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Jan. 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

The New York Downtown Clown Revue

Season 5, Show #57

Katherine M. Horejsi performs as the ‘clean up lady’ ~Cleaning up what the clowns leave behind~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain

Hilary Chaplain performing a new piece at Dixon PlaceNot able to stand up with her shoe in her hand Hilary brings a new character to the show.

Hilary Chaplain performing her new piece at NY Downtown Clown RevueBagel with cream cheese is the food of choice for Hilary Chaplain’s new character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ben Model

Playing piano for a silent film excerpt of Harry Langdon “Remember When”.

Ben Model prepares to play for the silent film 'Remember When'.Ben Model talks to the audience about the silent film star Harry Langdon.

Still of Title Card from Harry Langdon’s silent film “Remember When”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Lueck helping his assistant (played by Katherine Horejsi) prepare for next act

Christopher Lueck checks with his assistant for the next act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kiki, featuring Special Guest

Kiki the clown performing at the New York Downtown Clown RevueKiki (Aya Tucker) prepares to play the glasses with her spoon.

Kiki plays the glasses at Dixon PlaceKiki performs finally while the ‘special guest’ looks on!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Game

The Downtown Clown RevueChristopher Lueck introduces ‘The Game” which happens at every Revue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amy Larimer

Amy Larimer performs at The Downtown Clown RevueAmy Larimer tells a story using cryptic images and movement.

Amy Larimer performs her piece at Dixon PlaceUsing the drawing sharpies and easel she draws out her character’s personal saga.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joel Jeske

Joel Jeske performs a new piece at Dixon PlaceJoel Jeske opens his piece – I have seen over 16 midgets today and its only Monday -by yelling the title at the audience.

Joel Jeske performs a piece about a rotten apple at Dixon Place Joel Jeske eats a ‘rotten’ apple in – This is a Really Bad Apple– using his hysterical mime skills.

Joel Jeske hugs audience member Amy Virginia Buchanan during his piece – A Desperate Hug.

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Curtain call at Dixon Place for the Downtown Clown RevueCurtain call for the performers at tonight’s Downtown Clown Revue.

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All Photographs © 2012 Jim Moore



Clown NYDownTownClownRevue Photography Variety Arts

December 2010 – NY Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

Host – Christopher Lueck introduces the evenings Talent!


Jacob Deustachio

Visiting home from circus school, Jacob Deustachio wowed audiences with his freshly polished juggling act packed with amazing skill. He’d have to have balls to come on stage with that act and he had 7.  7 balls all by himself!


Chispi El Payaso

Chispi El Payaso is working his way around the world spreading his message of joy and peace. His brief stop here in NYC resulted in an orchestra of squeaking, squawking, and thumped balloons. Have a safe journey Chispi El Payaso!


The cleaning lady wasted our time yet again. (Katherine M. Horejsi)



Mariko Iwasa was the winner of the evenings clown game (a variation of musical chairs played with clown noses). Showing true Japanese sportsmanship she beat out contestants from GA, PA, and NJ  taking home a DVD of classic clowning and three rubber chickens!


Michael Schruefer

Just back from Japan and on his way to Flordia, Michael Schruefer took on the commission to create a musical clown act with a tramp character. He pulled together his skill as clown and flautist to create a fun and silly piece. Mr. Schruefer is off to be married soon, so get ’em while you can ladies!


Matt Mitler – Commission Work

Matt Mitler took on a commission that only he could create. The commission was to create a shamanistic clown piece with musical themes. If you missed it, you missed some serious comedy and serious spiritual cleansing.



Finishing up the evening were comic greats Joel Jeske and Barry Lubin, with guest appearance by Mr. Lubin’s Swedish sweetheart. These two are one of the best duos imaginable. Joel’s serious stillness is the perfect invitation for Grandma to run amok and slowly torture the great Jeske. Barry also proves that water-spiting with your girlfriend is always fun. Who knew?



Curtain Call


Blog Text by Christopher Lueck

PHOTOGRAPHS © 2010 Jim R Moore