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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue – @Dixon Place – April 2, 2018


Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue MC Keith Nelson.

Torkova performs two magic illusions. One of which was the ‘classic’ linking rings.

Argenus Ramlogan performed a wonderful ‘diablo’ set with many lovely moves.

Keith attempts to ‘roll’em’ and get a stacked set of dice.

 Anatolia FireGoddess mesmerized the audience with her crystal ball act.

Josh Bisker moved from stagehand to performer in front or and with audience participation.

Keith performed the wonderful ‘spinning top’ routine.

Shayna Sara Golub was enchanting on the silks.

Jennifer Kovacs performed a lovely aerial act.

Tanya Solomon created a never-ending stream of salt from her hand after pouring only a small bottle into it.

Never ending the stream of salt!

Keith works on another traditional vaudeville juggling act.

Colin and Shane Miclon do some amazing cigar box juggling routines.

Josh Bisker sings a song he wrote.

# # # # #

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue is EVERY FIRST MONDAY of the month!

Come and check out the great talent and have some fun! 

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The Superfun Superfund Variety Show at FILM BIZ Recycling – April 21st,2012

12 Acts

Wonderful Line Up of performers

Great Location for a show – A warehouse full of movie props. The FilmBiz Prop Shop

Imagine a variety show on the set of a Twilight Zone Episode about a warehouse full of antique movie props….Awesome

Before the show the performing space is being set up.

A pillow for an audience member.

Josh Bisker readies the track lighting fixture before the audience arrives.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ellia and Josh Bisker get the show going by introducing the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dale Seever begins his ‘spirit drawing’ session with a big easy chair and some spirits in hand.

Dale Seever holds up the ‘spirit drawing’ he did on the audience member.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Zero Boy makes monster mayhem with his Sci-Fi Robot and Dinosaur love making scene.

More wonderfully insane stories told thru the vocal imagination of Zero Boy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Rob Lok performs his manic madness on the audience.

Rob Lok performs an amazing handstand on 3 stacked chairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Paris (The Hip-Hop Juggler) spinning the red rings on his foot and hands.

Paris juggles five rings while kneeling on the floor. (Not enough ceiling height?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Josh Bisker sings a lovely funny song for the audience at Superfun Variety Show

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


David Boyd performs card magic for the audience at Superfun Variety Show

David Boyd performs magic for onlooker Tanya Solomon who looks amazed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and Cecil Sinclair perform a hysterical set for the audience.

Cecil Sinclair sings a very funny song about Salt Water Toffee for the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Adam Kuchler performs his wilding funny act for the audience.

While performing his wild act one of his swinging props lands in a precarious place.

Adam Kuchler realizes about his little mistake and feels the pain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Right after the intermission the audience had a chance to ask questions which a select group of panelist would answer wtih “bad advice”.

Ellia Bisker sets up the table for the “Bad Advice” section of the show.

With Josh Bisker looking on, Cecil warms up to audience member panelist Mary Kelly Rayel.

Cecil loses his head during a heated fight between himself and Mary Kelly. Carla looks on!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ellie Bisker sings an original song from her Sweet Soubrette album.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Author of a new book titled A BAD IDEA I’M ABOUT TO DO. Chris invited an audience member (Austin Horse) onstage to liven up what he thought might be a slow performacne.

With Tazer in hand audience member Austin Horse proceeded to terrorize Chris.

(It was indeed a ‘bad idea that he did’)

While Chris Gethard reads his book he is constantly on the watch for Austin with the Tazer in his hand.

Chris Gethard almost gets ‘tazered’ by the hand picked Austin Horse.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Seal and Chris Manley pointing at me during the performance.

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley performing some rudimentary but hysterical acrobatics.

Chris Manley and Jeff Seal leave the audience with a sense of ‘being lifted off the ground’ by their antics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To keep up with Josh Bisker and what is going on and when the next Superfun Superfund Variety show is go here!

To keep up with Ellia Bisker and Sweet Soubrette go here!

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show Circus Clown Dance Dixon Place Juggling Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Feb. 6th, 2012 at Dixon Place

Keith “Bindlestiff” Nelson warms up the audience as the Opening Act.

