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The Clown Un_Mask – Summer Shapiro – New York City

Summer is currently preparing/rehearsing for her new show “Kinds of Light” which opens May 2nd and runs thru May 18th at The Tank as part of ‘FLINT & TINDER‘ series.

Legs and All with Summer Shapiro

Summer Shapiro performing in her show ‘Legs & All’.

Summer Shapro in "In the Boudoir".

Summer Shapiro performing her show ‘In The Boudoir’ at the NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012.

Summer Shapiro poses for the Clown Un_Mask

Summer Shapiro poses for the Clown Un_Mask series.

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“In the Boudoir” – Summer Shapiro – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

From the 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival Brochure

“Matters of the heart can be messy and In The Boudoir delights in making a mess. San Francisco comedienne Summer Shapiro, returns to the New York Clown Theatre Festival for her fourth time with this deceptively simple story of a young female clown’s love life. Veering erratically and erotically between exactitude and befuddlement, control and rashness, beauty and broken, Shapiro plays with the consuming need to be liked and revels in the futility of such a hunger.”

Summer Shapiro upsets the scene with clown like absurdity.

Summer finds a volunteer audience member to partake in her festivities.

Summer Shapiro and volunteer enjoy dinner for two.

Summer Shapiro lets down the ‘bed’ to make the boudoir complete.

Pillow fight ensues as the couple gets upset.

Keith Nelson (a 2nd Volunteer) fights with the first volunteer for Summer’s love.

Keith Nelson and audience volunteer duel for the love of Summer.

Curtain call for the cast members.

Summer Shapiro takes a moment.

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For more information about Summer Shapiro go here!

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NY Clown Theatre OPENING NIGHT Preview Cabaret – Sept 7th, 2012

At the end of the day (after the Clown Parade and Pie Fight) The New York Clown Theatre Festival hosted a PREVIEW CABARET with a sample selection of some of the upcoming shows scheduled for the Festival. Here is a few photographs taken at the PREVIEW CABARET!.

Audrey Crabtree and Robert Honeywell host the Opening Night Cabaret

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Cirque This presented an excerpt from their MACHINATIONS show.

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Poe and Mathews perform a misadventure in the middle of nowhere.

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Nina Levine performs an excerpt from her show THE QUITTER.

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Emmet and Merril Garrick perform an excerpt from their show TO OPERA WITH LOVE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Denni Dennis and Kate Taylor perform an excerpt from UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley perform  an excerpt from their show NEON LIGHTS.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alan Fessenden performs an excerpt from WHAT IF I’M DEAD.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Company “LA PIARA” from Mexico City perform an excerpt from GUERRA.

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Summer Shapiro performs an excerpt from IN THE BOUDOIR.

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Will Shaw performs and excerpt from his show DEADPAN ALLEY

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Small Matters Company from Edmonton, Canada performs FOOLS FOR LOVE.

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For more information on these and other NY Clown Theatre Shows go here!