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“The Wild Party’s Over” – at The Tank – Jennifer Harder and the 3 Gentleman


Directed by Chris Rozzi, Produced by Jennifer Harder

Program made possible, in part, by support from The Tank, Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Opening Scene – (Left to Right – Mr. Black – Charley Layton, Queenie – Jennifer Harder, Jackie – Natti Vogel and Burrs –  Stephen Heskett)

Jackie (Natti Vogel)  introduces Queenie (Jennifer Harder) to the audience.

Queenie and her two escorts.

Queenie on her knees in front of Burrs (Stephen Heskett)

Jackie steps out in front of the ‘shadow show’ of other activity in the show while Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays in the foreground.

Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays solemnly while the show goes on.

Burrs reading and playing tambourine while Jackie is on keyboards and Mr. Black play guitar.

Queenie looks on as Burrs reads the newspaper.

With eyes closed, Jackie smirks at the events going on.

Jackie consoles Burrs while he is drinking.

Burrs and Queenie laugh it up while drinking.

Queenie sings her heart out.

 Mr. Black dances up a storm with Queenie.

Cast (left to right) Charley Layton, Jennifer Harder, Stephen Heskett and Natti Vogel applaud director Chris Rozzi.

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For written description on this project check out Trav SD’s blog post HERE!

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“I’ll Say She Is” – The Lost Marx Brothers Musical at The Connelly Theater

First of all…there is this wonderful NY Times review!

“Mr. Diamond himself plays Groucho, and he might as well be Groucho. Matt Roper’s Chico and Seth Shelden’s Harpo are also meticulous, and Matt Walters completes the quartet with the less well-known Zeppo, the male romantic lead in the story but certainly not the center of attention.” better get tickets NOW before it is TOOO late!

I was delighted at be able to photograph the show early in the run. I did the NY Fringe Festival two years ago and again this year with the ‘full production’.

Here are some moments for this funny, charming, hilarious, musical, Marx Brothers show!

2016.06.01.MarxBros_026The chorus line is wonderful!

2016.06.01.MarxBros_074Matt Roper (Chico), Seth Shelden (Harpo) and Noah Diamond (Groucho) are great!

2016.06.01.MarxBros_248Singing and dancing and fooling around. What else would you want from an evening of theater?

2016.06.01.MarxBros_252Noah Diamond (Groucho) in a moment of distress.

2016.06.01.MarxBros_204 Melody Jane (Beauty) sits and watches in amazement at Seth Shelden (Harpo) and Matt Roper (Chico) dance a bit!

2016.06.01.MarxBros_327Melody Jane (Beauty) sits with Kathy Biehl (Ruby) in the drawing room ‘love chair’.

2016.06.01.MarxBros_404Melody Jane (Beauty) with Matt Walters (Zeppo) singing one of the original songs from the show.

So many other great shots of the show BUT I suggest you see it for yourself!

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Musical Direction and Arrangements: Sabrina Chap
Choreography: Shea Sullivan
Directed by: Amanda Sisk

“it reminds us how brightly the Marx Brothers’ brand of lunacy once blazed.”

NY Times

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Tickets and more information here!


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Vaudevisuals interview with Edward Einhorn – “Money Lab”

Vaudevisuals interviewed Edward Einhorn who conceived and curated the MONEY LAB. Opening at HERE Arts Center at 145 6th Avenue, NYC
It is described as 'an economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance.'
In this interview Edward talks about the Money Lab and the many aspects of the project/performances.

For more information on the MONEY LAB go here:

MONEY LAB – March 20 – April 11
Tickets $20, plus a required $5 – 10 buy in
Conceived and curated by Edward Einhorn
Game design: Edward Einhorn and Gyda Arber
Assistant producer: Patrice Miller
Stage manager: Berit Johnson
Set design: Christopher Heilman
Lighting design: Jeff Nash
Video design: Gil Sperling
Costume consultant and design: Natalie Loveland
Sound engineering and design: Travis Wright
Concessions manager: Corinne Woods
Interns: Joshua Espinoza, Allison Hohman, Angelica Sumner

Hosted by Mick O’Brien

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Bathtub Jen and The Henchman – A Vaudephone Presentation

Bringing back the Vaudephone series one more time! Here is Bathtub Jen and the Henchman.

Vaudephone is a co-production of and the American Vaudeville Theatre/Travalanche

Recorded at Brooklyn Lyceum on January 29th, 2014

For more information on Bathtub Jen and The Henchman:

Clown Frigid Festival Music Performing Arts Photography

Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen @ The Frigid Festival – March 2013

Bathtub Jen and The Henchmen

Glen Heroy, Charley Layton and Jennifer Harder performing at The Frigid Festival.

Jennifer Harder sings and plays the trumpet.Jennifer Harder plays the trumpet and sings a few songs in the show.

Glen Heroy tries to find paradise.Glen Heroy tries to find paradise with a tool of the trade and Jen is enjoying every minute.

