American Circus Juggling Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals interview with Tatiana Vasilenko – Cirque Mechanics

Cirque Mechanics’ juggler Tatiana Vasilenko


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American Circus Juggling Photography Variety Arts

Happy Birthday – Francis Brunn – November 15

Francis Brunn – Studio Shots 

I photographed Francis in the studio and rehearsing on many occasions over a 10 year period and will eventually put together an album of my images. These are a few of them.

This was taken at the Showcase Studios where Francis rehearsed when in NY. 

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When the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus brought him to America in 1948, he became the first juggler ever to work the center ring as a solo headliner.

New York Times – Obit

Other Resources on Francis Brunn.

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Circus Comedy Interview Juggling Performing Arts Vaudeville Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Thom Wall – Juggler

Thom Wall was coming to Brooklyn in between gigs and I got a chance to interview him. He is currently performing with Cirque du Soleil show ‘Totem‘.

Here is Thom’s personal site with video and more information.

And here is more of Thom performing his wonderful ‘vaudeville’ style juggling.

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Michael Moschen: Abstract Sound with Simple Instruments

Michael Moschen

I photographed this brilliant innovative juggler back in the 1980’s when he was exploring the 3 balls juggling routines and what he could do to make it ‘his’. Many years later I saw his one-man show at BAM and was so delighted to see that he had moved forward in his ‘physics’ and juggling understanding that he was accomplishing feats that I considered impossible to do on this physical plane. Here is a lovely video where Michael explains his work and reasons for working the way he does.

MacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world. For the past five years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying his first physical skill-based activity/game to be distributed worldwide.

“The concept of perfection…I wonder if we will see anything more beautiful than what Michael Moschen achieves with a ball of glass.”
London Times

“In Mr. Moschen’s hands juggling becomes a balletic art. The extraordinary beauty of Mr. Moschen’s performance: he animates crystal balls, rolling them over his palms, around his fingers, and then across his body until they seem to have a life of their own, draws a sign of admiration from the audience.”
Mel Gussow – The New York Times

“Michael Moschen’s performance is exhilarating, virtuoso entertainment…he gamely makes you privy to the secrets of the universe… the special relationship he attains with the inanimate fills objects with radiance. He honors them, gives them spiritual value, reveals their manna.”
The Village Voice

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Clown Mime Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask

The Clown Un_Mask – Adam Kuchler

Adam Kuchler in Clown Un_Mask seriesAdam Kuchler poses in my hallway for Clown Un_Mask series.

Adam Kuchler performs another funny act with balls.

Adam Kuchler performs as the 'bird' character.Adam performs in many different disciplines and guises and brings his own delightful zaniness to make them all shine!

A regular with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus and he will be performing this summer with Circus Flora in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Vaudevisuals interview with Swedish Juggler – Emil Dahl

Visiting the USA for the first time Emil Dahl participated in the JUGGLE THIS convention held at Columbia University’s Miller Theater.

Emil Dahl was one of the featured acts in the Juggle This Spectacular Show on June 22nd, 2013.

I wanted to hear from Emil about his countries educational system and his ideas about juggling.

Emil Dahl performing at Juggle This Spectucular Show.Emil Dahl performing at JUGGLE THIS SPECTACULAR SHOW.

For more information on Emil Dahl visit his website here.
Information about University of Dance and Circus – Stockholm,Sweden. HERE!
Jay Gilligan discusses the stylistic differences between European and American juggling in this TED talk.

Music Photography Variety Arts Video

Michael Davis – comedian/juggler

In 1984 I had made a meeting with Michael Davis, juggler and comedian to do some photographs for a book I was working on at the time.

The session was at his apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City. I shot some personal ‘at home’ shots and then we scheduled

a session at my studio for a ‘professional’ shot.

Michael Davis is a very funny man. His credits go on for pages. Here is a link to his web page which list them all.

Here are the photographs we took at those two separate sessions.

Michael can be very serious when he wants to but on stage he is a master of comedic timing.

His talent also includes playing guitar and juggling ping pong balls with his mouth!

He is also known to have juggled a bowling ball and egg. Here is that spot on Saturday Night Live.

Some Quotes from Michael’s work.

“Mr. Davis is an inspired deadpan comedian.

I was as close as I have ever been to rolling in an aisle with laughter.  Nothing could top him.”

New York Times

“Davis’s act is like a lethal virus- anywhere, anytime, it will kill in a matter of seconds.”

Rolling Stone

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If he is ever appearing in your neighborhood I suggest you see him perform.

Not many performers are as funny and intelligent in their humor not to mention his amazing juggling skills!

Here is a video of Michael Davis on one of his hysterical appearances on Johnny Carson show!

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“MOVE IT” Variety Show – June 29, 2010

Mark Lonergan knows how to put together a good ‘variety show‘. He has  produced quite a few MOVE IT shows in the past plus his usual calendar of shows gives him a good ‘edge’ over the competition.

This MOVE IT show included some amazingly talented physical/variety performers.


Starting the show off was a delightful “Oddotorium Puppet Freak Show”. Performed by J. E. Cross.

A pupppet  ‘Coney Island’ type side show with the barker and the ‘main attraction.

J.E. Cross and The Cosmic Bicycle Theatre

J.E. Cross and The Cosmic Bicycle Theatre

J. E. Cross and his COSMIC BICYCLE THEATRE presented a beautiful “Puppet Freak Show”.

A very innovative puppet theatre company garnered with much attention which it surely deserves!


The next act to perform was juggler/dancer Jen Slaw.

Combing the best movement with the grace of a beautiful juggler she made her work look effortless and charming.

Her act was simple, stunning, lyrical and and she is very talented.

Jen Slaw with Clubs


One of producer Mark Lonergan’s favorite performers and  collaborator on some of Parallel Exit’s best shows is a charmingly gifted funny man Joel Jeske.

His stage presence is hysterical and he played the audience well with his JOEL JESKE TRIO.


Book Kennison is one of my favorite unique comedic juggling acts.

He is a young man wit lots of talent and abilities.

Keep your eyes out for ‘Book Kennison‘. He is a rising star in the variety scene.


Shana Solomon’s Phastasamic Physical Theatre

Performing their interpretation of Akira Kurosawa‘s film RAN

The six member company made use of corporeal talent and  unique physical discipline to interpret the essence of the film on stage without hardly any words and no scenery.

A great actor uses these skills before adding the voice.

I was very moved with the creative work that went into this piece.


A playful duet James and JF came on stage walking cardboard dogs.

The piece was set in the future and included plenty of verbal banter and visual gags.

The comedy duet James and JF consist of  Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith.

Inventive, wild, sexy and off the wall funny!


The Final performer for the evening was one of my favorite clowns. Chris Allison performing his wacky “CONEY ISLAND CHRIS“.

This act is so curious. He proclaims to have learned how to perform  ‘sideshow’ feats in an online class.

What happens to him in front of the audience as he attempts to show off his new found skills can only be described as ‘hysterical’.

He was one of the finalist on “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” and just returned from Germany where he performed in a revue of ‘Newcomers’ with all international artists.


The evening would not be complete without a chat with the audience by Mark Lonergan.


He knows how to make it happen. It is up to you…the audience to support it!

Watch out for the next MOVE IT show. They are SOLD OUT fast!

For additional information about Mark Longergan and/or Parallel Exit contact: Parallel Exit

(This is not a complete description of the show. Many of the performers did another turn.

I covered the parts I had room for!)

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2010 Jim Moore