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“The Non-Denominational, Non-Sectarian, Non-Partisan, Holiday Spectacle” @ Dixon Place

Thursday Dec, 5th, 2013

Featuring the talents of Joseph Keckler, Erin Markey, Kenny Mellman and Dan Bartfield.

A lovely evening of great talent and delicious food.

Kenny Mellman opened the show at Dixon PlaceKenny Mellman opened the evening’s festivities with a wonderful song.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joseph Keckler at Dixon PlaceJoseph Keckler with some stories and song was next on the show

Joseph Keckler performing his songs on the piano.Joseph Keckler played the piano to accompany and sang some personal songs.

Joseph Keckler and Dan Bartfield at Dixon PlaceDan Bartfield on violin accompanied Joseph Keckler on a few beautiful songs.

Dan Bartfield was marvelous on the violin at Dixon Place.

Kenny Mellman accompanies Joseph Keckler at Dixon PlaceKenny Mellman accompanies Joseph Keckler later in the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Erin Markey was brilliant in her personal songs.Erin Markey was brilliant in her personal songs.

Erin Markey performing at Dixon PlaceWith heartfelt emotion Erin Markey sang personal songs of loss.

A moment of charm by Erin Markey at Dixon PlaceErin Markey related to the audience in a moment of charm and personality.

Erin Markey sang a song at Dixon PlaceWhile singing a song about her previous career as a go-go dancer she knelt down and got up close and personal with me.

Erin Markey performing at Dixon PlaceAfter Joseph Keckler finished his last song Erin Market reappeared with another character and sang.

Champagne and desserts were served after the show and all attendees had a great time meeting up and chatting with friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dixon Place would like to THANK the following individuals for making the season possible:

Eric and Anne Jensen

Yoshiko Kasuga and Carle Groome

Leslie S. Kogod

Victoria Labalme

Gary and Sue Mescher

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on Dixon Place check out their website here!

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Erin Markey – Appearing at Joe’s Pub – March 15th

I found an early afternoon to chat with performer Erin Markey at her home in Brooklyn. She is one of my favorite women in the performance art/cabaret/singer/dancer genres.
Here she talks about her upcoming show at Joe's Pub (SOLD OUT) and the amazing talent she is working with in this production. Kenny Mellman/Ben Rimalower.
She talks about her performances with company HALF STRADDLE and JENNIFER MILLER.
New York Times calls her "magnetic diva agression".

For more on Erin Markey go here:

Avant_Garde_Arama Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

PS 122 – Avant-Garde-Arama / Oct 2010

October 1st and 2nd were the days PS 122 hosted Avant-Garde-Arama.

Here is a collection of ‘highlights’ from the two evenings of fun and talent.

Hosted by Kenny Mellman and Bridgett Everett on Fri and Sat. nights.


To introduce the show we had an ‘back to school’ musical number with a wonderful cast!

Who is the strange draped person with the wild platform shoes? (Tom Murrin)

The ‘Hostess with the Most’ crashes thru the paper wall. SALLEY MAY!

Tom Murrin, Woman’s name?(kids names?) slay the Back to School monster.


The featured artist to present on Friday night was Julie Atlas Muz.

“The Cleaning Lady Has Something to Say (Part 1)”.

After cleaning 15 years worth of decadent living, eyelashes, empty bottles of champagne, full ashtrays, used condoms, spilt nail polish bottles and broken chandeliers, one of Ms. Muz’s alter egos has had enough of living in the background. The Cleaning Lady is a brutal, tough, formal and clean perspective. Nothing messy. Full-frontal dance. Nothing dirty. Artists performing include: Lauri Hogan, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dirty Martini, Ede Thurell, Bunny Love, Kenball Zwerin, Antonio Ramos, Saori Tsukada and Jeremy X. Halpern.


Erin Markey was wild in her piece.


Jenn Harris has a song to sing about her special friend ‘Surprise’.

She insisted on collecting donations for his little ‘labia’ less doll.


Special Guest for the evening were KITTY LITTER

(featuring Sarah Spagnola and Danika Yarosh)

Bridgett Everett with Kitty Litter singing up a storm.

What tough little ladies they were that night!


Salley May introduces the show that she organizes and has been for the past 2o years.


One of the audience favorites at Avant-Garde evening is the 40 Second Street segment.

Audience members can ‘sign up’ to perform after intermission for 40 seconds!

Here are a few from those nights!

He is dancing at every AGA for the past several years!

Talking politics and music stuff.

Stories and poems.


Hank and Cupcakes

A two person band that rocked the house.

Check out their appearance on NBC here.


Bridgett talks about the evenings progress and what she wants to do.


More to Come! Stay Tuned…