Keith Nelson performs at the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety show.Keith Nelson performs his lovely Diabolo act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle Peterson

Kyle Petersen performs his Cigar Box juggling act at Bindlestiff Open Stage.Juggling Cigar boxes done wonderfully by Kyle Peterson.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson and his TOPS

Keith Nelson performs his spinning top act.Keith Nelson performs one of his wonderful spinning top tricks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy

Zero Boy performs his new work at Bindlestiff Open Stage VarietyZero Boy performing his new “Astronaut” piece using his unique sound FX voice!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Rocking Reverend

'The Rocking Reverand' sings for the crowd at Dixon PlaceSinging all his ‘satirical’ songs of protest is ‘Rocking Reverand’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Torkova performs his magic wonderfully for Dixon Place audience.Audience participation was an important part of Torkova‘s magic act.

Torkova performs magic by producing a few dozen oranges in a plastic bowl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson Balances Glasses

Keith Nelson performs at Dixon Place in the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show.Keith Nelson balances 4 glasses on a wooden spoon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harold Moeller

Harold Moeller performs at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety show.I was caught off guard with this hystereical routine. Almost missed this shot due to laughter.

Harold Moeller performs his funny comic faces at Dixon Place.Harold Moeller‘s face changed from one hysterical expression to another in seconds. Had me on the floor laughing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Good to Go Girls

The Good to Go Girls create lots of laughter at Dixon Place.The Good to Go Girls (Molly Merkler, Jessy Smith, and Jillian Hollis) perform their swimming routine.

The Good to Go Girls perform at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowLooking like aliens from another planet The Good to Go Girls make the audience hysterical.

The Good to Go girls perform at Dixon Place.The Good to Go Girls finish off the act with a beautiful finale!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Josh Bisker cleans up the floor after The Good to Go Girls

Josh Bisker cleans up the floor with his spats and style at Bindlestiff Open StageJosh Bisker mops the floor with spats and style after the Good to Go Girls swimming act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson gets his 5 Spinning Plates together!

Keith Nelson performs at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowKeith Nelson is ‘elated’ to have done the 5 spinning plates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cobra Gold

Cobra Gold performing their wonderful original songs at Dixon PlaceCecil Water, John Waters and Josh Bisker make up the COBRA GOLD trio.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chi-ciones Burlesque Troupe

Burlesque at Dixon PlaceA drama unfolds on the stage with two dancers and one distraught woman.

Burlesque at Dixon PlaceThree beautiful women dance up a storm.

Burlesque at the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowThe Chi-Ciones Burlesque excite the audience and is great way to end the show!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show on the FIRST Monday of every Month at Dixon Place.

ONLY $5.


Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Whoa Wednesday

“Whoa Wednesday” – Variety Show at Triskelion Arts – Dec. 14th, 2011

Hosted by Billy Dee Bedlam

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Telling a heart felt story that really hits home.

Imagine what it would be like if you liked someone but they don’t know it!

You arrive at their front door and they don’t want to open the door.

Gustavo has grown as a story teller and the work he has been doing on his monologs is really showing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ishah is having trouble with her assistant as he can’t get her name right when introducing her!

She tries to get him to lift her up but he seems to be not able to do it the right way.

Steve McCarthy (an audience member visiting from Montreal) seems to be the right volunteer.

Ishah gets her ‘lift’ the right way from Steve.

Finally the ‘assistant’ gets it right and lifts Ishah the way she wants him to.

Funny routine by Ishah Jannsen-Faith.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


What seems like an ordinary date for these two becomes anything but that.

A common enough conversation takes a wild turn.

The couple fling each other in different directions in more ways than one.

You will have to come and see this piece to find out what happens here?

A wonderful Premiere by Audrey and Billy. Directed by John Towsen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A surreal walk thru the corridors of Kate’s mind.

Using metal chairs as instruments of passage Kate manipulated them in many varied ways.

Visually striking and performed wonderfully.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Reading her score from the sheet music set up on a special music stand Kimberly amazed the audience with great virtuosity.

