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Amuse Bouche: The NY Clown Theatre Festival – Clown Cabaret 9/14/11

Hosted by the hilarously entertaining DONOVAN ENSEMBLE. (L Johnnie Niel R. Joe Kolbow)

Starting the evening off was The Donovan Ensemble’s  7 minutes version of Madam Butterfly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily Carragher

Trying to get a ‘head start’ on dancing. She picks an audience member to experiment her new found skills.

A great dance partner is one that can save you from the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With charm, charisma and a great sense of timing Joe Kolbow moves the show along nicely.

Johnnie Niel (Donovan Ensemble) does a little interpretive dance to liven up the crowd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincenzo Tortorici

A delightful interpretation of Brecht‘s “Baden Lehrst” or Mr. Smith and Friends by Vincenzo Tortorici.

A dismal attempt by the puppet to end his worries of discomfort and concern.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Name that Year! An Audience Participation Game

Joe Kolbow asks audience member Sophia Nimmannit to answer the question. “What year was this song popular?”

Johnnie Niel helps Sophie by dancing a ‘cheerleader’ number but with gravity defying skill.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morro and Jasp

An excerpt from their upcoming show ‘Morro and Jasp Gone Wild‘.

Gone Wild is certainly an appropiate title for their new show!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain

In her new piece ‘Fred Goes Fishing’ Hilary Chaplain finds Fred without a meal he had counted on.

Fred catches a fish but he seems to befriend it is more his style than to eat it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lynn Berg

As Lynn Berg‘s daredevil character ‘Awful Knofel’ a can of beer is certainly not out of place!

Awful Knofel finds a place in his heart for America’s #1 sweetheart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another hysterical ‘disco’ dance number by Johnnie Niel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Leo and  Jay Dunn

‘Handshake Uppercut’ is the name of this movement piece by John Leo and Jay Dunn.

Jay Dunn lurking at the audience as John Leo follows behind.

John Leo eats an apple from an audience member’s hand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Donovan Ensemble closing the show with a lovely show tune.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curtain call for the entire cast of performers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next AMUSE BOUCHE CABARET is happening on Wed. Sept 21st at 8pm. Hosted by Audrey Crabtree and Robert Honeywell.

MAKE SURE YOU GET A SEAT! Buy a ticket here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore





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The Kapinski Private Eye Academy – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy

It was a cold and windy night with a thunder storm. The rain came down.

The show had to move from it’s original location to under the BQE.

These photographs were taken as evidence that the show went on despite the weather.

Butt Kapinski heralded the crowd of spectators to gather together and peruse the situation at this new yet unknown territory.

Walking with the crowd checking out the clues.

What is going on here? Let’s find out.

Yeah. It goes like this! You need to ‘want’ to investigate.

This is what I am talking about! Concern and insight.

As the crowd watches on the real ‘threat’ hides behind the column.

This victim is squirming and shaking so much from the knives imbedded in his chest. What to do?

The lineup. The Audience. The students. The action is near!

The Private Eye Academy students watch as Butt Kapinski tells it like it is!

When all is said and done the detective and director walk off into the night!

Great show and a learning experience for all.


Music scored and performed by Snaps Alden and Patrick Farrell

Security by Joe Kolbow, Johnnie Niel, and Ralf Jean-Pierre

Written by Deanna Fleysher, Eric Davis, Sarah ‘Snaps’ Alden, Patrick Farrell, Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel.