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2011 – Joel Jeske’s I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE – Amuse Bouche

A Clown Experiment  of High Risk and Humiliation

Joel Jeske greeted the audience from behind his suitcase with title cards.

When the audience didn’t respond to his ‘Title Card” vocally he directed them to do so.

Joel handed out clip boards and pens to the audience members (Mask Maker Stanley Allan Sherman) and proceeded to time them.

An audience member (Triskelion Executive Director Abby Bender) helps Joel Jeske gets his balloons in his suit.

He certainly hasn’t done this before!


With helmut and glasses he is ready to take to the skies.

Singing a uke song with assistance from the audience holding his song book.

Joel Jeske is certainly a very funny man!

Grabbing another audience member by demonstratively pointing them out.

The show ended on a high note with a ‘pillow fight’ between audience members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is Joel performing “I Will Survive” at the Amuse Bouche.

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Joel Jeske talks about his new show I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE.

I had an interest in finding out about this new show ‘I HAVE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE”. I ask clown, physical comedian Joel Jeske about his new upcoming show.

[From ‘Amuse Bouche’ Festival Brochure]
In his first ‘Amuse Bouche’ offering, clown and physical comedian Joel Jeske presents himself raw and unpredictable. Jeske takes his career experience in circus, theater, and variety and throws it all aside to do what he has truly never done before.

He discusses his show in this interview.
Video by Jim Moore
Tickets for Joel’s show here:​