Beautiful flute music with many musical surprises.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Called ‘Bushwick’s Queen of Mystery’, Tanya Solomon performs her magic for the audience at Who Wednesday.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~



The song is called “Till There Were Jews,” written and performed by Josh Bisker. It goes out, he says, to all those Chosen People who’ve wondered, “just what is it about us, anyway?,” as well as the formerly-goyish transplants whom New York City has transformed into bagel-loving, stuff-schlepping, hand-gesturing goodniks…you know, Jews. Josh, of the uke + trombone + trumpet combo Cobra Gold, and his sister Ellia, of indie-rock sensation Sweet Soubrette, are hosts of the Super Fun Superfund Variety Show, a regular cabaret featuring talents from the circus to the avant garde, staged in the Gowanus’s fabulous upcycling center, Film Biz Recycling. Mark your calendars for the next Super Fun Superfund show on February 11: amazing acts, spectacular prizes, and cheap drinks, all hidden in treasure-filled wonderland of repurposed film sets — what more could anyone want?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Two wild and funny dudes (Jeff Seal and Chris Manley) crack up the audience once again

Last year they performed their duet show NEON LIGHTS at the NY Clown Theater Festival.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Watch the Triskelion Arts Calendar for future WHOA WEDNESDAY shows!

Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – August 20th, 2011

A wonderful evening of variety, song and birthday wishes!

Co host John Leo and Andy Sapora lead the way to a great evening of fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bee Bernard‘s FINALLY gets to her cello!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Glen Raphael with his quirky love songs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Leo searches for the true meaning of  hurricane Irene.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gustavo Pace tells tales of unrequited love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Redhot Pinky is Lady M.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Barbara Michaels, the tinyDANGEROUS sound lady shows off…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Thirteenth Act gets over frozen peanut butter, lack of hurricane sex and mud slides.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw is the Tops!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


John Waters (trumphet), Josh Bisker (Uke) and Cecil Scheib (Trombone)

Josh Bisker is Ludacris

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paper Cut, created and performed by Yael Rasooly

She sold out at the NYC Fringe and has Encore Performances from Sept 9 – 13th and we know why!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co Host Andy Sapora tries to keep quite a few items in the air.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The neighborhood librarian (performed by Audrey Crabtree) tries to entice and audience member.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~




Andy Sapora after the 39 + 1 kisses from Audience members!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Video of the Finale song GOOD NIGHT IRENE.




OCTOBER 25th – Mark that date on your Calendar to attend the next ‘tinydangerousfun’.

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim  Moore

Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

‘WHOA WEDNESDAY’ – A Variety show at Triskelion Arts

I was away for most of the month in July and as such missed one of the most exciting new variety series in town!

I attended the last one of the month and was I happy I did!

It was a wonderful VARIETY of performers from all kinds of disciplines.

Hosted by Billy Dee Bedlam.

Trusty notebook in hand Billy Dee Bedlam brought on the acts charmingly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TUBER THE CLOWN – Eric Hoffman

Charming hat juggling act with audience member.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

THE BUBBLE BURSTER – Emily James and Ishah Jannsen-Faith

They performed an excerpt from their wonderfully enchanting show CHANNEL ONE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Seal is charmingly hysterical with a wonderful biting sense of humor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

XAVIER AND SHAQUANDA COCA MULATTA (were separated at birth)

A off the edge, over the top musical number with a blind sister and Izzy the Dog making a cameo appearance. Raunchy and funny as can be!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YOUTH AND AGE – Marina Tsaplina

Franz Nicolay on the Accordion and Sarah Zar on the Singing Saw

Surreal, emotional voyage thru a series of characters dancing in a void of attachment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One of the funniest clowns performing in the universe today!

Catch his ensemble THE ROTTEN PLANTAINS for one night only – This Monday. Info HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Cobra Gold Band includes Cecil Schieber, John Waters and Josh Bisker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

GOOD TO GO GIRLS – Molly Merkler, Jessy Smith, and Julian Hollis

In one of the delightful surprise of the evening. The Good to Go Girls intreped a Miranda July story about swimming with a pool.

Visually hysterical and beautifully executed choreography.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BIlly Dee Bedlam does it RIGHT! The audience was rewarded with  a great show!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Watch the Triskelion Arts Calendar for future WHOA WEDNESDAY shows!