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Red Bull Theater presents – 2 Day Clowning Workshop

2 Day Clown Workshop


Spend two intensive, fun-filled days exploring the world of clowning in this ridiculously fun and surprisingly profound workshop. With instruction by master clown teachers, you’ll unlock your sense of abandon and expressivity, as well as your unique sense of humor – with big ramifications for your general acting technique and your classical comedy work.
Discover unadulterated joy in your craft!

Manhattan Theater Club
311 West 43rd St, 8th floor
New York, NY 10036
For more information go here!
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Vagabond Inventions premiers “For The Sins I Can Remember” – IRT Theater – Oct 3rd thru Oct 20th

 Vagabond Inventions returns with the New York premiere of FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER, devised and co-written by Donna Costello, Cynthia Polutanovich, and Jennifer Sargent and directed by Jennifer Sargent.

From the Press Release

Inspired by Maimie Pinzer and her collection of letters, The Maimie Papers, mixed with stories from other prostitutes in the red light districts around the US, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER is an absurdist portrait of women from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who chose to work as “soiled doves.” This tragi-comic Brechtian farce explores questions of morality, love, and femininity inside a storm of clownish Death Angels, Victorian etiquette lessons, and a looming Judgment Day. From fragments of history’s underside to a deconstructed present, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER captures our anti-heroine’s obstinate effort to survive her life—and death—with her personhood intact.

The cast features Donna CostelloDenni Dennis, Emily Jamesand Elisa Matula. The music director and pianist is Tony Melone.

Here are photographs from the dress/tech.


Maimie Pinzer (Elisa Matula) wrapped in fabric with Donna Costello in the back.

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_531Elisa Matula(l) with Denni Dennis and Emily James(standing)


2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.102Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(center) with Denni Dennis and Emily James

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.204Elisa Matula with Donna Costello

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.219Denni Dennis with Elisa Matula.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.244Elisa Matula(l) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.266Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(c) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.282Elisa Matula reads and Donna Costello looks on!

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_557Elisa Matula dewigs Denni Dennis with Emily James looking on in shock.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.463(Left to Right)Cynthia Polutanovich, Denni Dennis,Emily James, Donna Costello, Elisa Matula, Jenny Sargent(Director),Tony Melone (Music Director)

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Denni Dennis will be conducting a 2 day ‘Clown Workshop” titled “Play the Game” on Oct 19-20th at IRT Theater. For information go here!

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Fay Glassman Duo – An Interview with Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman


I saw Jeff Glassman and Lisa Fay perform at the IRT Theater located in the Archive building in NYC’s Greenwich Village in early December 2011.

Startlingly simple and gestural in nature they created a ‘movement composition’ like that of music.

They use a form of notation once they have fixed the pieces. Below are a few of the different ‘notation scores’ for their pieces.

Here is a link to their site where you can read more about their work and past shows.

Notation from ‘Time and Time Again’ 1996

Still of Jeff Glassman in ‘napse’  from the show.

Movement notation for Bunraku piece.

Notation for “Quartet” piece.

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Video Interview

I did an in depth interview with Jeff and Lisa after the show where they discuss they training, technique and work.