine, Becca Blackwell

La Mama, The Club – June 10, 11 -10pm, June 12 – 5pm

Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore June 27, 28, 29 – 8:00

La MaMa in association with Circus Amok presents a new comic play by Jennifer Miller, “The Golden Racket” Inspired by the mayhem of the 2009 New York State Senate the political flip-floppery of Hiram Monsertte and Pedro Espada, “The Golden Racket” follows the adventures of the women behind the men as they set out to enact a certain necessary revenge.  Double crossings, intrigue, high camp, and heartbreak come together in this tragic farce of power, greed, democracy, lust and…tennis?