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Theatre Askew presents a play by Trav S.D. – ‘Horseplay: or, A Fickle Mistress, A Protean Picaresque’.

Horseplay: or, A Fickle Mistress, A Protean Picaresque by Trav S.D.

Photographing the dress/tech of a show can sometimes provide wonderful ‘candid’ shots of the actors at work. I was glad

to be at LaMama last night for this experience. Here are some shots from the dress/tech of the show that opens on Valentine’s day!

Tim Cusack inbetween moments during the rehearsal.Tim Cusack inbetween moments during the rehearsal.

untitled (27 of 123)Everett Quinton, Jan Leslie Harding, Tim Cusak, Chuck Montgomery and Tiffany Abercrombie in the midst of rehearsal.

untitled (94 of 123)Molly Pope with pipe in hand reads from the manuscript (prop).

Horseplay at LaMama(L to R) Tiffany Abercrombie, Chuck Montgomery look on at Molly Pope with Jan Leslie Harding and musician/composer William TN Hall.

untitled (65 of 123)Molly Pope is read to by Tim Cusack in a scene from the play. 

untitled (96 of 123)Mark St. Cyr sneaks a look at the audience during a scene with Molly Pope.

Jan Leslie Harding takes a moment to reflect.Jan Leslie Harding takes a moment to reflect inbetween scenes.

Tim Cusack looks down at Mollly Pope.Tim Cusack looks over Molly Pope as she gets into position for a lashing.

untitled (114 of 123)The cast about to begin a scene as the stage manager Haejin Jan gives notes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Written by Trav S.D.            

Directed by Elyse Singer

Original music and musical direction by William TN Hall    

With Molly Pope* as Adah Isaacs Menken

and Tiffany Abercrombie, Tim Cusack, Jan Leslie Harding*, Chuck Montgomery*, Everett Quinton*, Mark St. Cyr*

*Member Actors’ Equity Association


Choreography by Antonio Brown

Fight direction by Nathan DeCoux

Set by Liz Toonkel

Lights by Deborah Constantine

Costumes by Becky Hubbert

Sound by Marcelo Añez    

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dance Dixon Place Mask Music Performing Arts Photography

Mac Wellman’s New Play – “3 2’s; or AFAR” at Dixon Place

Mac Wellman has a new play at Dixon Place.

3 2’s; or AFAR

Being presented at Dixon Place as ‘A Mondo Cane’ Commission’.

Directed by Meghan Finn

Produced by Leslie Strongwater

Lighting by Brian Aldous

Sets by Kyle Chepulis

Costumes by Normandy Sherwood

Music by Cesar Alvarez

Sound Design by Chris Giarmo

Props and Masks by Jan Leslie Harding

Assistant Director: Sarah Painter

Oct 6th thru Oct 29th at 7:30pm

Here are some visual highlights from the show.

Jocelyn Kuritsky and Quinlan Corbett are Woman and Man

Quinlan Corbett in the spotlight with pedestal.

Using the Dixon Place theater environment as part of the play was visually very exciting.

Jocelyn Kuritsky and Quinlan Corbett arguing in the door light.

Sophie Nimmannit, Jan Leslie Harding and Chuja Seo played the ‘Something/Nothing’ characters.

The director Meghan Finn made good use of the audience risers here with Jocelyn Kuritzky.

The ‘Something/Nothings’ gather on the balcony glearing down at the cast on stage.

Jocelyn Kuritsky gets wrapped up in the sofa by the Something/Nothing characters.

The ‘spider’ created wonderfully by the hand of one of the puppeteers.

A ‘Something/Nothing’ character scales the ibeams of the Dixon Place set.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A visual bouquet for the mind and eyes. Words fall from the sky and out of the characters to awaken the audience in a playful way!!

For tickets and more information go here!

Or help support this play  HERE!