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“Memoirs on Mime For All Time” – A new book by Louis H.Campbell

Here is a great posting in John Towsen’s blog  ALL FALL DOWN  (by Jef Lambdin) about the festival that lead Louis to write this book. (1974 International Mime Institute & Festival – Viterbo College, La Crosse, Wisconsin)

In this remarkable compilation are the unique experiences of the author who was privileged to have been placed at an auspicious time in history with preordained opportunities to meet, engage, learn, apply and celebrate with personalities whose lives and careers left their footprints on the extraordinary subject of mime and pantomime. This book is a culmination of nearly fifty years of experiences with mimes, actors, clowns and dancers all of which have direct influence on the current activity known as Physical Theatre. This book is a documentation of that history, a textbook summary of techniques consolidated and a collection of photographs of historical significance to this age.

Memoirs on Mime by Louis H. Campbell

Find the book here.


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Vaudevisuals interview with Moni Yakim

(Revisiting Moni Yakim – Originally posted in 2012)

Director, actor, teacher, mime, and professor at Juilliard. Moni Yakim has had a very rich theatrical life.

I studied with him in the 1980’s (and with Sterling Jensen) and thought about doing this interview about his time with Decroux.

Etienne Decroux (commonly referred to as ‘the father of modern mime) came to New York in early 1960.  In 1960 he taught at the Lee Strasberg Studio.

Then in 1961, he created his own company and school.

In 1963 the company performed at The Carnegie Recital Hall. The show was recorded later on film at The Cherry Lane Theater in the fall of 1963.

The film included the following Decroux mime pieces.

Passage of Man Through Earth – entire company

Lance Thrusts – Sterling Jensen and Moni Yakim

Duo of Love – Moni and Mina Yakim

The Trees – Sterling Jensen, Jewel Walker, Moni Yakin

The students that Moni remembers from that period of classes were:

Mina Yakim, Sterling Jensen, Jerry Pantzer, Maria Tucci, Jack Scalici, Jewel Walker, Viviian Shindler, Abby Imber.

Decroux returned to Paris in 1964.

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Mina and Moni Yakim in mime makeup.

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Moni Yakim Interview – Part 1

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Moni Yakim Interview – Part 2

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Etienne Decroux – Presente: L’usine 1961 (with Sterling Jensen) (see the rest on Youtube)