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Animal Engine presents a ‘new farce’ – DOG SHOW – At Krane Theatre


What do dogs do when their masters leave? Put on a French farce! Quick entrances, mistaken identities, and love triangles collide with panting, sniffing, and lots of leg humping in this unusual and saucy comedy! Inspired by the plays of Georges Feydeau and the behaviors of Man’s best friend, Dog Show is a knee slapping love letter to the joys of unleashing your inner animal.

This new work is directed by Animal Engine Co-Artistic Director Karim Muasher and devised by an ensemble of 4 daring performers.

“Dog Show” was first workshopped at the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, then at a development residency with Horse Trade Theater Group.

I was there for the dress/tech and got some fun pictures of this ‘wacky’ and ‘animated’ show!

untitled (20 of 553)Becca Bernard and Karim Muasher are the first 2 dogs you see when the show begins.

untitled (12 of 553)Melinda Ferraraccio sticks out her tongue as there is no water in her bowl.

untitled (46 of 553)Melinda Ferraraccio, Carrie Brown, Becca Bernard and Karim Musasher(in back row) on guard.

untitled (107 of 553)The entire cast sings together during one of the songs during the show.

untitled (129 of 553)In a moment of hysteria, Becca Bernard holds onto Melinda Ferraraccio as she tries to get away.

untitled (110 of 553)Karim Muasher (director/actor) reads from the book and tells the audience about the next scene.

untitled (189 of 553)Becca Bernard (handyman) helps Melinda Ferraraccio ‘screw’ in the light bulb.

untitled (251 of 553)Carrie Brown (with lampshade) in a moment of ‘dog heat’ pushes Karim Muasher to the ground.

untitled (549 of 553)Carrie Brown, Becca Bernard, Karim Muasher and  Melinda Ferraraccio

A very funny show worth visiting while the show is on.

Thursday Feb 19th – 7:10pm

Monday Feb 23rd – 10:30pm

Saturday Feb 28th – 8:20pm

Wednesday March 4th – 7:10pm

Saturday, March 7th – 8:20pm


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Circus Clown Performing Arts Photography Video

December 2009 NY Downtown Clown Revue

This past month there was a wonderful show which actually happens every month. The New York Downtown Clown Revue. When most people think about ‘clowns’ they have this image pop into their head.

Bozo the Clown

The American public has had almost no exposure to the true ‘european’ style clown. This Bozo image has been popularized by the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus and other American circus shows traveling the country for almost 100 years. Most graduates from the Ringling Brothers Clown College (no longer in existence) are required to wear a certain type of clown costume if they make it to the ranks of the Ringling Bros.& Barnum and Bailey Circus. The impression one gets is that this is either ‘family’ or ‘child’ entertainment. Unlike Europe where they have beautiful theatres devoted to serious ‘clown theatre’ where adults attend without the little ones in tow.  There is a tradition of ‘types’ of clown which goes as far back as the greeks. Author/historian/professor John Towsen could tell you more about ‘history’ of clowns in his wonderful blog and his book CLOWNS. In this interview with the trio Le Fromage Royal all three participants talk about their influences on this ‘new’ old skit.

Le Fromage Royal – ©2010 Jim Moore / All Rights Reserved

Joel Jeske, Christopher Lueck and Michael Richter of “Le Fromage Royal” .

Le Fromage Royal at the Krane Theatre, NYC

The evening wasn’t by any means just the Fromage Royal dudes.

Check out the NY Downtown Clown Revue BLOG to see.

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