Charley Layton looks up in disbelief at the bear.Charley Layton looks up at the height of the bear in disbelief.

Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.

Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.

Written by Jennifer Harder, Glen Heroy, Charley Layton, and David Rosen.

Directed by the Ensemble, Fight Choreography by Adam Swiderski

Bathtub Jen is based on Bathtub Jen, a character originally created by Chris Van Strander

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“tinydangerousfun” – February 28th, 2012

'tinydangerousfun' Variety show hosts John Leo and Andy SaporaStarting the evening off are the host John Leo and Andy Sapora

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Becca Bernard (Left) and Jennifer Harder (Right) rock out Bon Jovi’s music Big Time!

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A Wonder Minute with Tanya Soloman!

Tanya Solomon wows us with her monthly magic  minute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Slash Coleman

Slash Coleman tells us endearing stories from his one-man show Big Plastic Heroes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stephen Bracco

Stephen Bracco’s marxist-clown striptease brought down the house!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lily fills in with a beautiful song!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Song and Dance Man

Billy Bedlam, Song and Dance Man: He sings, dances AND RAPS!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn, (AWESOME!) will be performing at Sycamore on March 14th! Check out video of them HERE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Torkova. Blew. Us. Away. WOW.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NEXT SHOW IS Tuesday March 27th!

Come and over and enjoy some real ANTICS!


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Clown Magic Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – January 31st, 2012

The evening was wonderful! Brave performers taking big risks!

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosting the 'tinydangerousfun' show.Andy Sapora and John Leo start the show with a ‘new’ musical number.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily James

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun' Variety show.

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Emily stroked something in her sleeping bag.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gustavo Pace

First show of the New Year at 'tinydangerousfun' at Sycamore Bar

Gustavo Pace performing at Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun'.

Gustavo was married without knowing he was married…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


T.J. performs at the Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun' Variety Show

T.J. performs his new piece 'Blink' at the Sycamore Bar

TJ with a meditation on love entitled Blink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon escapes in her Wonder Minute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts Andy Sapora and John Leo fighting over who hosts the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Sharky

Miz Sharky entertains the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Miz Sharky performs with a sword at 'tinydangerousfun'

Lust and Limerence, with Sword.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

13th Act

John Leo gets the cookies ready for the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.Cookies are gotten for the upcoming contestants of the 13th Act.

Andy Sapora shows off the prop for the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'

Reading the book was part of the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Cerveza Modelo Especiale perform their newly formed act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts of 'tinydangerousfun' John Leo and Andy Sapora show off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eliza Ladd

Eliza Ladd at 'tinydangerousfun' performing her Needle Hang piece.

Eliza Ladd performing at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Needle Hang an absurd /physical / clown piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

Three Mothers of Ten perform a sweet rendition of Killing me Softly…Caitlin Davis, Elizabeth May and Emma Reaves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bathtub Jen

Bathtub Jen performs at 'tinydangerousfun

Bathtub Jen shows off her stuff at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Jennifer Harder as Bathtub Jen, a Steampunk bootlegger.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mollena tells great stories at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena tells her stories to the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena confesses to a series of accidental pet murders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tinyDANGEROUSfun! is the last TUESDAY of every month at Sycamore Bar, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

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Fellini’s ‘La Strada’ performed by La Strada Company at IATI Theatre, NYC

Produced by IATI Theater and La Strada Company

Written by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano

Spanish Adaptation by Gerard Vazquez

Directed by Rene Buch and Jorge Merced.

Clown Consulting by Audrey Crabtree

Este es un proyecto que sólo podía ser posible soñando y proyectando que se cumpliría. Nada ha logrado desilusionarme en el camino y finalmente me he ido rodeando de gente, amigos,.. que han hecho posible que La Strada en Nueva York sea vista por una audiencia que ha disfrutado mucho de la obra y así nos lo ha hecho ver.

Cada uno debe encontrar su propio camino, su “strada”, sin dejar que esté tan condicionado por frustraciones del pasado. Hay que encararlas a tiempo y una vez hecho eso, buscar el camino que nos es propio a cada uno. Hay uno trazado para cada individuo basado en sus deseos y necesidades que le son propias por encima de las de nuestros progenitores o el resto de la sociedad que nos rodea, juzga y observa. Por encima de eso está tu “strada”; la tuya, que estás ahora mismo leyendo estas líneas. No confundas tu camino y el de otros. Recuerda que después no hay marcha atrás, y de ti sólo quedarán los que estuvieron a tu lado.

Luis Carlos de La Lombana, Director, La Strada Company.


~ ~ ~

Cast of La Strada:

Bufanda/el loco – Israel Ruiz

Sombrero – Winston Estevez

Abrigo – Nanda Abella

Zampano – Luis Carlos de la Lombana

Gelsomina – Irene Aguilar

Mujer – Adela Maria Bolet

Clowns and Musicians:

Jennifer Harder (Trumpet)

Norah Vada (Violin)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All Photographs © 2011 Jim Moore