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Vaudevisuals interview with Kyla Ernst-Alper ~ The Underground Cabaret!

Brought to you by Kyla Ernst-Alper and her team at Anver Entertainment. DeKalb Stage presents The Underground Cabaret.

On any given evening, join one of our sensational hosts, The Maine Attraction and Ivory Fox, for the first circus and variety show to open in Downtown Brooklyn. The showcase will feature live aerialists, legendary burlesque performers, and award-winning variety acts.

Rotating Cast of Performers

Media Noche, Gigi Bonbon, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Nina LaVoix, Chartruice, Samson Night, Margot Mayhem, Tansy, The Great Dubini, Michael Karas, Jean-Taé Francis, Pinkie Special, Snö Bunta, The Dragon Sisters, Ben Franklin, Joshua Dean, Elizabeth Munn, Lisa Natoli, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Lani Corson, Kris Olness, Juanita Cardenas, Gemini Blitz, Troy Lingelbach, and many more!

COVID Safety Protocols Are In Place.

Face coverings, social distancing, temperature checks, and limited capacity are strictly enforced …

Dinner by Miznon

3-Course Mediterranean Meal​

Thursdays and Saturdays

7:30PM – 10:30PM

The Show Must Go On: April 8 – May 31

Only at DeKalb Stage​

Dress Code

Dust Off Your Finest Frocks and Sharpest Suits

Limited Seating. Walk-Ins Welcome.

Tickets: $135.00

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“No Holds Barred Variety Show” at Dixon Place – June 24th, 2013

A Monthly Variety Show at Dixon Place.

Curtated by Cody Schreger

To start the evening off the entire cast joined in with Cody and her brother to sing an original song “No Holds Barred”.

No Holds Barred Variety Show cast sing along.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor performs at No Holds Barred.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ben Weston


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chris Delgado and Laura Witwer

Chris Delgado and Laura Witwer on the Duo Wheel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Matthew Harris


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elisa Penello

Elisa Penello performing at No Holds Barred

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

James Monaco


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elizabeth Munn and Lisa Natoli

Elisabether Munn performing at No Holds Barred


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sean Blue

Sean Blue performing at No Holds Barred

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elijah Bridges and the  Band


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joshua Dean and Amy Shure

Joshua Dean and Amy Shure at No Holds Barred

 ~ ~ ~ ~

Cody Schreger

Cody Schreger at No Holds Barred

~ ~ ~ ~ ~