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The Loose Caboose ∆ Un Vaudeville Spectacle – at Bowery Poetry Club – 02/24/2012


Lady Scoutington is hosting the Loose Caboose show at Bowery Poetry ClubHosted by Doctor Princess Lady Scountington (aka Lady Scoutington)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-Produced by Tina Cione and Shane Webb. A wonderful evening of talent and pizazz!

Shane Webb performing her stand up routine at Bowery Poetry ClubShane Webb performing her stand up routine at Loose Caboose.

Shane Webb grimaces during her stand up routine at Loose CabooseShane Webb responding to audience applause during her stand up routine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kristine Petrucione and Kyle Petersen performing during the Loose Caboose show.Kristine Petrucione and Kyle Petersen during their duet act.

Kyle Petersen performs his act during the Loose Caboose show.Kyle Petersen balancing cigar boxes during his duet with Kristine.

Kristine Petrucione performs with Kyle Petersen at Bowery Poetry ClubKristine Petrucione performs with Kyle Petersen during their duet act.

Kyle Petersen has so many skills and sometimes performs them all at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Myka Fox performs her stand up for the Bowery Poetry Club.Myka Fox performs her standup at Loose Caboose show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mr. Gorgeous with broccoli and his Jolly Green Giant costume.Mr. Gorgeous performs with his Jolly Green Giant outfit.

Six foot five inch tall Mr. Gorgeous unzips his string bean pouch to reveal the peas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lady Scoutington sings a song at Loose Caboose.Hostess Lady Scoutington sings a song she wrote from her politcal views and digressions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wonderful burlesque by the Chi-Ciones at Loose CabooseThe Chi-Ciones shake up the house with the sexy burlesque dance.

The Chi-ciones performing at Loose Caboose at Bowery Poetry ClubThe Chi-Ciones make changing shoes look so sexy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jason Mejias performs at Loose Caboose show.The audience is mesmerized by the aerial act of Jason Mejias.

Jason Mejias performing for the Loose Caboose Vaudeville show.Jason Mejias balances himself on the aerial rope with only his neck.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stage hand Little Story can't reach the mike to make a comment.Stage hand ‘Little Stormy’ can’t seem to get her words heard thru the mike!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lady Scountington cracks herself up during the show at Loose Caboose.Hostess Lady Scoutington cracks herself up during the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Comedy duo Team Submarine perform for the Loose Caboose.Comedy duo ‘Team Submarine“(Steve O’Brien and Nate Fernald) perform a unique form of personal humor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Debra Emerson picks the Raffle ticket winner at Loose CabooseDebra Emerson (with the help of Lady Scoutington) picks the raffle winner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pinky Special lures the audience in with her hula hoop dance.Pinky Special lures in the audience with her lovely hula hoop dance.

Pinky Special at Loose Caboose with her hula hoop.Pinky Special performs the hula hoop with her mouth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Loose Caboose curtain call at The Bowery Poetry Club.The Loose Caboose Vaudeville Spectacle curtain Call! What a fun night for all!

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The Loose Caboose – Un Vaudeville Spectacle

Every 4th Friday of the month at Bowery Poetry Club.



Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show Dixon Place Juggling Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Video

2012 Edition of The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – New Home at Dixon Place!!!

The beginning of the New Year was a great FIRST showing of the New Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show at Dixon Place.

After getting noticed by the Village Voice Choices editor and Time Out the house was SOLD OUT!

Here are a few moments from the wonderful evenings performances.

Hosted by Bindlestiff’s own Master of Ceremonies Keith Nelson.

Keith Nelson with one of his favorite props. The spinning wooden top!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jacob D’Eustachio juggling to open the show.

Jacob juggling 7 balls off the platform.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dave Cox unicycling without feet on the pedals.

Dave Cox attempts a ‘hula hoop’ finale that gets the audience’s support.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Here is an excerpt from Zero Boy’s vocal trickery that leads you down the path of creative visualization.
This piece was performed at the Jan. 2. 2012 Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show at Dixon Place.

For more information on Bindlestiff Open Stage.

For more information on Zero Boy.

For more information on Dixon Place:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A funny character piece by Adam Kuchler was a delight to the audience.

A ‘balloonatic’ on the loose. Adam gets sidetracked from his goal by the balloon.

Finally he gets his one arm balance accomplished. Amazing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Billy Schultz begins his ‘Song and Dance Man’ piece behind shades!

“I want to be a Song and Dance man”.

Billy Schultz makes the ‘split’ look pretty easy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Keith Nelson attempts to catch 2 spoons in the cups while keeping his plates spinning.

Keith Nelson keeps his 4 plates spinning and next month will add more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The suave performer Magic Brian takes the stage and begins his routine.

The volunteer audience member handcuffs Magic Brian first.

Magic Brian gets tied up with rope and his feet secured with chains and he is blindfolded.

He attempts to escape the ‘bonding’ and do it before the female volunteer can find her card in the deck.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

999 EYES

The ‘sideshow’ band 999 Eyes performs a few songs from their set.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ryder Cooley performing with uke and kazoo an original song and projections.

Vieled and mysteriously aloff Ryder Cooley entertains the audience with her song.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Suave “The Brooklyn Juggler”  Kyle Petersen on a unicycle juggling clubs.

Kyle changes his wardrobe and begins to unicycle and hulahoop at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Olivia begins the piece as a classical accordion player and then everything goes wacky.

The sheet music leaves the stand and ends up on her shoe. She continues as if nothing happened.

With her accordion behind her back she some how ends up on the floor trying to read her sheet music.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Amazing Amy is indeed the most amazing contortionist around.

Great strength and flexible body makes this woman the most Amazing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jan Manke enters the stage with crutches and angel wings.

Beautiful physical control and technique on the aerial act.

Sometimes the act took on a visual resemblance to a painting.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2012 Jim Moore